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Change Your Air Cutter

Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)

 +91 92110 92110

India’s Air Cutter Leading BrandChange your Air Cutter

81% Flies

23% AC Duty Cycle

31% Life

87% Dust

19% Comfort

mitzvah Guards you Every Time from Flies, Mosquitoes, Dust

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Air Cutter Price Online

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Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)

Are you tired up fromDust,Mosquito & Flies?

If Dust / Mosquitoes and flies troubling you? OR are you losing the costly air conditioned air & still thinking to save this.

Do you want to increase your business and profitability.

We guarantee we have, all in one solution to all your problems and a product that can earn money for you – Mitzvah Air Cutters.

9 benefits of air cutter

We can tell you 9 various ways to make you believe how mitzvah air cutter can benefit you.

Improves your product quality

Keeping flies away improves the overall hygiene and work environment which results in improved product quality too. Also, reduction in pollution reduces the wear and tear of parts and other useful machinery.

Saves Manpower

Air cutter prevents any dust entry within the premises which results in less maintenance and cleaning requirement and therefore, less manpower requirement for the purpose.

Drop in Factory accidents

Glass door or normal doors presents an obstruction and therefore, are a constant potential threat for your employees as well as customers. Air cutter provide a barrier between two areas without any obstruction and prevent such mishappenings as your facility.

OPEN Door Policy

Many people think that closed doors discourage customers. Air cutters  offer an excellent way to keep your doors open and still provide a blockade for dust, flies and bad odors. Air cutters  also save the manpower cost needed to frequently open & close the door.

Saves Power

Air cutters act as a barrier for the air conditioned or heated air to escape. This significantly reduces the energy loss through doorways and improves the effectiveness of your temperature control units.

Lowers Maintenance Cost

With lower Dust level and saving the conditioned air, it drops down the duty cycle of the compressor and hence, decreases the wear and tear of the objects, thus resulting in lower maintenance cost.

Increases Business Efficiency

It enhances comfort level of the premises, thus longer stay for the external customers and better working environment for internal customers and hence increased efficiency.

Odour Control

Air cutter, prevents different odours to scatter and hence leaves other things unaffected., like garbage area in the hotels.

Cash Cow

Air cutters  can be termed as cash cows for a business as they give a steady return on profits that exceeds the money invested in acquiring it, in general air cutters have an ROI of less than 3 months.

So what are you waiting for, call us on +91- 92110 92110 & get your MITZVAH air cutter today !!

4 Easy steps for installation

Trusted by the world’s best

Enhances performance in many ways such as

Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)Mitzvah Air Curtain (Air Door)[gs_testimonial transition=”scrollVert” theme=”gs_style5″]

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