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An air curtain is a device that directs a consistent stream of warm or unheated air across an aperture to create a barrier that prevents the transmission of heat and particulate matter from one zone to the next. To achieve the desired results, the effectively built system will generate this barrier throughout the whole height and width of the aperture.

Air Curtains Mitzvah

How does Air Curtain work

Air curtains can fulfil their purpose because they emit a sufficient volume of air to generate an air barrier that extends the length of the opening. Engineers have devised this invisible airflow barrier to entirely enclose the aperture and shield the inside from external air that can vary in temperature and bring detritus, germs, and pollinating insects. Even though this is not a physical barrier, it is adequate to safeguard the entrance. Because they do not need people and equipment traffic to go around an obstruction, air doors are the suggested protective technique for use in commercial situations. A solution devoid of impediments might result in fewer accidents and less downtime for operations. In addition, the absence of a barrier does not diminish visibility, which eliminates another possible accident cause.

Key Benefits of Using Air Curtains

  • Huge energy savings: Air curtain systems minimise energy usage, operational costs, carbon footprint, and environmental impact. It minimises the energy needed to maintain a temperature difference within or outside the structure.
  • Improved indoor air quality: The ability of an air curtain to create a non-obstructive air stream that keeps particulates, dirt, and dust out improves indoor air quality. It operates by recirculation facility air over an open doorway, blocking outside air.
  • Stress-free systems: Air curtains prevent heat loss through office doors. Reduced heat loss saves energy. This might lower heating system demand and prolong its life.
  • Stop the foul odour: There are several unpredictable odours in the outdoors world. Your structure might be near an industrial or urban region. Air Curtain can eradicate any undesirable odours from entering the building by keeping out the outside air.

Why Buy Air Curtains: At Mitzvah  

Health is the most important advantage of placing an air curtain in your home or place of work.

  • It removes all dust and small particles from the air to provide a space with cool, clean air.
  • Additionally, it deters flies, mosquitoes, and unpleasant odours.
  • It contributes to maintaining a clean atmosphere and a healthy environment.
  • Some are equipped with automatic sensors that identify germs and bacteria as soon as a person enters the room.

We are a reputed air curtains manufacturer and supplier. Mitzvah has a fantastic assortment of long-lasting automated air curtains in India. To provide value to our clients, all of our goods are made from top raw materials and processed under sanitary conditions. We have effectively met our clients’ expectations by providing items of international quality at low pricing. We guarantee on-time and flawless delivery to the client’s location. Mitzvah actively promotes energy-efficient and sustainable technology, as well as an all-encompassing strategy that considers health, life and work quality, and safety. Mitzvah maintains strong ties with partner organisations throughout the world. Our goal is to grow our firm via continuous product innovation and the application of technology across all of our activities.

Price of Air Curtain

The cost of a curtain ranges from 2k to 2 lakhs, depending on the number of feet, air pressure, cost-effectiveness, blower size, material utilised, air velocity, and noise level.

  1. A fan-powered device that forms an unseen air barrier is known as an air curtain. The energy-saving air screen may save up to 80% on heating and cooling expenditures. This 4 feet type of Air Curtains price will range from 7,000 to 15,000.
  2. If one needs more motors and more efficiency in 4 feet range then the price can hike up to 19,000.
  3. When the quality will increase in dimension, the noise level when decreases, the velocity of air increases then automatically the price range will increase up to 70,000 for 11 ft air curtain.

Why Air Curtains is on Demand for Commercial Buildings?


Air Curtains are in high demand for commercial buildings now a day. This is basically used to keep your surroundings clean and dust-free. These are installed in the main entrance to provide conditioned air in and unconditioned air out.


From an HVAC point of view, the idea of hanging fabric on the windows is to keep solar energy away from the occupied space. In fact, curtains have been used for thousands of years to define spaces, provide privacy and prevent sunlight from heating interior spaces. The earliest curtains were made from animal skins that were placed on doors centuries ago.

Another type of curtain covers the outside environment out of conditioned spaces at doorways and outside access points. No, it’s not made of fabric or vinyl or even animal skins. It is made of air.

Commercial Air curtains work by adding a fast-moving airflow to block air through the door when it is open. Is it easy enough? There are many advantages to installing air curtain in your warehouses, retail stores, office entrances, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and pretty much anywhere you want to keep conditioned air in and non-conditioned air out. Engineers who understand air curtain design can save customers a lot of hassle and money.

