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Air Curtains for Equipment Industries for Better Insect & Thermo Control


Air curtains – sometimes called air doors – are widely used in industrial and retail settings. The air curtains are used in equipment industries for insect and thermo control. These machines provide continuous airflow at the door. In fact, airflow prevents untreated outside air as well as insects, dust, and fumes from entering the protected space. Air curtains have many applications in all walks of life.

Available in both belt-driven and direct-drive models, industrial air curtains are used in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and even the semiconductor industry to keep temperatures stable and keep insects out when doors are open. Prevention of thermal cycling and exclusion of insects can improve energy efficiency and sanitation control in such facilities.

Want to add more warmth to your application? Industrial air curtains can be heated, including direct gas and indirect gas heaters.

Industrial air curtains offer many more benefits besides providing an easily accessible permeable barrier (research). By installing air curtains, you can create an environment that reduces toxins, bacteria, and pollutants and helps reduce odors.

They also offer unique benefits to businesses using airlocks for different sectors. By installing a unit, companies can maintain positive pressure in clean rooms and reduce condensation in large storage areas.

Some unique applications and how industrial air curtains can benefit:

Outdoor and Outdoor Air Curtains

Mitzvah Air Curtains Outdoor air curtains are ideal for areas that allow people to sit inside but have doors and windows open. However, without an external air curtain, there are problems with nearby traffic emissions, general pollution, and insects.

With an outside air curtain, you can seal off the area when doors and windows are open. Outdoor air curtains help seal the air and keep harmful pollutants out.

Opening the door helps with ventilation. The industrial damper has a beautiful invisible divider that separates the two areas. While remaining welcoming to customers and allowing employees to roam freely, increasing productivity.

Cold Storage and Walk-In Freezers

The industrial air curtain specially designed for cold storage can control the large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. Improper calibration can cause frosting and excess moisture.

Each application is unique, so a trained professional should be able to assess your needs. You’ll want to check factors such as what’s being stored, the temperature on both sides of the door, and even how often the door is opened.

Industrial air curtain size

Industrial applications not only use different standard technology variants of dampers, but the most obvious one is size.

Typical sizes for industrial air curtains:







210” Inches

Industrial air curtain units are available in widths up to 10 feet and are configured to be effectively strung together. Installation of such industrial dampers may require additional support structures.

Features of industrial air curtains

High-performance industrial air curtains offer many important advantages over standard commercial air curtains. They keep employees comfortable while keeping bugs, dust, dirt, and unconditioned air out. When installed correctly, industrial air curtains can block wind speeds of up to 40 km/h.

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