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Air Curtain Price List

Mitzvah is India’s No. 1 Air Curtains Manufacturer, providing Air Curtains at the best price in India. which are also known as air doors, and air cutters. Many people have seen Air curtains placed at entry doors of malls, hospitals, meat stores, and warehouses. they are used for keeps the surroundings clean.  Air curtains in diagnostic centers are used to reduce the risk of short-range infections. we have good-quality Commercial Air curtains prices in India for industrial Areas.

Mitzvah warrants all its equipment and is there to keep them free of any defect of either workmanship or the material, even after the completion of the warranty tenure. As a manufacturer we will like our customers to put in genuine parts and do the service in the prescribed way to get the best result, from the machine, all parts have a unique number and can be ordered separately.

We even have a service team that provides online guidance to your staff, in case you want to service the machine on your own. This training is available free of charge, and you can just call and refer your trouble with the machine number and we will provide assistance for the same in the form of a youtube link in the next 24 hours.

How to decide on the air curtain price and where to buy them?

Determining the right air curtain price involves understanding the interplay of various factors, all of which contribute to the final cost. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Door Dimensions:

      • Width and Length: The width of the door primarily determines the length of the air curtain. Wider doors require longer curtains to maintain an effective air seal, generally leading to increased costs due to the greater material use and possibly the need for additional motors and blowers, thus impacting the air curtain price.
      • Height: According to AMCA guidelines 222-08, the velocity at 900 mm from the floor is the critical measure of an air curtain’s performance. If the door height increases, various elements must be adjusted to maintain the required velocity, possibly leading to higher costs. These elements include:
        • Blower Diameter: Might need to increase for a powerful enough air stream.
        • Motor Power: A stronger motor could be necessary.
        • RPM: Higher RPM might be required to deliver the necessary air velocity.


      • Horizontal: Most common and generally preferred, usually needing just one air curtain, which can be more cost-effective.
      • Vertical: Less common and usually employed when horizontal installation is impossible. It typically requires an air curtain on both sides of the door, effectively doubling the equipment needed, thus potentially more expensive, and this leading increase in overall air curtain prices and the project cost.

Mitzvah Used Latest Technology to Making Air Curtains:

    • Centrifugal Air Curtains: More complex and can project an air stream further, typically more expensive but can be a worthy investment in environments requiring a strong air seal.
    • Cross Flow Air Curtains: Simpler and more affordable but might not perform as well as centrifugal models in certain environments.
    • Axial Air Curtains: Similar to cross flow in price and performance, and an effective choice for smaller, less demanding environments.

Material of Construction in Air Curtains:

Higher quality, more durable materials generally increase the cost of the air curtain. Thus impacting the air curtain prices.

  • Material of Blower : Specific materials used (such as Aluminum, Plastic, Galvanized Iron, or Stainless Steel) will each have different implications on the durability, performance, and cost.
  • Motor Type: The choice between single-phase (common and less expensive) and three-phase (more efficient, powerful, and more expensive) motors can affect both performance and cost.
  • Winding: The type of winding in the motor can affect efficiency, durability, and cost. Copper is more efficient and durable but more expensive, while Aluminum is less efficient, less durable, but cheaper.
  • Bearings: The quality of bearings can affect the lifespan and noise level of the air curtain. Branded bearings are usually of higher quality and last longer but are more expensive, while local, no-name brands are less expensive but may not last as long or be as quiet.
  • Thermal Overload Protectors: Models with thermal overload protectors might cost slightly more but offer greater equipment protection.

Operational Control:

Advanced control options like remote control or switch, or automation features syncing with door movements, can increase the air curtain price.

  • Remote Control: Air curtains with remote control capabilities offer the convenience of adjusting settings from a distance. This feature adds to the user experience by allowing for easy and flexible control over the unit’s operation. However, the added technology for remote operation generally leads to an increase in cost and overall air curtain price.
  • Switch Control: This is a more basic control option where the unit is operated through a switch usually installed near the air curtain. While less convenient than a remote control, this option is typically more cost-effective.
  • Automated Operation: Some air curtains are equipped with automation features that enable them to sync with door movements, activating when the door opens and shutting off when the door closes. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also ensures optimal performance when it’s most needed. Air curtains with such advanced automation are usually more expensive due to the additional sensors and technology involved.

Lot Features in our Air Curtains:

Air curtains with IoT features provide advanced control and monitoring options. These units can be connected to a central network, allowing users to monitor and control their operation from anywhere, often via a smartphone app or computer.

  • Central Monitoring and Control: This allows users to easily adjust settings across multiple units, making it particularly valuable in larger installations with multiple air curtains. Central control can also help to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency across all units.
  • Cost Implications: The advanced technology required for IoT capabilities typically makes these air curtains more expensive than those without such features. However, the increased control, convenience, and potential energy savings can make the higher initial investment worthwhile for many users, particularly in commercial or industrial settings.

When it comes to purchasing air curtains, there are a multitude of vendors available. However, it’s important to be aware that many traders often pose as manufacturers. Ideally, for assured quality and after-sales service, purchasing directly from a manufacturer is a more reliable option. Mitzvah is a highly reputable manufacturer that specializes in HVAC products, including air curtains, and is known for their quality and service. Their experience can help you procure air curtains at the best price.


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