Why Should You Use Mitzvah Air Curtains For Meat Processing Industry?

Air Curtains for Meat Processing

Mitzvah manufacturers and suppliers of stainless-steel air curtains can be used inside meat processing industries to prevent insects and flies entry and bad odor from exchanged between indoor and outdoor premises while maintaining the air conditioning for a prolonged duration necessary to save the meat from rotten.

In this blog we will get to know about stainless-steel air curtains, and how it is suitable for meat processing industries.

Stainless steel air curtains provide meat processing facilities, not just temperature control, but also ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel air curtains for the meat processing industry can improve hygiene, and most companies can benefit from using them; the meat processing industry faces unique challenges. Faced with a variety of regulations and requirements, these facilities are challenged daily to keep specific areas cool and insect-free to meet regulations set by various organizations including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standard. Compliance with regulations is critical to the success of any meat processing facility, and implementing a stainless steel air curtain is ideal for getting the job done!

Provides Insect Control

The other thing meat processing needs is a fly and insects removed from the food processing area. Flying insects are naturally attracted to food, and if a meat processing industry is exposed to intrusion, it is vulnerable to insect attack. Stainless steel air curtains are the ideal solution to keep pesky insects away from the meat on our plates. As with all air curtain systems, the constant airflow from the stainless steel air curtain keeps pests out of the processing equipment and away from the meat.

Provides temperature control

Any business owner with a brick-and-mortar store will face the same struggle when it comes to keeping the temperature outside and inside. One of the biggest advantages of an air curtain is its ability to keep internal temperatures cool and at the proper level to maintain quality and control within a meat processing industry. The engineered Air Force creates a seal that is strong enough to keep outside temperatures out, even if workers walk through the cooling zone from the inside out. Nothing spoils the quality of meat cuts like the hot summer sun, so strict temperature control in meat processing industry is important for quality control.

Helps Meet FDA and USDA Requirements

With their ability to deter pests, stainless steel air curtains can help meatpackers meet FDA and USDA requirements. According to fesmag.com, the FDA specifically recommends the use of air curtain systems at loading docks and delivery gates to repel bugs. More specifically, many states actually require air curtains to be installed in certain areas of food processing facilities.

Reduces the Risk of Sanitation Issues

People are now more and more concerned about how our food is grown, how our food is fed and how it is processed. Using stainless steel air curtains in your meat processing industry can significantly reduce the risk of sanitation issues as the product will help keep insects that transmit food-borne illnesses out.

Easy to keep clean

Nothing is more likely to be unsanitary than an unclean meat processing industry. The ability to keep processing areas clean and sanitized is important to comply with FDA and USDA regulations and to maintain a quality environment and quality products. The washable stainless steel air curtain offers business owners and workers a simplified cleaning process as the product easily removes bacteria without the risk of corrosion. Stainless steel air curtains are generally cleaned in the same way as other equipment in a meat processing factory.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

While the needs of the meat processing industry may differ from those of other companies, the addition of stainless steel air curtains offers benefits that are universal no matter what kind of business you are in, and reduced energy consumption and costs are the most important of all types. One of the advantages of the air curtain. By maintaining temperature control, stainless steel air curtains help meat processors and other businesses save on energy consumption and associated costs.

Are you prepared to enhance sanitation, air quality, and electricity financial savings in your meat processing industry or business? Consider the use of a stainless-steel air curtain and its benefits. Mitzvah Air Curtain Distributors is equipped to help you in identifying the fantastic air curtain for your unique enterprise and needs. Call at 92110-92110 or fill out our contact form https://www.mitzvah.in/contact/