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Know These Aspects Before Choosing Your Suitable PVC Strip Curtains!

PVC strip curtains are an excellent addition to warehouses or work environments. Not only can they divide workspaces into separate areas, but they also act as a barrier against dust, pests, noise, heat, and the cold.
However, there are a few points that must be considered before buying your PVC strip curtains.

  • Material Used in PVC Strip

The most vital aspect to consider to buying PVC strip curtains is material as it comes in different materials and grades to suit particular needs. Freezer rooms need polar-grade strips because ordinary PVC strips would freeze and possibly break. Polar-grade strips are designed to withstand very low temperatures. Areas with lots of people might need curtains made of antistatic materials, to prevent fires caused by friction with clothes.
Food storage areas may need food-grade PVC. This type of PVC comes with additional compliance to all key EU regulations relating to food contact.

  • Size of PVC Strips

So, before you go to buy PVC curtains, you should think about the width of the strips that are needed for your place. As for a place with high winds or exposure to the elements, you’ll need thick, heavy strips that won’t blow around.
For a place with a lot of footfall, however, you’ll want thinner, lighter curtains that are easier for people to move. You won’t want thick, heavy curtains slowing people down. You’ll also need to know how long you want the strips to be. Ideally, the strips should just about touch the floor. Any longer and people could trip over them, but any shorter and they won’t block out dust or pests.

  • Transparency of PVC Strips

Another point to notice is whether your PVC curtains should be transparent or to what extent they should be transparent. As transparent curtains are easy to see through. This can be good if you have people driving heavy machinery around. If someone is driving a forklift truck towards one side of the curtain, and someone else is driving a lorry towards the other side, then the drivers will see each other through the curtains and will avoid a collision.
Opaque curtains, on the other hand, are good for privacy. If you need privacy between different work areas, then opaque curtains are the way to go.

  • Colour Range of PVC Strips

When you are going to buy PVC curtains must focus on the color of your PVC curtains. PVC strip curtains come in a range of different colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, and grey. You might want your curtains to match the colors of your brand. Or you might want colors that are hi-visible for safety, like orange or yellow.
Concluding the article, as we’ve seen and discussed what are the important aspects to consider while purchasing PVC strip curtains so it is now easy for you to shop with complete awareness and knowledge. And know that they all are not one-size-fits but you can adapt them to suit your individual needs. By choosing the size, color, and material, you can get the exact PVC curtains that you need. 

Mitzvah PVC curtains manufacturer with the best quality and at an affordable price.

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