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5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits

According to AMCA International study on ‘Investigation of the Impact of Building Entrance Air Curtain on Whole Building Energy Use’, In comparison to the vestibules, Air curtains save 10% more energy in environmental separation performance, Cuts up to 75% of the cost in labor and materials. This research has proved that air curtain helps one … Continue reading 5 Secret of Air Curtain Benefits

9 things every consultant should know about air curtains

Speed is not the only way to measure Air Curtains: The output of the air curtain device is measured in terms of the velocity of air. The input power is varied and efforts are made to optimize the performance of the air curtain device. Static Pressure plays a significant role in the selection of the … Continue reading 9 things every consultant should know about air curtains


Air curtain is a versatile product that is useful in a variety of domains. It is a multi-utility machine that can be used as a solution for a variety of problems that we face daily. Air curtains offer many advantages because of which they are common in many industries and across various segments. Air curtains … Continue reading ADVANTAGES OF AIR CURTAINS

Air Curtain Mitzvah

What is an Air Curtain ? An air curtain is a fan-controlled gadget that makes an undetectable air hindrance over the entryway to isolate productively two unique conditions, without restricting the entrance of individuals or vehicles. The energy-saving air screen lessens warming and cooling costs by up to 80% while securing the interior environment and … Continue reading Air Curtain Mitzvah

Air Door – A Great Energy Saver

Most commercial, industrial and residential establishments these days use an air door for a major reason – cutting their monthly electric consumption. Remarkably this piece of equipment has proven such relief in the payment of electricity bills to those who have been using it. If you do not quite understand how the saving of energy happens, … Continue reading Air Door – A Great Energy Saver


Air Curtain can fi nd its place in variety of Applications based on the major problems it solves for these segments.


No doubt they are!
Various studies and research conducted show that Air Curtains are effective in creating a barrier to keep the inside air well conditioned.

Are you looking for PVC curtains manufacturers in India? Here’s the solution!

Are you looking for a PVC curtains manufacturer in India? Here’s the solution! PVC strip curtains are the most efficient way to increase productivity and comfort in any social, commercial, or industrial place. These PVC strip curtains help in preventing contamination by germs, insects, and dust. They also help in maintaining the room’s temperature. They’re … Continue reading Are you looking for PVC curtains manufacturers in India? Here’s the solution!


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