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5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits

According to AMCA International study on ‘Investigation of the Impact of Building Entrance Air Curtain on Whole Building Energy Use’, In comparison to the vestibules, Air curtains save 10% more energy in environmental separation performance, Cuts up to 75% of the cost in labor and materials.

This research has proved that air curtain helps one save thousands of dollars as a substitute for vestibule when it comes to construction cost.

These are the 5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits-

1. More Spacious

As per the research study, Not only does air curtains save us energy used in installation over a vestibule, It also cuts the construction cost and gives us more floor space. Air curtains are easily fixed at the roof of the doorway.

2. Open Door Policy

With Air Curtain benefits in place, you can keep a door open for all the working hours, many psychological studies have proved that walk-in customers increase in a premise if the door is open then when it is closed.


3. Energy conserver

Air curtains are also a great energy saver if we reduce the heat or cold air transfer between two spaces. Air curtains enable us to keep the entry door open longer than vestibules. Air curtains are the machines that help in meeting the demands of specific door sizes and environments. It conserves up to 80% of the energy through doorways.

4. Design flexibility

Air curtains form an invisible barrier which prevents the premises from the polluted air outside the premises without making any changes to the design of the building.

Air curtains are most efficient in premises where doors are left open for longer durations. Apart from being installed at the entryways, Air curtains benefits are also useful in the inner parts of a building such as the entrance of storage or packaging area.

5. Pay Back period

The construction and energy savings that air curtain offers sums up to a very fast payback period of up to 6 months in case of air conditioning applications and as low as one month in case of hot oven applications.

Different applications of air curtains:

Cold Room air curtains

These air curtains consist of a powder covered aluminum casing, with plastic inward grills and stainless steel main and mounting plates, to make it rust free. They use airfoil designed centrifugal blowers which produce high air flow.

Industrial air curtains

These air curtains, have a rugged construction with high static which is achieved by using bigger diameter blowers and lower RPM. They incorporate the forward curved aluminum blower wheels.

Hot Oven air curtains

Hot Oven air curtains beside having rugged look, the placement and installation are very important, they generally incorporate a special kind of arrangement in which the whole air curtain can swing and the air is made to flow from bottom to Top.

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