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Air Curtain Benefits in 2023

Air curtains, also known as air doors, are devices widely used in commercial and industrial settings to create an invisible barrier of air that separates two different environments while allowing the easy flow of people and goods. They offer numerous benefits, ranging from energy savings and insect control to improved indoor comfort and noise reduction. In this article, we will explore the advantages of air curtains in detail and discuss their applications in various sectors.

Top Air Curtain Benefits in 2023

1. Introduction to Air Curtains

Air curtains have gained popularity as an effective solution for maintaining indoor climate control and reducing energy costs. They consist of a high-velocity stream of air that is blown across an opening, such as a doorway, creating a seal against outside elements while still allowing unobstructed access. This continuous stream of air acts as a barrier, preventing the exchange of conditioned indoor air with the outside environment.

2. How Air Curtains Work

Air curtains operate on the principle of entrainment, which involves the use of a powerful fan to create a high-velocity air stream. This air stream forms a shield between the inside and outside environments, effectively preventing the infiltration of outside air, dust, pollutants, and insects. The air curtain creates a laminar flow that separates the two spaces while allowing people and objects to pass through with ease.

3. Energy-Saving Benefits of Air Curtains

One of the significant advantages of air curtains is their ability to save energy by minimizing heat or cool air loss. When installed at entrances, they help maintain the indoor temperature by preventing drafts and controlling the exchange of air. By reducing the infiltration of outside air, air curtains contribute to lower energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and increased HVAC system efficiency.

4. Maintaining Indoor Comfort with Air Curtains

Air curtains play a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable indoor environment for building occupants. By creating an effective air barrier, they eliminate drafts near entrances, improving thermal comfort and preventing temperature imbalances. This helps to maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduces the need for frequent adjustments to the HVAC system, enhancing overall comfort for occupants.

5. Controlling Insects and Airborne Contaminants

Insect control is another significant benefit of air curtains. By generating a high-velocity air stream across doorways, air curtains create a physical barrier that prevents insects, flies, and other pests from entering the premises. This is particularly valuable in industries such as food service, healthcare, and manufacturing, where maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is critical.

6. Enhancing HVAC System Performance with Air Curtains

Air curtains work in synergy with HVAC systems, optimizing their performance and reducing the workload. By preventing the influx of outside air, air curtains help maintain the desired indoor temperature, humidity levels, and air quality, allowing HVAC systems to operate more efficiently. This leads to energy savings, extended equipment lifespan, and improved overall system performance.

7. Noise Reduction with Air Curtains

In addition to their thermal and insect control benefits, air curtains also contribute to noise reduction. The high-velocity air stream created by air curtains acts as a sound barrier, blocking external noise from entering the indoor space. This is particularly advantageous for buildings located in busy areas, near airports, or in proximity to noisy machinery, as it helps to create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

8. Design and Installation Considerations

When selecting and installing air curtains, several factors should be taken into account. These include the size and layout of the doorway, the building’s air pressure differentials, the desired air curtain performance, and the specific requirements of the application. Proper design and professional installation are crucial to ensure the optimal effectiveness and efficiency of air curtains at good price.

9. Applications of Air Curtains

Air curtains find applications in various industries and sectors. They are commonly used in retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airports, and other commercial and industrial spaces. Their versatility and effectiveness make them suitable for any location that requires environmental separation and energy efficiency.

10. Cost-Effectiveness and ROI of Air Curtains

Investing in Air curtains price can yield significant cost savings over time. By reducing energy consumption and improving HVAC system efficiency, businesses can experience a return on investment (ROI) relatively quickly. The actual cost-effectiveness depends on factors such as the size of the space, energy prices, and the specific benefits achieved by implementing air curtains.

11. Environmental Benefits of Air Curtains

In addition to their financial advantages, air curtains also offer environmental benefits. By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, air curtains contribute to a more sustainable future. They help businesses minimize their carbon footprint and align with environmental initiatives and regulations.

12. Choosing the Right Air Curtain for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate air curtain for a specific application requires careful consideration of various factors. These include the size and location of the doorway, the desired performance specifications, the environmental conditions, and any specific requirements or regulations applicable to the industry or sector. Consulting with air curtain experts can assist in choosing the right product for optimal results.

