Air Door – A Great Energy Saver


Most commercial, industrial and residential establishments these days use an air door for a major reason – cutting their monthly electric consumption. Remarkably this piece of equipment has proven such relief in the payment of electricity bills to those who have been using it. If you do not quite understand how the saving of energy happens, […]

9 things every consultant should know about air curtains


Speed is not the only way to measure Air Curtains: The output of the air curtain device is measured in terms of velocity of air. The input power is varied and efforts are made to optimise the performance of the air curtain device. Static Pressure plays a significant role in selection of the Air Curtain: […]

Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis for Predicting its Aerodynamics


A centrifugal fan (often referred to as coop fan) may be a machine used for moving air or different gases because of their straightforward style, centrifugal fans area unit factory-made easier than different kinds of fans that saves time and prices. This makes them a well-liked alternative for air handling applications. Through their rotating impellers, […]

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