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Air Curtains Manufacturers- What is the Mechanism behind Air Curtain?

air curtains manufacturers

Mitzvah air curtains manufacturers in those ways where air enters the Air Curtain (Air Door) through the fan housing before being accelerated by the fan. This fast-moving air gets into the plenum which ensures that the air is evenly distributed along the entire length of the discharge nozzle.

The airfoil design of the blower with vortex-shaped housing in combination with the nozzle ensures the uniformity of the air stream and minimum turbulence. The air which is discharged via the nozzle goes to the door as a jet stream and about 80% of the air volume gets to the side where the air curtain is installed or the suction side while 20% flows towards the opposite direction.

Or, in simpler words, we can say that the air curtains divide the internal and external environment.

It follows a complicated mechanism where the air enters the machine through an inlet grille attached inside the air curtain and is then compressed by a few internal centrifugal fans and forced out through an air outlet, which is directed towards the open doorway.

Heated air curtains have a coil electric, hot/chilled water, steam, indirect or direct gas, direct expansion, etc. to heat or cool the jet. Heating is used to save people from feeling a cold jet of air while crossing the doorway and also, to heat the volume of air coming in at the entrance.

These types of air curtains are generally used in cold climates and are placed inside.

Most Common Problems Experienced by People who are not Using Air Curtains

In cold rooms, warehouses, industrial, commercial buildings, and other such places, continuous movement is inevitable which means repeatedly opening and closing doors and sending an open invitation to a variety of issues and problems.

People who do not invest in air curtains face common problems that might affect their daily operations;

  1. Ingress of flies and mosquitoes
  2. Heavy Electricity Bills
  3. Air Conditioners not performing as desired
  4. High Dust in the showroom
  5. Smell or smoke problem
  6. Continuous breakdown of Machines due to Dust & heating
  7. Heavy loss of fuel in case of conveyor hot ovens
  8. Worried about the opening and closing of Door
  9. Concerned about product Quality and hygiene
  10. Irritated customers because of flies and mosquitoes.

Mitzvah provides world-class air curtains manufacturers & suppliers in India. Mitzvah is the leading name in air curtains manufacturer and Supplier Company.  An air curtain controls the flood of air by keeping cold air out in winter and adapting air in during summer. With its strong engine or blower, it assists with halting the penetration of poisons and flying bugs. This is particularly significant in stores that have food or other consumables. It is appropriate for huge display areas, grocery stores; gem specialist display areas, shopping centers, and so on. It isolates various conditions while permitting a smooth, continuous progression of individuals, vehicles, and unhindered vision through the opening.

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