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Why air curtain need in your business premise

Air Curtain Need

Controlling indoor temperatures, saving energy and keeping debris and pests outdoors is a major challenge you can experience if you are a home or business owner then air curtain need for you. It is even worse if you live in a heavy traffic area. Air curtains, also called air doors are devices designed to deliver constant airflow across an opening i.e. window, home, business or garage door.

They are common in many industries and have been installed above entry doors in restaurants, offices, and shops. Air curtains are tall and can cover 6 meters doors. Installing an air curtain in your business is the best move you can make in mitigating a vast range of concerns. Here are some of the benefits and why your business an air curtain need.

  • It reduces employee absenteeism. An air curtain releases warm air right from bottom to top keeping the temperatures of your business premise in control. It eliminates exchange of warm and cold air, hence, preventing draft. During the summer season, it promotes cool air in your business building and keeps hot air out thus maintaining a comfortable working environment. It motivates employees, hence, reducing instances of absenteeism.
  • Promotes a clean and healthy environment by restricting entry of flying insects and other pollutants such as pollen, dust, and fumes from traffic. Therefore, they are ideal in case you run a restaurant business. It improves employee and customer comfort by eliminating the uncomfortable sensations of draught.
  • It saves energy and significantly cuts down your heating and air conditioning bills. Air curtains create an invisible door that prevents the inflow of external air and restricts the outflow of indoor air. Consequently, this high-tech significantly saves you from incurring unnecessary heating bills. It also promotes low-velocity air that is desirable in case you ran a departmental store or supermarket. There are two types of air curtains i.e. recirculating and non-recirculating air curtains are equipped with dual grill system i.e. receiving and discharge grills. Discharge grill releases air which is collected by the receiving grill. The air is filtered and circulated back to the discharge grill to form a continuous flow. On the other hand, non-recirculating air curtains do not filter air instead it is released into the fan housing. Therefore, there is no constant flow of air. The systems have high velocities and do not need any maintenance cost. They are also very efficient.
  • It promotes the flow of traffic into your business premise. In case it is inconvenient to install a well-sealed door, you can consider installing air curtains to promote safe and faster inflow of traffic into your business premise while keeping indoor temperatures in control. The Open door effect’ substantially improves inflow of customers.

Air curtains also allow maximum entry of natural light. This reduces instances of collisions and prevents ice from forming on the floors of your business premise. Additionally, in the case of emergencies, it makes it easy to evacuate a building. If you are planning to install air curtains in your business premise, then consider hiring a professional to do it.

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