The greening of business has advanced toward bother control.

Judicious facility chiefs know expensive and wellbeing undermining synthetic compounds are the minimum attractive answer for manage the 234 flying vermin – also more than 18,000 types of flies—that debilitate sanitation, item security and an organization’s notoriety. Rather they depend on Mitzvah’ imperceptible defensive shield for predictable assurance without upkeep and visibility decrease. Mitzvah offers:

A non-lethal common boundary

A set and overlook predictable sturdy arrangement

Zero diminished of visibility

How Pest Control Is Better (and Cleaner) with Air Curtains

Poison Free + Green Approach

Quit Flying Pests

Set + Forget Solution

Zero Maintenance

Amazing ROI

Insect Killer

Metal Fly Catcher

4,200.00 + GST

Parts & Service


1,499.001,999.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Housing

900.002,675.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Motors

3,600.006,900.00 + GST

Magnetic Proximity Switch

Magnetic Proximity Switch

2,499.002,999.00 + GST