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Buy Air Curtains to Save your money on Energy Bills at an Affordable Price

Air Curtains

No matter what building you have, whether it’s an office, school, restaurant, or retail store, it can be difficult to prevent heat loss when there is a lot of traffic. For any building with more doors open than closed, energy-efficient air curtains have the potential to significantly reduce energy costs, buy air curtains from Mitzvah to save your Money on Energy Bills at an affordable price.

Opening or opening doors allow heat (and energy) to escape from the building. Warm air rises and flows out of the open door, followed by cooler air, replacing it at the lower level. Of course, this happens in any room or building, but doors that open and close frequently or stay open all the time can speed up the process. As more and warmer air escapes, your heating system has to work harder to replace it, increasing your energy bills.


Are you looking for a clean, comfortable and hygienic environment for your workplace? Whether you work in food processing, mining, construction, hospitality, warehousing, or healthcare, air curtains protect your environment by creating an invisible barrier between two temperature-controlled areas. In this blog post, we’ll clear up the confusion and explain how air curtains work, why you use them, their benefits, and how a bar mitzvah can help you.

  • What are the advantages of air curtains?

Key benefits of installing commercial air curtains include energy savings, improved health and safety, insect control, and increased comfort.

  • Air curtains save your energy bills

Air curtains can save you money by helping to keep the temperature even between areas and prevent hot or cold air from “leaching”.


Air curtains can be used to prevent hot air from escaping during the cooler months. This makes it a popular choice in the hospitality industry, as customers can sit comfortably near the entrance without being bothered by cold, wind, or outside odors such as cigarette smoke. Air curtains can also make the workplace more comfortable for employees and customers. Thanks to reduced air exchange between the inside and the outside, the building maintains an even temperature even as employees and customers come and go.

  • Air curtain door against insects

Business owners can keep their doors open to ensure continuous traffic flow without worrying about flying insects entering a controlled and sanitized environment. Nobody likes to find a fly in their soup!


As mentioned earlier, air curtains provide excellent insect control and reduce other containment measures that could endanger your customers or employees. It also provides improved air quality and ventilation from outside air that may contain dust, exhaust, odors, pollution, or fumes.

Energy-efficient air curtains create airflow that circulates through doorways, creating a “barrier” between the air inside the building and the air outside. These air curtains often have heating elements that increase the air temperature to reduce uncomfortable cold drafts when people pass through open doors.

Air Curtains ensure that the energy used to heat a building is not wasted. This results in a reduction in energy usage, carbon footprint, and building operating costs. According to recent studies conducted in Finland, air curtains can reduce air leakage through doorways by up to 86%.

However, air curtains can only deliver on their energy-saving promises if they are properly designed, manufactured, and installed by experts in the field. As with most technologies aimed at reducing waste and increasing efficiency, air curtains must be sized and selected for the application or they will not achieve the desired thermal and energy savings. Therefore, to ensure that your investment is worthwhile, you should definitely use the services of a trusted provider. Buy Air Curtains from Mitzvah at a reasonable price which reduces your electricity bills.

Mitzvah is an innovator in air curtain technology and ventilation solutions. We air curtains manufacturers, design, build and install our technology in India. For more information on Mitzvah and know the range of energy-efficient air curtain solutions, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.



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