Industrial spaces are voluminous and brimming with innate changes.

High roofs or ceilings, expansive passages and rehashed openings make it hard to control costly climatized air, create predictable solace for labourers, and welcome undesirable dirt, residue/dust and flying pests – conditions that unfavourably affect merchandise and profitability. Clean and agreeable comfort conditions are an absolute necessity for everyone. Mitzvah gives entire facility answers for each opening to:

  1.    Give an imperceptible shield that takes out the requirement for grimy, microorganisms loaded, deceivability diminishing plastic strips
  2.    Build up tough, steady clean shield insurance
  3.    Diminish energy spend by keeping up indoor atmosphere conditions
  4.    Shield products from damage coming about because of residue, temperature changes and flying pest
  5.    Isolate spaces that need contrasting conditions, including cold box temperature settling to diminish HVACR loads

The main supplier for the most complex manufacturing/distribution, trust Mitzvah and our extended frill line for the most thorough help and support.

How Transportation and Vehicle Terminals Benefit from Air Curtains

Atmosphere Control = Productivity-Enhancing

Quit Flying Pests = Protect Goods and Equipment

Spare $$ and Reduce Energy Spend

Clear Access and Visibility + No Plastic Strips

Quits Pooling Water and Condensation

Heated Units = Comfort

Insect Killer

Metal Fly Catcher

4,200.00 + GST

Parts & Service


1,499.001,999.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Housing

900.002,675.00 + GST

Parts & Service

Air Curtains – Motors

3,600.006,900.00 + GST

Magnetic Proximity Switch

Magnetic Proximity Switch

2,499.002,999.00 + GST