13. Case Studies and Success Stories

Numerous businesses and organizations have implemented air curtains and experienced positive outcomes. Case studies and success stories highlight the practical applications of air curtains in various industries and provide real-world examples of their benefits. These examples can serve as valuable references for businesses considering the installation of air curtains.

14. Common Misconceptions About Air Curtains

While air curtains offer numerous benefits, there are also some misconceptions associated with their use. Addressing these misconceptions helps to provide accurate information and clarify any misunderstandings. Common misconceptions include concerns about air curtain noise, their ability to replace traditional doors entirely, and their compatibility with different climates.

15. Conclusion

Air curtains are highly effective tools for maintaining indoor comfort, reducing energy costs, controlling insects, and enhancing environmental sustainability. Their ability to create an invisible barrier of air makes them versatile and valuable in various commercial and industrial applications. By selecting the right air curtain and implementing it correctly, businesses can enjoy the numerous benefits they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can air curtains replace traditional doors?

No, air curtains are not intended to replace traditional doors entirely. They complement doors by providing an additional layer of protection against outdoor elements while allowing easy access for people and objects.

Q2: Are air curtains suitable for residential use?

While air curtains are more commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, they can be adapted for residential use in specific cases, such as high-end homes or locations with unique environmental considerations.

Q3: Do air curtains require regular maintenance?

Yes, like any other mechanical device, air curtains require regular maintenance to ensure optimally

Air Curtains for Food Processing Industries

air curtains in food processing industries

In food processing facilities, air curtains for food processing industries do more than just maintain the temperature

While an air curtain may be useful for the majority of businesses, food processing facilities face a unique set of challenges. In order to comply with the standards imposed by several organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration, these facilities must routinely keep certain sections cool and insect-free. This is because they must adhere to a variety of rules and procedures. Compliance with rules is important for the success of any company that processes food, and installing an air curtain is a good way to do that.

Installation of an air curtain allows food processing facilities to keep their entrance door open during work hours without worrying about the building overheating. By leaving the doors of a grocery store or other business open, the business becomes more welcoming to consumers and safer in the event of a fire or other emergency. Heating and cooling costs, which would otherwise be too high for most businesses, are also reduced.

  • Air curtain: a controller of pests
  • Insect and pest infestations are the worst nightmares of every food processing plant. Insect infestations are common in food processing plants that aren’t protected because insects tend to gather in places like that.

    Smoke, odors, and bugs are all filtered away by air curtains. An air curtain lets businesses store perishable goods without worrying about cross-contamination. It improves the whole environment for shoppers, including their health and safety.


  • Helps in keeping the ambience clean

    A filthy food processing factory is the single greatest source of possible contamination in the food supply. The ability to maintain a clean and sanitary processing area is critical for maintaining a quality environment and product and remaining in compliance with applicable regulations. By being easily cleaned and not susceptible to corrosion, air curtains save time and effort during the cleaning process for both business owners and personnel. Infection and mould development are both likely to occur in a food processing facility.

    There will be no complaints or discomfort from those waiting in line to pay. Loading docks, stockrooms, and other facilities will be kept clean and hygienic if harmful substances are prevented from entering the building when an air curtain is used at every entrance of the food processing plant or food mart.

Important factor while mounting an air curtain in a food processing facility

When choosing an air curtain, one of the most essential considerations to make is whether or not it fully covers the entrance. This should be done even if there is some overlap on both sides of the curtain, as this will guarantee optimum performance and block all possible access points for insects.

Air curtains may be installed either inside or outdoors; however, it is recommended that they be used outside to section off areas that are prone to infestation by insects. In addition to fending off insects, these air curtains may also deter rodents, as food attracts all types of rodents that can compromise the hygiene of the food mart or food facility. This is because, as shown by a number of studies, the feeling that is produced by the air curtain’s air on the skin of rodents is repellent, and they avoid it.

