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Our Mission

Air is everywhere, and can neither be created nor destroyed, then also by nature Human race is on a mission to increase comfort by changing the temperature, humidity, and quality of air by spending more money. We at Mitzvah, help you stop draining this costly air and help you in your journey to be more comfortable.

Air is everywhere and is the medium for anything to flow, whether it is Dust Mosquitoes or smell, which raises a question on comfort, which pushes us to develop innovative products.

Our Vision

Mitzvah has a vision, to enhance comfort levels by making innovative energy efficient-products by virtue of conservation of conditioned air, and inhibiting unwanted to enter.

Mitzvah has made an image of a highly focused system driven engineering company delivering high performance energy saving products since the last 22 years with more than 15,000 customers and 3 Lakh installations. Mitzvah is headquartered in Delhi NCR and have pan India Network along with its presence in 11 counties. You can find us at the entrance of Starbucks, Haldiram, Dominos, V Mart, Burger King, Retail Stores, Reliance Mart, Patanjali and many more.

We have been serving clients with applications from as small as a take away windows to as high as 30 feet doors, from blast freezers at -40˚C to camelback conveyorized hot ovens at 300˚C, from cafes, restaurant, banquets to Airports entrances, from buses to container and communication bunkers used by Army.

Mitzvah covers all this on manufacturing front from its production unit and ancillaries spread in National capital region of India, and on the marketing front has sales network in all major cities of India, and international warehouses at Bahrain, UAE, Nigeria and Nepal.

We are always eager to take new challenges and explore opportunities to develop and add value to life of our customers, we can assure you a systematic approach, professional attitude and world class product and applications focused on your need and benefit, are all packaged in one name “Mitzvah”

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