Advantages of Air Curtains:

Humidity Control: Humidity plays an important role in comfort. Air curtain prevent humid outside air from entering the room, reducing the energy required for air handling and improving comfort.

Reduce Smell: There are various uncontrollable odors in the external environment. Your building may be near an industrial area or an urban area. By keeping outside air out, we prevent unpleasant odors from entering the building.

Beetles: No one likes pests. Air curtain eliminate the possibility of flying insects entering your building. Goodbye pesky flies!

Air curtains are an energy-efficient way to reduce the HVAC system energy required and improve occupant comfort and limit the possibility of air pollutants entering building areas. This contamination can come in the form of infectious diseases in hospitals or medical buildings. Additionally, in manufacturing environments or large warehouses, airflow can act as a barrier between different environments within a building.

Additional benefits :

Buy Air curtains is the best option & provide additional flexibility in installing heaters. During the heating season, the air curtain prevents cold air from entering, offsetting the cold conditions of the building’s exterior walls. These are an energy-efficient way to reduce HVAC system energy consumption and improve occupant comfort.

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What Are the Purposes of Commercial Air Curtains?

Air curtains are used in varied ways for different purposes and majorly took the market in the industrial and commercial sites. But before engaging in our core topic let’s understand what is air curtain.
So, it is a fan-powered device that creates an invisible air barrier over the doorway in order to separate two different environments, without limiting the access of the people or vehicles.

commercial air curtain


Commercial Air Curtain

In modern times, it has become essential for commercial enterprises to provide the best infrastructure. For this to happen, commercial building owners are moving towards installing automated and advanced machines that are operated via automated functioning and other types of equipment that are important to be placed in commercial spaces. In times like now, such as the pandemic, it has become very common for people to shift to a completely automated and protected environment. Commercial air curtain keeps surroundings clean and dust-free. Nowadays every organization preferred air curtains in industries, offices & commercial buildings.   

Companies and big organizations are now adhering to international safety and hygiene standards and for which they are installing devices such as automatic hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers, air purifiers, air curtains, and more. Air curtains are gaining popularity amongst Indian companies and people.

However, there is a difference in the types of air curtains used in different places, thus, before you choose to buy air curtain must check the usage. It is ideal for most of the commercial entrances put up to 2,8 meters high and must be a small and compact air curtain of elegant and friendly design with rounded shape and edges. Its external casing should be customizable adapting to the internal aesthetics of any premises. Air curtain must include a wall-mounted regulation system with remote control.

Purpose Of Commercial Air Curtain

Commercial profitability: It is known that Sales increase due to the “open door effect”. It is known that when doors are open, people’s affluence increases substantially. The doorway acts as a shop window and allows people to see the inside of the shop. It increases customer and staff comfort.

Energy-saving: air curtains reduce the energy losses from the conditioned space and also reduce central plant capacity (heating/cooling) which reduces the building running cost. Moreover, it reduces CO2 emissions.

Hygienic and healthy atmosphere: it helps maintain an adequate and healthy environment leading to reduces employee absenteeism. It does pest and insect control and works as a barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes, and bad odors

Increased safety: This product increases visibility and avoids collisions because there isn’t a physical obstruction. In cold rooms, it reduces misting, dries out the doorway, and prevents ice from forming on floors. Easy evacuation through the exit doorway in case of fire or emergency and act as a barrier against fire smoke.

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Know These Aspects Before Choosing Your Suitable PVC Strip Curtains!

PVC strip curtains are an excellent addition to warehouses or work environments. Not only can they divide workspaces into separate areas, but they also act as a barrier against dust, pests, noise, heat, and the cold.
However, there are a few points that must be considered before buying your PVC strip curtains.

  • Material Used in PVC Strip

The most vital aspect to consider to buying PVC strip curtains is material as it comes in different materials and grades to suit particular needs. Freezer rooms need polar-grade strips because ordinary PVC strips would freeze and possibly break. Polar-grade strips are designed to withstand very low temperatures. Areas with lots of people might need curtains made of antistatic materials, to prevent fires caused by friction with clothes.
Food storage areas may need food-grade PVC. This type of PVC comes with additional compliance to all key EU regulations relating to food contact.

