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Twilight brought the curtain down, pin it with Stars: Stars like Mitzvah

Air Curtains

We are proud to say that we are a leading producer of air curtains and would like the opportunity to earn your business. We have a long history of success in this industry, and we’ve become the largest distributor of air curtains. You can get the best-automated air curtains supplier in India at your Mitzvah. A large selection of air curtain collections is readily available for shipment from our warehouse. Our clients know us for being on time and doing good work, and we work hard to keep that reputation.

Mitzvah has plenty of both zeal and determination, which enables it to be an effective but voracious provider of commodity solutions. The key focus areas of its competence are in the fields of international design, commodity trading, and knowledge.

Quality Assurance by Mitzvah

As a direct consequence of the firm’s dedication to producing flawless products, stringent quality checks are performed on every piece of clean air equipment, regardless of whether it was manufactured by the company or obtained from another source. Testing happens at a number of stages, beginning with the stage of initial purchase and continuing all the way to the stage of final delivery of the finished product. Our supervisors in charge of quality control keep a close eye on the tests while they’re being conducted.

Mitzvah’s Motto

The reduction of carbon footprints, regulation of environmental toxins, and prevention of energy waste will result in the creation of workplaces that are clean and pleasant for employees. Our company has a knack for manufacturing the most efficient air curtains for every application imaginable.

Unites to search for the solution of dust insect and air contamination: PVC strip curtain is the solution by Mitzvah

PVC Strip Curtains 

PVC Strip Curtains are the optimal remedy for the following issues:

Do you need a way to maintain the room’s temperature?

Are you weary of insects, pests, air pollutants, or bacteria entering your residence?

Dust, noise, heat, and/or humidity are invading your property.

Do you want to make the shops dust-free?

Do you desire to preserve kitchen cleanliness?

Tired of having to open doors whenever a vehicle or someone passes?

Do you need a dedicated welding and melting space?

With the use of the PVC Strip Curtain, Mitzvah will be able to remove all of the aforementioned. With the assistance of the PVC Strip Curtain, Mitzvah will quickly solve each and every one of the issues that have been outlined above.

PVC strip curtains, often known as strip curtains or strip doors, are an efficient means of protecting a structure from carcinogens and infestations. Additionally, they are good at preventing heat or cold loss in climate-controlled spaces. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, PVC curtains are used as dividers that provide access from both ends. They are far less costly and simpler to install, primarily in busy commercial spaces.

The Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains


PVC is a robust material and is used to make PVC curtains, which are versatile, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. PVC curtains can withstand violent forces and scrapes, making them break-resistant.

Simple and easy installation

Typically, PVC curtains are hung using hooks. The team or contractor can do the task with ease. Seek expert assistance for air curtains with bolt-on hardware or fittings. The installation will not impede productivity since it is fast.

Transparent in nature

Employees can see what’s on the other side of strip curtains, lowering the likelihood of mishaps and collisions. In addition, because strip curtains allow in light, the staff may enjoy natural sunlight while working.

No need to remember to close them.

Strip curtains eliminate the need to remember to close the door behind you since the curtains close themselves. So, strip curtains stop the loss of heat or cold that happens when a normal door is left open.

Provide adequate insulation.

PVC curtains are often used in food production and general industrial enterprises. This is because they are excellent heat insulators. They might make the coolers and heaters use less energy, which would lower the cost of energy.

Noise dampener

Another benefit of strip curtains is their ability to reduce noise. This means that well-placed strip curtains in your warehouse or factory may divide noisy areas and promote employee health. You do not want other personnel in the area to be distracted by the noise.

PVC curtain types

  1. PVC Strip Curtain in Transparent Blue.

Ideal for apertures with a total width and height of roughly 120 square feet. These strip curtains are installed in high-traffic areas and at door heights of up to 13 feet. They are to be installed in air-exposed door openings. It helps keep rooms at the right temperature, makes sure employees are comfortable, and keeps dust, birds, and diseases from spreading.

Implementation Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Production Facilities
  • Dairy Industry Warehouses
  • Healthcare Establishments
  1. Ripped PVC Strip Curtain.

For increased robustness, ribbed PVC strip curtains include trapezoidal ribs along the length of the strip. There are two kinds of ribbed PVC strips: single ribbed and double ribbed. These ribbed PVC curtains are used on doors with heavy foot traffic. Ribbed PVC strips protect the strips from the high impact caused by moving trolleys and equipment, keeping the strips clean and unmarred. Also, they keep the strips from tearing and make PVC strip curtains last longer.

Areas of  Commercial Air Curtains Application

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Production Facilities
  • Packaging Industries
  • The Agricultural Tool Manufacturing industry
  1. PVC Strip Curtain with Insect-Repellent Coating

The Anti-insect strip curtain is designed to strip curtain doors and partitions in contact with insects. It repels insects and keeps them out of areas such as schools, hospitals, health centers, factories, industrial workshops, commercial businesses, and public buildings.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends anti-repellent for preventing mosquito-borne illnesses, including dengue fever and malaria.

Suitable for places like:

  • Agricultural Product Processing:
  • Zones for Food Processing
  • Dairy Industry
  • Restaurants, cafes, and hotels
  1. PVC Strip Curtain for Freezing Areas

Softer, more flexible, and more transparent PVC with a smooth surface that resists cracking and breaking at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. It complies with federal and international standards on interactions with livestock, avian, and dairy products. Strong and practical, the translucent Arctic grade plastic strip is created exclusively for cold businesses, refrigerated vehicles, and freezer rooms. It can tolerate temperatures between -40°C and +25°C.


  • Unloading/Loading Stations
  • Hotels
  • Meat processing plants in the seafood industry
  • Hatcheries
  • Farming of mushrooms
  • Floriculture
  • Horticulture

With over 100,000 satisfied customers, we are the industry leader when it comes to providing PVC Strip Curtains. Our product is effective in a wide variety of respects. Our PVC strip curtains have been shown to be the best at a variety of things, like preventing insects from entering the room and maintaining a consistent temperature. They are easy to set up and don’t cost much money. They also make the workplace more productive and comfortable.

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