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How PVC Curtains Price Can affect Your Total Expenses- Mitzvah

PVC Curtains Price

While you plan to renovate the place be it the office or your home cost and contrary to it is the material used are the factors that play an important role to save money and reducing utility bills & upkeep costs. PVC curtains price have been increased by many of its manufacturers but at Mitzvah you will get the best pricing along with the quality. The cost-cutting and quality from us have helped many small, medium & big businesses to curb expenditure through the installation of PVC Strip Curtains.

PVC Strip curtains are very common nowadays and used in many workplaces, commercial and social places. They are sometimes also called by various names such as Industrial curtains, Plastic Curtains, and Covid Protection Screens. These are made of Polyvinyl Chloride materials which are beneficial in various ways. Then the overlapping strips are hung together in a uniform pattern to form a proper curtain. Moreover, these particular curtains are used in warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, storerooms, offices, factories, food processing units, hotels, hospitals, cafes, etc. Now let’s take you all on how PVC Strip Curtains can actually help you reduce costs.

In multiple workstations, the temperature needs to be maintained and it shouldn’t be drastically varied from one area to another in those places the cost of heating and cooling could be huge without some form of insulation. The insulating properties of PVC curtains allow you to virtually separate and differentiate the areas within a workspace. It’s

Core usage is to maintain the different desired temperatures across work sections. They are majorly used in manufacturing and production units where temperature plays a huge role. By installing these PVC curtains, you can very much reduce the energy costs around the workplace because it avoids installing specific temperature coolers or heaters in sections.

Specify the areas which are hugely impacted by these curtains are warehouses, storehouses, and food processing units. If we take a particular example for its brilliance, then in a food processing unit, there are different sorts of food items and raw material which requires different temperatures. In such a situation, separating two areas using strip curtains helps the best as they reduce PVC curtains price.

Another important aspect is the hygiene that is ensured by these curtains many hotels, restaurants, food courts, cafes, pubs, bakeries, and eateries are spending a huge amount of money on hygienic activities like housekeeping and yet the results are never that satisfactory and not such successful. It is plus aspect is that installing PVC curtains in these places drastically minimizes the entry of rodents, insects, pests, and other creatures surrounding food & stay. This can reduce unnecessary costs and at the same time, they help in maintaining the hygiene structure around the area. To elaborate with another example, installing these curtains in the kitchen area are always more encouraging as this practice keeps the kitchen cleaner. Moreover, it also ensures that smoke, heat, and noise do not interrupt. Applying it in the dining area will highly improve the dining experience and the cooking smell doesn’t enter the dining area. Also, blocking heat will mean that the dining area will consume less energy on cooling.

PVC Curtains Factory; Making a Difference

PVC strip curtains are always a better option taken up by industries in place of having a door. It has various pros as such it provides ease of movement within the premises and this is one of the potential reasons to put up curtains. Nowadays, many upcoming manufacturers and industries out there are now opting for PVC curtains partition rather than the old curtains. In fact, in a PVC curtains factory, new innovative strategies are allocated to improve its performance.

There is a huge current marketplace for these curtains that have a wide range of PVC strip curtains options suitable differently as it is you, the buyer who can accordingly decide for yourself which one is suitable with the place. Moreover, it is suggested that one should consider certain features and specifications of the strip curtains and their usage before buying them.

There is a number of PVC curtain factory that is available at a low price. However, there are some curtains that comprise Phthalates a component that is harmful to humans and mammals. Mostly, PVC strip curtains are made of Polyvinyl Chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer that is rigid in nature and transparent. Phthalates basically are plasticizers known as additives that are then onwards added to the vinyl plastic mixture to enhance its overall characteristics.

These contents make it more flexible, transparent, durable, and long-lasting. To grant some more information over phthalates, it is a family of chemicals that is held to be a harmful element to human health. There are multiple harmful outcomes when humans are exposed to Phthalates, it may result in hormone disruption affecting the fertility of both males and females. Not only has this but it also acted as a carcinogen causing different types of cancer in the human body.

If someone is very keen and concerned about health issues then they should definitely go with Mitzvah’s Non-Phthalate PVC Strip Curtains for industries and other personal usages.

These curtains are safer for the consumers, employees, and workers as well as the environment giving their best results. Usage of Non-Phthalate plasticizers results in strip curtains with tremendous usage benefits.

To list benefits that PVC Curtain Factory aims to provide in curtains are;

  1. Side effects free: Employees working in areas frequently move in and out of these strip curtains, thus they come in contact with these curtains every time. Considering their health, Phthalates based PVC strip curtains are that’s why not advisable. But our curtains are manufactured with harmless or side-effect-free components.
  2. Flexible and Transparent: The Non-Phthalate PVC strip curtains are crystal clear and transparent which allows the inflow and outflow of things here and there. These strip curtains are Phthalate free offering a more flexible and quality perfect when compared to others.
  3. Economical Pricing: The PVC strip curtains are one of the aspects that have the potential to lower the cost for various industries. It eliminates the implementation of doors and wherein curtains serve the purpose of preventing contamination and temperature control.
  4. Restricts movement of Pollutants: There are many harmful and unwanted forms of pollutants present in the air and some are not even visible to our naked eyes. Importantly, in industries where health and safety are a prime priority, these curtains don’t allow dust, smoke, and fumes to enter the premises.
  1. Noise Reduction: Some heavy-duty industries or manufacturing units or even PVC curtain factories themselves tend to have noise involving workstations. A PVC Strip curtain does not allow the noise to enter from a place prone to high decibels as it absorbs noise. This helps the employees to focus on work properly who is sitting on the other side of the curtain.
  1. Energy Conservation: PVC strip curtains are well known as temperature controllers as always, they prevent energy and retain the current temperature of the area.

This is the kind of barrier that many industries are waiting in their workplace when it comes to maintaining a constant temperature-controlled environment.

  1. Standard Quality: These PVC strips are non-toxic because phthalates are not used in Mitzvah curtains, so they can be touched without fear of getting harmed later. These strips are hung on the ceiling throughout the years and it comes in direct contact with employees all day. Thus, they are being pushed and pulled all day but due to the best quality, they are so strong and durable that they do not crack easily for years. When they are exposed to harsh conditions these strips do not form bubbles which usually come up but these strips adhering to the quality make a huge difference.
  2. Providing Pest control: These strip curtains serve as a great pest controller aspect especially when it comes to food industries and other perishable manufacturing units.

These pests like birds and insects fly around looking who Rome in search of food and try to encroach on such places. Then that’s when strip curtains help in preventing them from entering and contaminating the food.

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