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7 Little Changes that will Affect Air Curtain Price


air curtain price

Air curtains or air doors are devices that help create an invisible blockage between the air outside your premises and the air inside your workplace without the need for bulky doors. Therefore, the mitzvah air curtains price is one of the devices that offer many benefits.

The main aim of this blog is to compare the measured effectiveness of an air curtain device and its price. Mitzvah describes some little changes that will affect air curtain price, Mitzvah brings some changes in Air curtains, which will definitely affect air curtains price and services.

There are some changes that will affect air curtain prices-

1) Thickness of Sheet and Extrusion

A decrease in the Thickness cannot be visually seen but will lead to increased vibrations in the machine over time.

2) 7 Tank Powder Coating Process

Not to do 7 Tank Powder Coating instead do a chemical wash, this shortcut will not be able to give a 500 Hours of Salt spray test.

There is a 7step procedure for the powder coating process-
Step 1: Degreasing the metal surface

The initial step of the powder coating tank process is to clean the metal surface of the air curtain of oil, grease, and debris. We often use both alkaline and acidic degreasers for the degreasing phase of the tank process. Alkaline degreasers consist of both alkalis and surfactants. It is often used in hot environments. On the other hand, an acidic degreaser is a solvent-based liquid. Their pH value is acidic. They are more expensive than alkaline degreasers and more effective at removing rust and grease in cold temperatures.

Step 2-Rinsing

The second tank in the tank process is cleaned with water after degreasing. The metal surface of an air curtain is washed with water to eliminate the degreasing effect. It restricts the use of chemicals in future procedures. Before moving on to the next stage, check that it has been well rinsed.

Step 3: Derusting of metal surfaces

After the surface of the metal has been cleaned with water, it is moved to the tank where it will be rust-free. The object is put into the third tank of the Powder Coating Tank Process, which is full of chemical solutions that remove rust. We use acidic chemicals to de-rust and pickle all surfaces to get rid of things like rust, scale, and oxide layers.

Step 4: Rinsing again

Rinse with water once again in the fourth tank of the powder coating process. The fourth tank of water wash eliminates the de-rusting chemicals and influences the metal surface. Because de-rusting chemicals are acidic in nature, this prevents them from further propagating in the process.

Step 5: Surface Activation

The subsequent step of the Powder Coating Tank Process is Surface Activation. This is entirely optional. Surface activation agents activate the metal during phosphate coating, resulting in a fine crystalline structure. As an outcome, corrosion resistance and adhesion properties will be upgraded.

Step 6: Phosphate of metal surfaces

In the Powder Coating Tank Process, the Phosphate Phase is the most crucial step. In general, the tank process is known as the phosphorizing process. We produce zinc phosphate solution for metal phosphate. The Zinc Phosphate Solution makes the coating on the surface of sheet metal uniform and smooth. Phosphorating gives the best outcomes in the process.

Step 7: Passivation

Passivation produces a chrome coating on the Zinc Phosphate surface. It increases the metal’s resistance to corrosion. It seals the pores on the surface of the sheet metal to provide superior corrosion resistance to phosphate coating.

3) Aluminium shell of the Motor

Using Metal shells in Motors, which can reduce the cost but will not be able to dissipate heat faster is the reason all car engines are built in aluminum.

  • The metal casing of the motor is mostly composed of cast iron, steel plate, and aluminum. The market continuously acknowledges the aluminum shell motor pursuit of motor & aesthetic attractiveness.
  • Since aluminum has a lower density, the machine weighs less as a whole. Aluminum moves heat better than iron, which helps the engine get rid of heat. Aluminum has low strength, is easy to work with and make, and cuts down on the cost of processing.
  • The advantages of using aluminum as a motor casing are that it is light, good at getting rid of heat, has good thermal conductivity, is easy to die-cast, has good plasticity, can stretch more than iron, makes less noise, and keeps the movement stable.

4) Copper Winding

Instead of expensive Copper use cheaper copper wire or Aluminum wire which will drastically reduce the cost.

Since it is reasonably inexpensive and has low electrical resistance (it is a good conductor), copper is the cheapest material with high conductivity. There are cheaper metals (aluminum or iron) and metals with greater conductivity (silver), but copper is in the “sweet spot” it is the cheapest high-conductivity material, since excessive resistance may cause the motor to overheat and even catch fire. Copper wire is the ideal material for motor windings. Gold and silver, two other great conductors, would be prohibitively expensive. Aluminum is likely the only alternate material available. Tiny conductor sizes are more difficult to wind and terminate, and less trustworthy. It fractures rapidly at small conductor sizes, especially when exposed to vibration.

From the above findings, it is evidently clear that copper is the best suitable metal to be used in motor winding. It is widely used in all types of motors and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to its alternatives.

5) 2 Rs. Rubber Seal Bearings

Either using bushes or zz bearings from Chinese manufacturers will reduce the cost.

There is a sealed version of many metallic rolling bearings. The metallic form of ball bearings usually requires seals to prevent dirt from entering the ball’s running surfaces. They may combine with the lubricant and render the bearing inoperable.

On the market, there are two types of ball bearings: open bearings and closed bearings. The 2 Rs. ball bearing is an everlasting, sealed bearing.

Consequently, the price of air curtains with a closed 2Rs. ball bearing will be somewhat more than that of a regular one. The question to consider, however, is whether you would forfeit the quality of the whole air curtain for such a cheap price, given that the motor uses ball bearings.

6) Virgin Plastic & Dynamic Balancing Blowers

You will find blowers in different colors which are added to camouflage mixing, and not doing the dynamic balancing which will induce vibrations and change the center of gravity and axis of motion and hence increase noise levels from bearings.

7) Precision in Machines

If the alignments and precision are not taken care of in fabrication and assembling and are not done with the right tools, it will ultimately give a lower cost but a short life.

Precision machining is the process of removing excess raw material from a workpiece while preserving the finish within close tolerances. Simply said, it entails reducing large quantities of material to smaller, more exact pieces that may meet highly stringent criteria. Cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining are all components of this process, which is often performed with the use of computer numerical control (CNC) machinery.

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