About Us

If a gust of wind greets you at the door when you entered a restaurant or a super mart, chances are that you walked through one of our products. Yes, we are talking about those seemingly invisible air barriers that prevent warm air and insects to enter so that you enjoy comfortable spaces.

We are Mitzvah, one of the leading manufacturers of air curtains/air doors for almost 2 decades. We are not the ones who make noise (literally, our curtains work quietly) but we let our solutions speak for ourselves. Mitzvah air curtains are efficient and they evenly distribute laminar airflow entryways. Our air curtains save energy, reduce Co2 emissions, and prevent insects, windborne dust, dirt and fumes. They ensure that the building remains conditioned while also ensuring that spaces near the doors remain usable.

Sailing through the Wind:

The Foundations of Mitzvah were laid in 2001 when an engineer, Mitul decided to leave an impact on the world in his own way. Since then over 17 years, Mitzvah paved its way along 11 countries to serve clients from different industries.

With ISO 9001:2015 Certification and CE certification, You can trust that our products are a match to the best in the industry, today. We also have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team acting as a reliable support mechanism for the customer.

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