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Air curtain is a versatile product that is useful in a variety of domains. It is a multi-utility machine that can be used as a solution for a variety of problems that we face daily. Air curtains offer many advantages because of which they are common in many industries and across various segments. Air curtains are available in a variety of sizes and can be installed in various ways to give the desired results. Installing an air curtain in your business is the best move that will mitigate your vast range of concerns.

There are numerous benefits of installing Air curtains in your work areas and these benefits can be categorized into Primary benefits and Secondary benefits.

Environment Separation: The environment as a rule has a wide range of awkward smells what’s more, poisons. It is particularly extremely hard to forestall awful smells and vapor in regions that are nearer to mechanical plots, trash regions, or treatment plants. By forestalling any undesirable penetration of residue, open-air smells, and contaminations, air shades assist with keeping a charming climate in the office.

Temperature Control: Temperature contrast in two areas will normally make an air move between these two areas. Warm air will escape from the highest point of the entryway furthermore, will be supplanted by chilly denser air entering from the base side. A more prominent temperature distinction will just outcome in higher air invasions and energy misfortunes. Air blinds forestall this trade by ensuring the molded conditions in various regions and help control the temperature.

Saves Money: We all know that inducing a change of temperature requires a lot of money. For example- if we are inducing hot air in the oven, we require burners and fuel to do it. Similarly for cooling the air, we need AHU(Air Handling Units), Chillers, or Freezers. Whenever this conditioned air gets wasted or is lost, it results in increasing our overall cost. By providing an effective barrier for conditioned air, Air curtains offer an ideal solution to save your money.

Bug and Pest Control: Flying bugs and bugs can be an aggravation for anybody. The presence of these bugs inside a space can prompt food tainting, undesirable conditions, and other related issues. The incredible stream of air created by an Air Curtain forestalls these destructive vermin and other flying bugs from entering the premises and accordingly keep up with clean and sterile conditions for everybody.

Works in Extreme Conditions: Air window ornaments make an imperceptible obstruction that secludes diverse temperature zones without blocking the development of individuals and items. Numerous enterprises use warming machines or broilers while others utilize cold stockpiling and other cooling frameworks. Air curtains work in the two conditions by successfully fixing the region and forestalling air trade and energy loss.

Protects Product Quality: The protective barrier provided by an Air curtain keeps harmful chemicals away from your valuable products and machinery. This pollution reduction reduces the wear and tear of parts and other useful machinery and maintains the quality of your product.

Open Door Policy: An open door is always an invitation to customers and thus, advisable but an open door also invites unwanted particles like dust, insects, bad odors, and other pollutants. With an air curtain, you can enjoy all the benefits of an open door without incurring any of its limitations and also save on the manpower costs needed to frequently operate a physical door.

Saves Power: With Air curtains, energy loss through doorways is drastically reduced. Reduced energy loss decreases the load on existing temperature control systems like air conditioners, heaters or ovens and helps save power.

Increase in Business Efficiency: By avoiding leakage of conditioned air and keeping the mosquitoes and flies away, air curtains help increase the comfort level of both external customers and internal employees. A comfortable environment and satisfied employees result in increasing the overall business efficiency.

Cash Cow: Air Curtains can be termed as cash cows for a business as they give a steady return on profits that exceeds the money invested in acquiring it. In general air curtains have an ROI of fewer than 3 months.

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