  • Size of PVC Strips

So, before you go to buy PVC curtains, you should think about the width of the strips that are needed for your place. As for a place with high winds or exposure to the elements, you’ll need thick, heavy strips that won’t blow around.
For a place with a lot of footfall, however, you’ll want thinner, lighter curtains that are easier for people to move. You won’t want thick, heavy curtains slowing people down. You’ll also need to know how long you want the strips to be. Ideally, the strips should just about touch the floor. Any longer and people could trip over them, but any shorter and they won’t block out dust or pests.

  • Transparency of PVC Strips

Another point to notice is whether your PVC curtains should be transparent or to what extent they should be transparent. As transparent curtains are easy to see through. This can be good if you have people driving heavy machinery around. If someone is driving a forklift truck towards one side of the curtain, and someone else is driving a lorry towards the other side, then the drivers will see each other through the curtains and will avoid a collision.
Opaque curtains, on the other hand, are good for privacy. If you need privacy between different work areas, then opaque curtains are the way to go.

  • Colour Range of PVC Strips

When you are going to buy PVC curtains must focus on the color of your PVC curtains. PVC strip curtains come in a range of different colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, and grey. You might want your curtains to match the colors of your brand. Or you might want colors that are hi-visible for safety, like orange or yellow.
Concluding the article, as we’ve seen and discussed what are the important aspects to consider while purchasing PVC strip curtains so it is now easy for you to shop with complete awareness and knowledge. And know that they all are not one-size-fits but you can adapt them to suit your individual needs. By choosing the size, color, and material, you can get the exact PVC curtains that you need. 

Mitzvah PVC curtains manufacturer with the best quality and at an affordable price.

Are you looking for PVC curtains manufacturers in India? Here’s the solution!

Are you looking for a PVC curtains manufacturer in India? Here’s the solution!

PVC strip curtains are the most efficient way to increase productivity and comfort in any social, commercial, or industrial place. These PVC strip curtains help in preventing contamination by germs, insects, and dust. They also help in maintaining the room’s temperature. They’re quite easy to install and durable too.

What Are The Benefits Of PVC Strip Curtains?

  • Reduces Contamination – Plastic strip curtains help in keeping a clean and safe environment. They do so by preventing the movement of contaminants such as dust, germs, insects, etc from the outside.
  • Controls Temperature – By installing PVC strip curtains, you can maintain the temperature of your space. This is possible because these door curtains add a layer of insulation. This helps in regulating the heat or cold inside the room.
  • Increases comfort and productivity – Another benefit of using plastic door curtains is that they don’t disturb the functioning of any space. Along with letting people or machinery pass through from one room to another, they still provide privacy to all. This enhances productivity and eliminates the need to open or close the doors.
  • Economical – The material used in making these PVC strip curtains can withstand regular wear and tear for a very long time. They’re simple in structure, and hence they provide longer durability and require less maintenance.
  • Easy to install – This product is very energy efficient as it requires very little effort to install, and once it is put in place, it fulfills its purpose for a very long time.

    Best PVC Curtain Manufacturer in India

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Sunrise Products

Sunrise Products is one of the leading PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturers in Delhi founded in 1990 and since then, we are scaling new heights in the niche, as one of the most determined Industrial Heaters Manufacturers based in India. We are successfully running the business, under the guidance of our reputed owner Mr. Virender Aggarwal.

Techno Mech Sales

It has emerged as a highly reliable Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of a wide range of electric products. The company offers the very best Air Curtains Price, including Flying Insect Killers, Air Washers, Air Showers, and PVC Strip Curtains to the clients. Apart from offering quality products, the company also offers repair and maintenance services to clients. Owing to its quality-driven approach, the company has also received KVQA certification for its all-around performance working under the visionary guidance of the Proprietor Mr. Anil Narula who has brought about success and recognition for the company.

MNC Engineering INC

The complete knowledge of professionals about industrial ventilation systems, air ventilation systems, and other electrical items enables this company to develop new products like commercial Air Curtains, Powder Coated Air Curtains, Stainless Steel Air Curtains, Aluminum Air Curtains, Vertical Air Curtains, Sensor Air Curtains, Filter Air Curtains, Custom Air Curtains, Super Sleek Air Curtains, etc. They help in catering to varied requirements of clients, situated all over the nation. Their professionals work in sync with each to deliver products that are durable and are in line with set industry standards.

