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At the point when your extremely presence lays on being a bastion of care and assurance from hurt, keeping your offices clean and reliably agreeable isn’t simply savvy, it’s significant.

  1. Solace that your customers won’t be tormented by flying bugs that convey several conceivable pathogens
  2. The capacity to ensure spaces that should be at clean room guidelines
  3. Strong reliable help with short ROI
  4. Units that offer help securing your expensive climatized air

How Transportation and Vehicle Terminals Benefit from Air Curtains

Quit Flying Pests and Protect Interiors

Quit Flying Pests and Protect Interiors

Spare $$ and Reduce Energy Spend

ANSI/NSF and AMCA Certified

Inside Separation for Hygienic Areas

Insect Killer

Metal Fly Catcher

4,200.00 + GST

Parts & Service


1,499.001,999.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Housing

900.002,675.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Motors

3,600.006,900.00 + GST

Magnetic Proximity Switch

Magnetic Proximity Switch

2,499.002,999.00 + GST