Drying times will be cut down with the use of air curtains

Air curtains might be useful in cold storage food facilities for handling moist floors, ice, and condensation. Since the interior of the cold storage is much colder than the outside, ice and condensation have formed at the entrances. As a result, there might be a lot of leaking and other strange concerns, particularly in humid areas. A facility’s cold storage food market’s customers and employees are put in danger as a result of all of these factors. Air curtains are meant to reduce the effects of these hazards, making the workplace safer for employees.

Air curtains may also help speed up the drying process for leakage, wet floors, and mechanical tools. For the purpose of drying, a commercial dryer is required, which will require a substantial amount of space to adjust. As a result, they are not practical for enterprises of any size. The question is, “What’s the cure for this?” The only help we can receive is from the air curtain. It remains a one-stop solution for all the purposes needed at food processing facilities.

Reduce your energy bill with the help of air curtains

To maintain a comfortable temperature within the building while using as little energy as possible is a fundamental motivation for installing an air curtain in almost every business. This also includes factories that prepare food. By acting as a barrier at entrances and preventing the passage of conditioned air from within a mall or building to the outside, air curtains create a microclimate with a distinct temperature gradient. Air curtains are useful in both the winter when they keep the warm air from your heaters inside, and the summer, when they keep the cool air from your air conditioner inside.

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Why should you use Air Curtains in Dairy Farms?

Air Curtains for Dairy Farm

With the help of air curtains in dairy farms, two different environments can be separated without the need for a physical door. Once the door opens, the machine lets out a stream of air that doesn’t get in the way of any movement. They are not only a must-have for any type of building or industry, but they also cut your annual energy use by 80% and save you a tonne of money.

Air curtains have been used for decades to save energy on industrial building entrances and, more recently, on commercial building entrances like hospitals, hotels, and schools. Now, they are being used successfully on dairy farms to keep milking parlor equipment from freezing up. They also help stop the growth of housefly larvae and the spread of hay dust across the farm.

Air curtain helps to create a free-fly zone

Many farmers find the presence of house flies and stable flies to be an annoyance on their dairy farms. Not only can they cause trouble for farmers and livestock, but they also stress out cows, resulting in less milk being produced. In addition, research shows that flies spread many other types of animal illnesses, such as diarrhea, mastitis, Rift Valley fever, and bluetongue. Since this is the case, having houseflies or stable flies on a dairy farm is not only annoying but also potentially harmful.

Flying insects are unable to penetrate air velocities of 4,133 to 4,527 feet per minute, which are typical of air curtain discharge velocities. Air curtains let employees come and go as they please through open doors, but they keep flying insects out, which could be bad for the employees happiness, health, and cleanliness.

Using air curtains helps in reducing energy use thus saving money

The capacity of air curtains in dairy farms or buildings to keep in heat or air conditioning is becoming more crucial as energy prices continue to rise. Even though many farm buildings have heaters for the animals and the workers, few have air conditioning.

Air curtains have the potential to reduce the amount of heat lost from an outdoor event by as much as 80%. The return on investment for an air curtain that reduces energy use is typically under 4 months.

Many farms that prepare meat on-site or store food find that air curtains keep everything cool and dry. Installation of air curtain systems designed for walk-in coolers may help farms save a lot of money on their power bills.

Why to Ventilate a Dairy Plant by using an air curtain

Ventilation is the process of circulating air to keep the air quality in a building stable. The ventilation system makes clean air while getting rid of contaminants, heat, dust, harmful gases, and unpleasant smells. In dairy plants, large amounts of water, cleaning agents, hot water, and steam are used for a variety of tasks.
The relative humidity of the air goes up when water evaporates from several places. Higher relative humidity levels are not good because they make it uncomfortable for farm workers to do their jobs. Most people need relative humidity between 60 and 65 percent and air temperatures between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius to be comfortable.
Without good air quality management, keeping a plant that processes fluid milk comfortable is hard. Increased humidity makes corrosion and mold growth. It should be noted that it may not be possible to get good air quality with ventilation alone and that a cooling system may be needed to make sure that the factory has the best air quality. Ventilation is important for hygiene and product quality in the dairy industry. Milk and milk products are hurt by odors that get trapped in places with poor ventilation.

What are the benefits of using an air curtain on a dairy farm?

