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Air Curtains – What is Worth Knowing for Installing Air Curtains?

Every one of us who has visited the mall has walked through the air curtains at least once. These devices are a must-have for any store, retail chain, or service establishment. With an air curtain, you can reduce airflow and, depending on the season, reduce heat or cooling losses from opening exterior doors.

How air curtains work and what solutions are on the market – here are some practical tips-

Due to the difference in air temperature between the two sides of the entrance door, when the door is opened, the heated or cooled air irreversibly escapes to the outside – this results in a large loss of energy that must be compensated by heating or cooling the room. Using a vestibule can solve this problem, but due to the small size of the rooms, this is not always possible – due to the limited space available for such venues. Air curtains are an alternative to corridors in accordance with good practice and applicable law. They generate strong airflows directed to doorways in parallel and tangential planes, preventing drafts and heat loss in winter, and warm air infiltration into cooled and air-conditioned rooms in summer.

Operating Principle of Air Curtains

Most of the air curtain on the market are compact devices that are installed directly above the outer door. Mitzvah Manufacturers offer compact air curtain in several versions, such as B. economical, standard, or elegant design. The air curtain consists of a supply air grille, an exhaust air grille, and a fan. An add-on to this device is an electric heater or water heater. The air curtain creates a strong airflow from the slotted outlet grille. The airflow flows diagonally across the slats and is drawn and heated by fans, usually located in the air curtain housing. This creates a strong planar airflow that creates an air barrier that prevents outside air from flowing in through the open door. Heated air curtains are used in small shops and commercial establishments because they do not require heating in the form of radiators that take up valuable space.

Air Curtains – What Does the Market Offer?

There are a variety of curtain solutions on the market that suit architectural needs. Air curtain can be classified according to the temperature of the supply air – warm air and cold air. Use warm curtains for passages and doorways that people use. In off-the-beaten-track places, such as B. driveway gates, we use cool curtains. Structurally, we distinguish between single-flow or double-flow curtains. For industrial applications, use curtains with horizontal air jets for car doors in industrial plants.

House air curtains are usually made of galvanized steel and powder coated. Air curtains are available in different lengths; standard lengths are 1500, 2000, and 2500 mm. The air curtain has a range of 2.5-4.2 m – depending on the model selected and the situation. The best choice of air curtains should create a dynamic airflow in the light throughout the entrance opening, which will effectively block cold or hot air from entering the interior of the building. In this case, the use of an air curtain system can reduce heat loss by up to 80%. Buy Air Curtains from Mitzvah for a better experience.

Air Curtains for Cafés and Restaurants

Most people feel uncomfortable sitting near the front door of a cafe or restaurant in winter. Customers experience gusts of cold air every time someone enters or leaves the facility. Properly installed heated rite of a passage air curtain can help solve this problem and greatly improve guest comfort.

The use of commercial air curtains in bloodless shops moreover eliminates the phenomenon of door freezing and eliminates the formation of mist – when humid air is combined with inside air. The set up of air curtain is really worth thinking about anywhere the door is open completely or very often. Air curtains are additionally used in eating places to separate smoking and non-smoking areas. Such units can additionally considerably limit heating or air conditioning costs, relying on the season, and supply remedies to humans residing in the building.

Mitzvah Air curtains manufacturers and suppliers at a very reasonable price and best quality air curtain which reduce your 50 % electricity bills and make your atmosphere dust free.

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