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Air Curtains

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Mitzvah Air Curtains ARP Series

17,70043,100 + GST
ARS Series

Mitzvah Air Curtains ARS Series

22,90048,900 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains ASP Series

14,00045,300 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains ASS Series

19,30053,900 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains RSL Series

18,00062,900 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains RSP Series

13,20044,000 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains RSS Series

22,90062,900 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains SSL Series

18,50052,400 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains SSP Series

13,50044,600 + GST

Mitzvah Air Curtains SSS Series

23,50064,500 + GST

Looking For Buy Air Curtains – Mitzvah

Mitzvah is the biggest manufacturer of Air Curtains, providing Curtains at the best price in India. which are also known as air doors, and air cutters. Many people have seen Air curtains placed at entry doors of malls, hospitals, and warehouses. they are used for keeps the surroundings clean. Air curtains in diagnostic centers are used to reduce the risk of short-range infections. we have good-quality commercial air curtains for industrial Areas.

This is one of the most helpful and empowering machines preventing dust and insects from entering the door. Mitzvah Air curtains are safe and durable for up to 40% of your electricity bills. It makes a different space with practically no requirement for an actual entryway. They are perfect for cold storage, modern doors, air terminals, and so forth. Air-curtain is a fan-powered device, which makes an air obstruction over the entryway proficiently confine two distinct conditions, yet that doesn’t prevent individuals or vehicles from getting in or out.
It does evaluate the effect of supply air speed and angle on outage performance. and maintain exhaled Virus fraction and pollutants from the treatment station and kill them, the air curtain system is satisfactory for these harmful places

How do “Commercial air curtains” work in industrial places?

Commercial air curtains are Mostly used in industrial places to improve energy efficiency and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Air curtains work as creating a high-velocity stream of air that separates two different environments, such as an indoor and outdoor space. In industrial places, this can be between areas with different temperatures or environments, such as a warehouse and loading dock, or a manufacturing floor and a hallway.

The curtain creates an air stream and helps to prevent the transfer of heat, humidity, or contaminants between the two environments. This can help to reduce energy consumption by minimizing the need for heating or cooling systems to work harder to maintain consistent temperatures.

Additionally, Commercial air curtains can also help to improve indoor air quality by preventing the entry of dust, pollutants, or insects from outdoor environments. This can be especially important in industrial places where clean air is critical for the health and safety of workers and the integrity of products being manufactured.

Overall, the purpose of commercial air curtains is to maintain comfortable indoor environments and promote energy efficiency. in industrial areas, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and dairy farms.

There are two types of air curtain systems:

  • Recirculating
  • Non-circulating air curtain

Recirculating shades are a complex assembly of fans, door screens, rotating filters, HEPA filters, ducts, and plenums to create uniform airflow. Therefore, installation becomes difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Non-circulating air curtains are more popular because they are more economical than convective air curtains.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about air curtains

Q:- What is an air curtain?

A:- An air curtain is a device that blows a controlled stream of air across a doorway or opening, creating an invisible barrier that separates two different environments.

Q:- What is the purpose of an air curtain?

A:- The main purpose of an air curtain is to prevent the transfer of air, contaminants, and insects between two environments. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment and saves energy by reducing the need for heating or cooling.

Q:- How does an air curtain work?

A:- An air curtain works by blowing a high-velocity stream of air across a doorway or opening. This creates an invisible barrier that prevents air, insects, and contaminants from passing through.

Q:- How is an air curtain installed?

A:- An air curtain is typically installed above a doorway or opening and can be mounted on the ceiling or on brackets. Installation should be done by a professional to ensure proper performance and safety.

Q:- Where are air curtains commonly used?

A:- Air curtains are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, such as retail stores, warehouses, and food processing facilities. They can also be used in residential settings, such as apartment buildings and homes.

Mitzvah Air Curtains Used for different Areas-

  • Restaurants, Food Factories, Shopping Mall
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers
  • Sugar, Distilleries, Bottling Plants
  • Dairy Farm & Meat Processing
  • Retail Store

Mitzvah is top manufacturer of PVC Strip Curtains & supplier of Air Curtain at the best price,  the aim of the mitzvah is to Reduce electricity bills by 50%, That’s why they manufacture and supply air curtains of the best quality at an affordable price and reduce electricity bills and this is the best product to keep your surrounding clean and dust-free.

Air curtain provides additional flexibility in installing heaters. During the heating season, they can prevent the entry of cold air and counteract the cold conditions of the building exterior.

This is in high demand in commercial offices and there are many benefits to installing this product in your retail space, warehouse, hospital, restaurant, office entries, etc. it provides conditioned air in and unconditioned air out.

Mitzvah Manufacturer different types of air curtains with different materials the different price ranges. You can find below the product varieties with different price ranges.

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