  • Large and powerful air currents make it easier to avoid flying insects, rodents, and dust. It purifies and filters the air in the room.
  • Air curtains is the best way for dairy farms to save energy because they stop air from flowing between the inside and outside.
  • The air curtain makes it easy to move around while keeping the temperature and humidity levels the same in both rooms.
  • To transport a lot of milk or milk products, you need to be mobile.
  • The Air Curtain Machine keeps the inside temperature stable, protects it from outside smells and dust, and keeps it clean. It stops diseases from spreading and keeps hay dust out of the facility.

Why an Automatic ON/OFF Air Curtain Is Necessary for Dairy Farm

The air curtain should be automated to reduce the possibility of human error. The dairy sector is just one of several that are increasingly pushing for greater levels of machine control. In this setup, the fan will activate immediately upon the opening of the door. The fan turns off mechanically when the door is closed.

This automation may be implemented at a minimal cost and achieve remarkable efficiency.

To do this, an infrared or electrical sensor is attached to the door. The sensor detects when the door is opened and sends a signal to turn on the fan. It’s possible that the door-opening switch’s control panel, in addition to a sensor, will send out an alert.

Due to the excessive mobility of animals, workers, or machines at dairy farms, it is very difficult to maintain the temperature barrier between the two environments, and that too, manually. So it’s best to use an automated air curtain that turns on and off by capturing the movements of every individual.

How Air Curtains Can Help Your Restaurant to Earn Profits

air curtains for restaurant

Cafes and restaurants earn a profit by offering their customers high-quality food and drinks that can be accessed quickly. They must ensure that customers who dine in the restaurant have a pleasant and clean environment to eat in while also ensuring that customers get in and out of the restaurant quickly and that the drive-thru business operates as effectively as possible. Air Curtains for Restaurant help to earn profits.

Cafes and restaurants face many challenges that must be overcome in order to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive market

As an industry, eating establishments such as restaurants are among the most competitive out there. 60 percent of businesses fail during their first year, and over 70 percent fail before their third year of operation. Several issues exist that might prevent a firm from ever getting off the ground, which is quite concerning.

Challenges that are needed to be overcome include:

  • Overall satisfaction and comfort are the primary needs of every customer out there. Less comfort and coziness are directly proportionate to fewer customers with each passing year.
  • Ambience is the most important aspect of visiting a restaurant; thus, cleanliness is most important.
  • A well-ventilated space is most important for coziness.
  • Food needed to be fresh & free of flies and contamination.

Due to the organic nature of the raw materials used in restaurants, they attract insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and food waste are all things that these insects like to eat. They may not only be painful, but they may also be dangerous to public health, which could affect the hotel and restaurant business.

There is one simple way to overcome all the problems mentioned above

A simple and effective way to beat the competition is to put up an air curtain. There are many benefits for restaurants, such as lower energy costs and happier employees. Depending on the situation, air curtains may be a good way to solve a variety of problems. You probably have a lot of questions about air curtains right now. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about air curtains for restaurants.

Mitzvah is the most knowledgeable company about air curtains, and our experts can help you find the best one for your restaurant. Before talking about why you should get air curtains for restaurants, it’s important to know how they work. One of the many abilities of the air curtains is to keep bugs out, and they can be found at Mitzvah.

  • It establishes a robust interior atmosphere that increases overall consumer comfort and satisfaction.
  • In a busy location, such as a cafe or restaurant, doors are often opened and closed, bringing in outside temperatures and rendering the present heating and cooling systems incapable of keeping up. Air curtains minimize this additional strain by providing the required barrier to maintain a pleasant environment without overusing the air conditioning system.
  • By eliminating flying insects without the use of pesticides, air curtains make it simpler to keep kitchens clean and in compliance with health regulations.
  • Both customers and workers may benefit from cleaner and safer surroundings in cafes and restaurants. This system enhances ventilation and air circulation in a quiet, energy-efficient way, while ionization technology destroys pathogens, mold spores, and viruses at the point of entry.

Why does your restaurant require an air curtain?

Air curtains are now widely acknowledged as a valuable restaurant resource. Restaurant operators that use them well may enjoy long-term rewards. The organization benefits from the fact that it does not need significant investment.

