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No, they generally do not require any cover when installed outside, until and unless there is a probability of direct rain or chances of water ingress in the machine. There standa accessory which can be ordered to make a rain hood or protect the machine.

No, there is no difference in sound level of the machines when installed inside or outside, but since air curtains circulate a huge volume of air, in very quiet conditions it may be disturbing.

Hence installing them outside gives a better protection and even affects the feel of sound level.

We should install air curtains just above the door header or to a maximum of half to two inches. The closer the top of the door opening is, the more effective the air curtain will be. Extended mounting brackets are available in various lengths so the air curtain can be mounted to clear an obstruction.

In no way Air Curtains should be taken more than two inches above the Door header, generally done in case of Exed glass above the Door. People tend to put it above the Exed glass. In such conditions, air curtain efficiency will be severely affected.

Not more than eight inches for refrigeration and fourteen inches for insects. To seal off the ends, twelve to eighteen inch panels made of sheet metal, plastic strips or plywood can be installed on each side of door opening to improve the efficiency of the air curtain. Sometimes the air curtain air outlet nozzle may be installed between the obstruction and the wall. Precaution is necessary to prevent the obstruction from deflecting the flow of air.

The average time required to install a unit is 90-120 minutes.

Yes, air curtains can be coupled with the doors, with help of a plunger type and magnetic limit switches. The switches can be coupled with any kind of doors, single side, double side opening, Sliding Doors, Automatic Door, high speed shutters, Roller shutters etc.

The average time required to install a unit is 20-30 minutes.

There is a variety of optional mounting hardware accessories. Side extension plates are available to further extend the outboard mounting holes. These plates are available in various sizes up to a nine inch extension for both ends of the air curtain. Adjustable mounting brackets and extended wall mount brackets for drum type roll-up doors are also available. These types of brackets are used when the air curtain needs to be mounted some distances away from the wall. The brackets are also available for mounting on the glass and special brackets to connect the two machines together.

When installation is not possible over the top of the doorway, the air curtain may be side-mounted on both ends of the door. As per the guidelines of AMCA, in case of side installation the air curtains should be installed on both the sides or in a zigzag pattern to cover the entire length of the door. Yes, the same Air Curtains can be vertically mounted.

We should not take an Air curtain, more than the Door width. Though technically it will not affect, but commercially will not be a right decision. Air curtain length should be more or less equal to the width of the door.

Yes, with Air Curtains you can follow an OPEN DOOR POLICY, for your outlet. Air curtains when rightly installed and directional louver set at a right angle, can give a continuous thermal protection and can be installed without a door.

Yes air curtains can be used to hold extreme hot air on the industrial conveyor or oven. Actually air curtains are very effective and can prove to be a great money saving tool because a huge amount of money is invested in heatin the air through heaters/boilers. When the difference between the ambient temperature and the hot air is higher, losing the air makes an exponential effect on the cost.

The installation of Air Curtains on hot ovens and powder coating conveyors is very different than normal horizontal installation, where the thumb rule says, “We install the air curtain on the warmer side.” On the contrary, when the temperature) in more than 200 C, the installation cannot be done inside and in such places the installation is done in ambient air with air Bowing from bottom to top, with special mounting brackets. Air Curtains are very efective on hot ovens and can hold the hot air inside and various advantages which it can give are:

  • Fuel Saving
  • Reduced chamber heating time
  • Increased conveyor speed results in high production
  • Reduced curing time

Yes, the air curtains should be used on a blast freezer or a cold room door. Generally speaking, if the humidity is high you should prefer to take the chassis in stainless steel and the outer body in Aluminum or stainless steel, with plastic or stainless steel suction grills.

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