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Have you at any point experienced air striking your head when you enter an air terminal or a shopping center? At any point considered what that is? All things considered, it is clearly something above a conventional entryway or any air vestibule. Truth be told, it is an imperceptible obstruction of air that forestalls within the air to blend in with the external air, hence forestalling the deficiency of molded air and block the passage of mosquitoes, flies, and residue, without any actual division.
An air curtain is a fan-controlled gadget that makes an undetectable air hindrance over the entryway to isolate productively two unique conditions, without restricting the entrance of individuals or vehicles. The energy-saving air screen lessens warming and cooling costs by up to 80% while securing the interior environment and expanding individuals’ solace. Air door keeps the environment clean from irritations and creepy crawlies, dust, airborne, contamination, scents, smells and stops drafts and cold or hot air entrance. The working of an air curtain ornament depends on a high-speed stream of air that covers all openings. Warmed Air curtain ornaments make solace by the stream of air on individuals as they cross the air screen and assists with keeping up with the temperature on the passage.
Broadly, air curtains are of two types:
Recirculating and Non-circulating air curtains.
The non-recirculating air curtain is more popular as it is more economical than the recirculating one. Recirculating air curtains are a complex assembly of the fan, floor grills, baffle filters, HEPA filters, duct, and plenum to create a uniform flow. Thus, making installation difficult, time-consuming and costly.

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