Depending on the demands, you may be able to install an air curtain at a cost-effective rate, budgeting between a few thousand rupees and several thousand rupees. Most people who buy an air curtain will get their money’s worth in less than four months.

Let’s examine the additional advantages a restaurant owner may get from an air curtain:

  • It eases the load on heating and cooling systems that are already in place. The amount of heat lost at restaurant entrances is greatly reduced by an effective air curtain. If less heat is lost, the current heating system might not have to work as hard as it does. This could lead to less overall use, which could make your current heating system last longer and work better. In the summer, air conditioning has the same effect.
  • The “open door” policy states directly that the restaurant is open throughout regular business hours. Customers will feel welcomed if there is an “open door” policy since they will see it as an invitation to enter. After viewing prospective customers, you’ll attract passers-by to peep inside your restaurant’s entryway. It may only take that to attract new customers who would not have stopped in the first place.

Installations of Air Curtains at certain places in Restaurants:

Air curtains for restaurant may be put across windows and doors to prevent air intrusion. You may opt to install air curtains in the following areas for a variety of reasons:

  • At the Entrance

    The restaurant’s entrance is the busiest passageway. The ambiance inside a restaurant will differ drastically from its outside, which definitely needs to be cleaner. An air curtain will preserve the appropriate working atmosphere inside a restaurant.

  • Acts as Energy and life saver

    When in need of a single piece of equipment that would help you in saving energy every month for the long run, an air curtain does serve its purpose.

  • At the Cooking Areas

    Food preparation and cooking areas are often subject to higher cleanliness and temperature regulations. Food will be kept clean, and the temperature of the cooking area will be controlled with the assistance of an air curtain. Customers will be happy to find out that your food is cooked in the best way possible.

  • Transmission Interval

    A fast food restaurant’s drive-through window allows insects to fly through. A correctly fitted air curtain over the kitchen’s drive-through window would stop pests from moving in.

  • Walk in and out to freezers

    The collection of water at walk-in freezers is a crucial concern for big restaurant owners. The air’s moisture is released when it comes into contact with the freezer’s cold surfaces. This may place personnel in perilous situations. Workers will be safer, and less water will collect, if a curtain of air separates warm and cold air.

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Why Air Curtains are an excellent choice for Clinics and Healthcare?

air curtains for clinics

As the place of treatment and recovery – hospitals, clinics, and health care needs best air quality than commercial offices or retail centers, to get people healthy again, and prevent airborne toxins from making diseases worse. That’s why air curtains for clinics, hospital, and healthcare are a great solution.

Hospitals have intimidating environments for the workers who toil relentlessly every day to safeguard lives and provide top-notch care. The health of the patients in hospitals depends on clean, comfortable surroundings. The operational needs of large medical facilities present issues in controlling energy consumption, air quality monitoring, and ensuring that patients have access to meals prepared in a clean environment. Although air curtains are common in organizations like restaurants and grocery stores, the question arises. Should a place like a hospital use them? Why should a Healthcare facility spend money on additional equipment?

The answer to that question is a clear “yes.” And a definite yes. In fact, air curtains may be used by hospitals in a variety of circumstances. Although they may provide comfort, hospitals should take into account other, more significant benefits that are more mission-critical. Think about the best way to use this cutting-edge technology in an existing or future hospital.

Problems with the air quality in hospitals

The main reason hospitals have to spend additional funds on air quality is that they have to deal with more contaminants than other confined spaces. Patients and employees are two of the most important things that got affected by the air quality in hospitals. There is a much higher chance that some of the sick people in hospitals, who have a wide range of illnesses, will give off highly contagious pollutants that will affect the air quality inside.

The new study shows that

  • Droplets with a diameter of 100 micrometers can travel five times farther than was thought before,
  • Droplets with a diameter of 10 micrometers can travel 200 times farther, and
  • Droplets with a diameter of fewer than 50 micrometers can stay in the air long enough to reach ceiling ventilation units.

Before, most experts thought that a cough could send out a cloud of infectious particles as far as 200 feet.

This study helped us learn how airborne pollutants can hurt the air quality in hospitals and cause outbreaks of diseases. The results of this study and analysis could be used to focus on and improve things like separating patients in hospitals and improving ventilation and filtration in small spaces.

