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Mitzvah- PVC Strip Curtains Common Uses for Warehouse

PVC Strip Curtains

If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, warehouse, or factory, chances are you’ve seen PVC strip curtains in the wild. If you haven’t worked in any of these places, you’ve probably encountered them elsewhere, such as PVC strip curtains used in a variety of places. They are used for a variety of reasons and provide many benefits. If you’re not sure if they will benefit you in your business or workplace, check out this crash course on PVC strip curtains to learn more.

PVC strip curtains are often used to create a separation between two areas. Whether the two areas are different parts of a warehouse, refrigerated and room temperature areas (as in a food production facility), or indoor and outdoor areas, the advantage of PVC strip curtains is that they can make the door more efficient than having to open or close its convenience. PVC slats are often used in loading docks to keep air-conditioned air from escaping, which helps reduce operating costs and keep outdoor debris out. They are also used in warehouses or factories to separate different work areas. Their convenience means that machines such as forklifts or other vehicles can access another area of ​​the workplace without physically opening the garage door or gate.

Some regular places you’ll see strip curtains installed may include:

  • Food processing plants
  • Shipping plants
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery storage rooms
  • Auto body shops

PVC Curtains Wholesaler in Noida

As we all know Mitzvah is a leading manufacturer & supplier of PVC Curtains Wholesaler price. Mitzvah also has PVC Curtains Factory where best quality PVC Curtains manufacturer and suppliers at wholesale price.  Noida PVC strip curtains are an easy and affordable way to divide the environment in your workspace while maximizing productivity. From warehouses and loading docks to supermarkets and cold storage, strip doors improve workflow, reduce energy costs and simplify operations.

Mitzvah offers a wide range of PVC striped materials, from smooth to ribbed, clear to yellow, for insect control. The strips indoor kits are available in 8″, 12″, and 16″ widths. Each strip door kit sold at the Mitzvah online store comes complete with strips, hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions

WHAT IS PVC STRIP Curtains Noida Doors?

PVC Strip doors, also known as strip curtains, are flexible doors and barriers made with overlapping clear or tinted PVC plastic strips. Strip Doors are used for environmental separation. This can improve working environment conditions including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Weather
  • Debris & Contaminants
  • Sound

Benefits of PVC Curtains

  • Energy-saving strip curtain
  • Effective temperature control
  • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
  • Ideal for pest control
  • Pedestrian or vehicle use
  • Colored warning strips are also available
  • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for temperatures from -10c – +38c

In our standard PVC curtain collection, we have three sizes to choose from. Our 200mm PVC strip curtains are perfect for smaller pedestrian doors. Alternatively, our 300mm and 400mm strips are the ideal solution for doors exposed to heavy vehicle traffic and outside weather conditions. Our standard quality strip curtains are also available in different colors.

Before Choosing Suitable PVC Strip Curtains for your Warehouse, then know about the some points

You have to know all the aspects before choosing PVC Strip Curtains, which are commonly used in warehouses, factories, industries, etc.

You should know a few points that must be considered before buying your PVC strip curtains

  • Material Used in PVC Strip
  • Size of PVC Strips
  • Transparency of PVC Strips
  • Colour Range of PVC Strips

If you know the details about these points, then go through the link-

In addition to the great comfort offered by PVC strip doors, they also save energy. Whether you want to keep cool or warm air, curtains are great at keeping air-conditioned air from escaping. This can save your business a lot of money because you can lower or raise the temperature of your facility without losing air due to door leaks. Curtains are also ideal for dividing work areas but can lead to contamination. For example, in the body shop, curtains can isolate dust, oil fume, noise, and other factors, improve the working environment of employees in various departments, and make the workplace cleaner as a whole. They also aid in navigating the workplace. Time is wasted when the forklift has to stop at the door and wait to manually open the door, and while it may only take a few seconds here or there, the time can add up quickly. Contact Mitzvah today to learn more about PVC strip curtain.

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