Kuber Industries

PVC Strip Curtain is very useful for offices shops & restaurants. The strips of this curtain are made of transparent PVC material, these are clear, flexible, and barriers to the exchange of Air and Dust between two different areas and maintain visibility. When you look for a PVC strip curtain near me while in Rajasthan, you will find Kuber Industries in the first place. Kuber Industries PVC Strip/AC Curtain is made of high-quality PVC material. 


Euronics, situated in Gurugram, Haryana is the largest manufacturer and supplier of PVC Strip Curtains. Their product is efficient in a lot of ways. From keeping the insects out of the room to maintaining the temperature inside the room, our plastic strip curtains have proven themselves to be the best. They’re not just economical and easy to install, but they also increase productivity and provide more comfort while maintaining high-quality international standards – CE&GS Approve. They assure to have the slimmest Air Curtains in the world with velocity control.

Perfect Air Conditioning Trading Company

It was established in the year 2005 and is known to be another finest manufacturer, exporters, traders, distributors,s and suppliers of this quality range of Air Purifiers and Conditioners. The offered range made up of the finest Evaporative Breezair Air Cooler, Keruilai Air Cooler, and Air Conditioners is highly acclaimed and asked for. Manufacturing of this range is compiled following the norms and guidelines of the industry, utilizing the finest raw materials and advanced technology. 

Conax Industries

They are prominent & leading PVC curtain manufacturers from Faridabad, offering anti-insect PVC curtains, tint blue PVC strip curtains, plain PVC strip curtains, freezer grade PVC strip curtains, and flexible PVC curtains, and ribbed PVC strip curtains. They provide the best series of Plain PVC Strip Curtains to our customers. Their range of products is accessible to esteemed customers in unique patterns and designs. These have superb functionality, scratch-free and tear-free in nature.

So, here we have sorted you with a lot of options to choose PVC curtains manufacturer. Now you can easily compare and make your best choice out of the aforementioned companies.

What Are the Reasons to Use Air Curtains For Restaurants?

What Are the Reasons to Use Air Curtains For Restaurants
Air curtains

Nowadays most of the rush areas are social places like restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, cafes, theaters, shopping malls, and much more. Thus, it is implied that daily countless people visit these places which long for a safe and environment-friendly environment and it is possible with automated products like air curtains. But what made this equipment or machine a necessary thing in these areas? So, here we have discussed why owners should think and are encouraged to install and use air curtains for restaurants.

Air Curtains basically create an invisible barrier of high-velocity air to separate and manage environments, keeping conditioned air within your workspace, while keeping unconditioned air, pests, and pollutants out. CFI Air Curtains can be mounted above a doorway opening, just above the header. Ambient air is drawn through the front intake grill and into the fan baskets. The blower wheel, forces the air into CFI’s state-of-the-art air chambers, compressing the air and forcing it downward through the discharge nozzle. An invisible “air shield” is created that serves as the barrier preventing conditioned air from leaving the building and blocking outside air from entering, even when there is no primary door in place.
Keeping customers comfortable, saving energy, and keeping debris and pests outdoors are some challenges you may experience as a restaurant owner.

Installing an air curtain in your restaurant is the best move you can make in mitigating these concerns. Air curtains are placed over the door in order to create a powerful air seal to keep conditioned air in the building and dirt and debris out. A correctly installed and fully efficient air curtain can save your business a lot of money, by reducing the amount of heat lost through open doors.

Restaurateurs, food service managers, and bar owners use air curtains to increase customer satisfaction, reduce energy costs, minimize employee turnover and maintain high sanitation standards. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why your restaurant needs a commercial air curtain.

Increases Customer Comfort

Keeping customers happy is imperative to all restaurant businesses; cold premises can put customers off and may affect the productivity of your staff. During winter, air curtains disrupt the natural convection effect of warm air spilling out of an open doorway and being replaced by incoming cold air. On both hot and cold days, air curtains keep customers seated close to the door, or happily waiting for a table, in a comfortable, smoke-free environment. Combining an air curtain with a friendly atmosphere and good interior design can attract customers and keep them inside for longer. An air curtain is an investment that will not only reduce your outgoing bills but increase your profits.