But for a good air filtration plan to be put into place, medical authorities need to have enough resources, which is often all about money. Installing an air curtain in this crucial situation would certainly be a help to all the individuals present at any healthcare organization:

  • Air curtains for clinics would separate the contagious environment from the spaces where the workers or other patients are present.
  • If there was an air curtain at the main entrance, insects or dust wouldn’t be able to get in.
  • The advanced air curtain from Mitzvah would help to purify the air with one piece of equipment, so no additional air purifier is needed. This becomes a money saver.
  • Separating the hot from the cold zone in the hospital and maintaining the temperature requires extra energy. And an air curtains for clinics is the best way to keep that balance and save money at the same time.

Why does the air curtain remain the best solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities?

High-traffic areas house departments including wards, outpatient waiting rooms, testing rooms, surgery rooms, labs, food services, cafeterias, laundry facilities, and more. Once an air curtain is deployed, there is no way for air or pollutants to go through it. Aids in preventing unwanted pollutants and contaminants from entering the room. It prevents clutter and minimizes the ingress of flying insects. It also helps to dampen any distracting sounds or smells.

In addition to their simple operation, Mitzvah Air Curtains are complex equipment since they have a disinfection and purification system in one piece of equipment. When compared to traditional air curtains, our air doors are more efficient and flexible. It helps in:

  • Suppression of pathogens and eradication of bacteria.
  • Reducing the concentration of noxious VOCs in the air (volatile organic compounds).
  • To get rid of pollen and dust mites.

This allows us to use our air curtains in two different ways. Its dual use as an air cleaner and a barrier against outside air pollution is impressive. Our products may be used to purify the air and sanitize the space.

Saves Energy

Apart from protecting the restricted area from pollutants, the air curtain also helps save energy. Thus, air curtains become dual in nature. An air curtain at the front door not only keeps things neat and tidy but also has the added benefit of regulating the temperature inside. When temperatures outside are high, it prevents hot air from entering the building while allowing cold air from the air conditioner to remain inside, even if the door is left open for a while. Putting in an air door in a medical facility has been shown to make patients feel more comfortable, save energy, and make the place safer.

Using air curtains can make an intensive care unit runs smoothly

In the healthcare industry, the intensive care unit is among the busiest places. The doors are kept open around the clock because of the seemingly endless stream of patients, visitors, and emergency personnel. All sorts of airborne threats, such as mosquitoes, smog, car exhaust, wet air, viruses, and the like, enter at this point. It’s just as crucial to have clean air indoors as it is outside. In these conditions, it is important to control the sources of heat, moisture, airborne particles, and other pollutants, as well as any air leaks to the outside. Only then will the air inside be safe to breathe.

  • Pollutants and exhaust fumes should not be allowed to enter enclosed spaces.
  • Help “Filter” the air coming into the unit.
  • Hold temperatures at an equilibrium stage.
  • Keep the emergency room’s humidity at a steady level.

Air Curtains for Equipment Industries for Better Insect & Thermo Control


Air curtains – sometimes called air doors – are widely used in industrial and retail settings. The air curtains are used in equipment industries for insect and thermo control. These machines provide continuous airflow at the door. In fact, airflow prevents untreated outside air as well as insects, dust, and fumes from entering the protected space. Air curtains have many applications in all walks of life.

Available in both belt-driven and direct-drive models, industrial air curtains are used in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and even the semiconductor industry to keep temperatures stable and keep insects out when doors are open. Prevention of thermal cycling and exclusion of insects can improve energy efficiency and sanitation control in such facilities.

Want to add more warmth to your application? Industrial air curtains can be heated, including direct gas and indirect gas heaters.

Industrial air curtains offer many more benefits besides providing an easily accessible permeable barrier (research). By installing air curtains, you can create an environment that reduces toxins, bacteria, and pollutants and helps reduce odors.

They also offer unique benefits to businesses using airlocks for different sectors. By installing a unit, companies can maintain positive pressure in clean rooms and reduce condensation in large storage areas.

