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PVC Strip Curtains

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Mitzvah Manufacturer of PVC Strip Curtain


Economical Than Other Solutions


Reduction InOperational Expenses


Increase In Productivity


Prevention From Pest And Birds Invasion


Enhanced Comfort LeadsTo Increase In Sales

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Want help in choosing Strip Curtains?

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What are Strip Curtains?

Strip doors also known as strip curtains or PVC Strip Curtains. They are clear, flexible doors and barriers to the exchange of Air and Dust between two different areas. They safeguard a place and even maintain the visibility. They are various variants available based on the application like Normal, Freezer, Insect Control, Welding, anti static and many more..

How do they Work?

PVC Strip Curtains constitute of 2 parts, PVC Sheet and the “Hook On” Hardware System. The PVC is clamped between 2 metal brackets, which come in 2 grades either Powder Coated or in Stainless Steel 304. The small clamped PVC assembly are so placed on the wall mounted bracket, that it gives a 50% Overlap.

Where do we use PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC strip doors (also known as PVC strip curtains) are a simple way to separate environments within your workplace while still maximizing productivity. From warehouses and loading docks to supermarkets and cold storage facilities, strip Curtains enhance workflow; helps control energy cost and contour operations.

PVC Strip Curtains Benefits

Strips of PVC individually hung from stainless Steel, Powder Coated steel, Brackets for internal or external use

  • 1Tailor made to fit door opening.
  • 2Suitable for pedestrian and motorised traffic.
  • 3Visibility and access in both directions.
  • 4Maintains Temperature.
  • 5Inhibits entry of birds and pigeon from the Shutter Doors.
  • 6Instant energy savings.
  • 7Safe, effective and versatile.
  • 8Easy to maintain.
  • 9DIY Assembly and Installation.

Industrial PVC Strip Curtain Suppliers

Trusted by the world’s best

Enhances performance in many ways such as

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About Mitzvah

Mitzvah has made a picture of an exceptionally engaged framework-driven designing organization conveying high-performing energy-saving items. A committed group of more than 180+ specialized individuals has helped in excess of 9000 clients spread across the globe in 11 nations, in accomplishing the ideal outcomes.

We have been serving customers with applications from as little a takeaway windows to as high as 9-meter high truck entryways, from shoot coolers at - 40˚C to camelback conveyorized hot stoves at 300˚C, from bistros, eateries, dinners to Airports passages, from transports to holder and correspondence fortifications utilized by Army.

Mitzvah covers this on the assembling front from its creation unit and ancillaries spread in the National capital locale of India, and on the advertising from has a business network in all significant urban communities of India, and global distribution centers at Bahrain, UAE, Nigeria, and Nepal.

We are consistently anxious to take new difficulties and investigate freedoms to create and increase the value of the existence of our clients, we can guarantee you an orderly methodology, proficient disposition, and a-list item and applications focussed on your need and advantage, are totally bundled in one name "Mitzvah".

Why Mitzvah

1. Global Presence: We have a strong network of 800+ resellers and agents are spread over 11 countries with more than 153000 installations.

2. Indigenous Manufacturing: Each component of our product is engineered to the highest precision and meticulously designed.

3. Excellent Service: We have a strong service network and various warranties available on every product.

4. R&D: Our engineers are constantly innovating products to positively impact the industry and work towards saving the environment and energy.

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