Air Curtains Reduces Energy Costs

An open door is inviting to customers, but it also invites unwanted cold air. Traditional heating systems in restaurants can be very inefficient, especially in large premises with open doors. Air curtains create an invisible door that prevents the inflow of external air and restricts the outflow of indoor air, protecting inside temperatures in the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler. This results in less wear and tear on your heating or cooling system and saves you from incurring unnecessary heating bills. An air curtain can maximize the savings spent on heating by working in tandem with existing heating systems and reducing heat loss.

Reduces Strain on Existing Heating or Cooling Systems

With an efficient air curtain, the heat loss through restaurant doorways is drastically reduced. When the heat loss is reduced, the existing heating system can have a lot of unnecessary excess strain taken away. This could add up to less usage and increase the lifespan and functionality of your current heating system. This same effect applies to air conditioning in the summer months.

Air Curtains Promotes a Clean Environment

Air curtain promote a healthy and hygienic environment in a restaurant by restricting flying insects and other pollutants such as pollen, dust, and fumes from traffic. This is because they’re designed to create an effective seal by re-circulating facility air in a smooth flow across an open doorway, making it harder for outside air to penetrate the air curtain.

Promotes the Flow of Traffic into your Restaurant

Almost any restaurant owner will know that open doors tell customers that their restaurant is open for business. An open door is an inviting gesture that substantially improves the inflow of customers. Installing air curtains will promote a faster inflow of traffic into your restaurant while keeping indoor temperatures in control.

Reduces Employee Turnover, Complaints, and Absenteeism

Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees don’t leave. Air curtains keep service entry, kitchen, and back-of-the-house areas clean and fume-free. An air curtain releases warm air from bottom to top keeping the temperatures of your restaurant in control. It eliminates the exchange of warm and cold air, hence, preventing draft. During the summer season, it promotes cool air in your business building, and keeps hot air out, maintaining a comfortable environment. It motivates employees and reduces absenteeism.

If you’re tired of seeing money and energy flow out of your restaurant’s door, an air curtain could be a cost-effective answer to your needs.

Contact Mitzvah if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of air curtains for your restaurant or you want the best quality of commercial air curtains and so on.

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Have you at any point experienced air striking your head when you enter an air terminal or a shopping center? At any point considered what that is? All things considered, it is clearly something above a conventional entryway or any air vestibule. Truth be told, it is an imperceptible obstruction of air that forestalls within the air to blend in with the external air, hence forestalling the deficiency of molded air and block the passage of mosquitoes, flies, and residue, without any actual division.
An air curtain is a fan-controlled gadget that makes an undetectable air hindrance over the entryway to isolate productively two unique conditions, without restricting the entrance of individuals or vehicles. The energy-saving air screen lessens warming and cooling costs by up to 80% while securing the interior environment and expanding individuals’ solace. Air door keeps the environment clean from irritations and creepy crawlies, dust, airborne, contamination, scents, smells and stops drafts and cold or hot air entrance. The working of an air curtain ornament depends on a high-speed stream of air that covers all openings. Warmed Air curtain ornaments make solace by the stream of air on individuals as they cross the air screen and assists with keeping up with the temperature on the passage.
Broadly, air curtains are of two types:
Recirculating and Non-circulating air curtains.
The non-recirculating air curtain is more popular as it is more economical than the recirculating one. Recirculating air curtains are a complex assembly of the fan, floor grills, baffle filters, HEPA filters, duct, and plenum to create a uniform flow. Thus, making installation difficult, time-consuming and costly.


In places like air terminals, retail locations, and assembling units with the consistent development of one or the other individuals, material or on the other hand vehicles, an entryway wouldn’t be a feasible choice as it would be important to leave the entryway open prompting the air, bugs, residue, and smell entering the adapted climate. Air window ornaments give an affirmation of an all-around fixed at this point adapted climate and offer an incredible degree of solace to the representatives bringing about a more joyful labor force. In addition, in fragments like virus rooms, eateries, emergency clinics, food, and dairy ventures, ensure the air inside from being debased by the air outside. In any event, during the blustery season, air drapes guarantee to keep trash and other outside substances away in this way keeping up with the cleanliness and clean climate. Controlling air transfer saves energy, enhances smooth and faster traffic flow enhances the usability of spaces near doors and guarantees comfort.

Air curtain delivers performance at its best for all and therefore, we need air curtains to maintain two separate outdoor and indoor environments utilizing a thermal barrier without any physical structure existing between them. In the further sections of the book, there will be a detailed analysis of the benefits.