Some unique applications and how industrial air curtains can benefit:

Outdoor and Outdoor Air Curtains

Mitzvah Air Curtains Outdoor air curtains are ideal for areas that allow people to sit inside but have doors and windows open. However, without an external air curtain, there are problems with nearby traffic emissions, general pollution, and insects.

With an outside air curtain, you can seal off the area when doors and windows are open. Outdoor air curtains help seal the air and keep harmful pollutants out.

Opening the door helps with ventilation. The industrial damper has a beautiful invisible divider that separates the two areas. While remaining welcoming to customers and allowing employees to roam freely, increasing productivity.

Cold Storage and Walk-In Freezers

The industrial air curtain specially designed for cold storage can control the large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. Improper calibration can cause frosting and excess moisture.

Each application is unique, so a trained professional should be able to assess your needs. You’ll want to check factors such as what’s being stored, the temperature on both sides of the door, and even how often the door is opened.

Industrial air curtain size

Industrial applications not only use different standard technology variants of dampers, but the most obvious one is size.

Typical sizes for industrial air curtains:







210” Inches

Industrial air curtain units are available in widths up to 10 feet and are configured to be effectively strung together. Installation of such industrial dampers may require additional support structures.

Features of industrial air curtains

High-performance industrial air curtains offer many important advantages over standard commercial air curtains. They keep employees comfortable while keeping bugs, dust, dirt, and unconditioned air out. When installed correctly, industrial air curtains can block wind speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Why Should You Use Mitzvah Air Curtains For Meat Processing Industry?

Air Curtains for Meat Processing

Mitzvah manufacturers and suppliers of stainless-steel air curtains can be used inside meat processing industries to prevent insects and flies entry and bad odor from exchanged between indoor and outdoor premises while maintaining the air conditioning for a prolonged duration necessary to save the meat from rotten.

In this blog we will get to know about stainless-steel air curtains, and how it is suitable for meat processing industries.

Stainless steel air curtains provide meat processing facilities, not just temperature control, but also ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel air curtains for the meat processing industry can improve hygiene, and most companies can benefit from using them; the meat processing industry faces unique challenges. Faced with a variety of regulations and requirements, these facilities are challenged daily to keep specific areas cool and insect-free to meet regulations set by various organizations including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standard. Compliance with regulations is critical to the success of any meat processing facility, and implementing a stainless steel air curtain is ideal for getting the job done!

Provides Insect Control

The other thing meat processing needs is a fly and insects removed from the food processing area. Flying insects are naturally attracted to food, and if a meat processing industry is exposed to intrusion, it is vulnerable to insect attack. Stainless steel air curtains are the ideal solution to keep pesky insects away from the meat on our plates. As with all air curtain systems, the constant airflow from the stainless steel air curtain keeps pests out of the processing equipment and away from the meat.

Provides temperature control

Any business owner with a brick-and-mortar store will face the same struggle when it comes to keeping the temperature outside and inside. One of the biggest advantages of an air curtain is its ability to keep internal temperatures cool and at the proper level to maintain quality and control within a meat processing industry. The engineered Air Force creates a seal that is strong enough to keep outside temperatures out, even if workers walk through the cooling zone from the inside out. Nothing spoils the quality of meat cuts like the hot summer sun, so strict temperature control in meat processing industry is important for quality control.

Helps Meet FDA and USDA Requirements

With their ability to deter pests, stainless steel air curtains can help meatpackers meet FDA and USDA requirements. According to, the FDA specifically recommends the use of air curtain systems at loading docks and delivery gates to repel bugs. More specifically, many states actually require air curtains to be installed in certain areas of food processing facilities.

Reduces the Risk of Sanitation Issues

People are now more and more concerned about how our food is grown, how our food is fed and how it is processed. Using stainless steel air curtains in your meat processing industry can significantly reduce the risk of sanitation issues as the product will help keep insects that transmit food-borne illnesses out.

Easy to keep clean

Nothing is more likely to be unsanitary than an unclean meat processing industry. The ability to keep processing areas clean and sanitized is important to comply with FDA and USDA regulations and to maintain a quality environment and quality products. The washable stainless steel air curtain offers business owners and workers a simplified cleaning process as the product easily removes bacteria without the risk of corrosion. Stainless steel air curtains are generally cleaned in the same way as other equipment in a meat processing factory.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

While the needs of the meat processing industry may differ from those of other companies, the addition of stainless steel air curtains offers benefits that are universal no matter what kind of business you are in, and reduced energy consumption and costs are the most important of all types. One of the advantages of the air curtain. By maintaining temperature control, stainless steel air curtains help meat processors and other businesses save on energy consumption and associated costs.

Are you prepared to enhance sanitation, air quality, and electricity financial savings in your meat processing industry or business? Consider the use of a stainless-steel air curtain and its benefits. Mitzvah Air Curtain Distributors is equipped to help you in identifying the fantastic air curtain for your unique enterprise and needs. Call at 92110-92110 or fill out our contact form

How Air Curtains Can Help Your Retail Store be More Environment Friendly

Air Curtains for retail store

Air curtains offer businesses an environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and pocket-friendly solution. Energy is a precious resource, but also an expensive one. There’s a reason why many companies across industries are looking for ways to adopt sustainable practices, not just looks. There are clear economic benefits to being more sustainable, at least in terms of energy consumption. Air curtains of a retail store are important for customers

Few retail stores can handle as many walk-in customers as the average convenience store. Retail stores, either stand-alone or attached to gas stations, play an important role in many communities as a one-stop shop for a variety of basic needs and more. However, with so many customers coming in and out every day, business owners may find themselves dealing with unexpected problems every day.

From swinging doors that let flies or mosquitoes into stores, to the impact on indoor temperatures, a booming business often presents convenience stores with additional challenges. Are these concerns just part of running a business like this? Maybe — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find effective solutions to these problems. Consider this: Simply installing an air curtain over a grocery store door can have a huge impact on comfort, energy saving, and entry of flies, insects, and dust.

Key Benefits Retail Stores Can Get From an Air Curtain System

How can a hardware addition have such a profound impact? At the end of the day, what matters is the unique way the air curtain works. By using a powerful and quiet motor to generate a special pressurized airflow that completely covers the open door; you can effectively create an atmospheric separation between the inside and the outside environment.Doing so yields the following benefits that can improve what a convenience store offers to patrons:

Air Curtain Improves customer comfort, especially in extreme weather conditions

Take a look inside the store during the summer months. With the air conditioner on, the temperature in the store can be very comfortable. However, as guests enter the doors one by one, cold air continuously flows out of the door while warm air flows inward. After just an hour or two in the process, the humidity in the store rises significantly and so does the temperature. The air conditioner continues to work hard, but can’t keep up and may never reach the temperature set by the thermostat. Customers in line would feel uncomfortable, and staff would get tired of the constant hot air. In winter, this situation can play out similarly.

air curtains prevent the free flow of air between the inside and outside of the building. The airflow is gentle to those passing through it but strong enough to keep your treated air from escaping the premises. The result is a building that is more likely to achieve a stable temperature and a comfortable atmosphere for both guests and employees.

Reduce the penetration of outdoor dust and small flying insects

For many retail stores, indoor air quality can sometimes be an issue. Gas pumps in the parking lot in front of the front door and exhaust from idling vehicles can cause unpleasant odors that get into the car. Not only are these fumes a potential health hazard, but smelling them all day will not make any occupants of the building happy. The same properties that allow the air curtain to prevent cold air from escaping the door also help reduce the entry of outside odors.

Likewise, small flying insects have difficulty overcoming the obstacles created by the air curtain. It is also important to create a hygienic environment in retail stores, where food is often served in different forms. Owners can also choose to install air curtains on the rear door and doors leading to the waste disposal area. Reducing the number of flying insects entering a facility can help create a healthier workplace and avoid unsavory sights for customers.

More efficient use of energy for heating and cooling

Remember how we just talked about how air curtains can help your business maintain a more consistent temperature? This also works in air conditioning systems. Due to the typical profit margins used in grocery stores, major unexpected expenses like replacing an air conditioner are not easy to budget for. When your equipment does less work to cool your store, it lasts longer and you pay a lot less for maintenance.More ordinary AC cycles additionally translate to decrease power usage.

An Easy Solution to Add to Most Retail Stores

Combine these three advantages and understand that it all comes in one package deal and it is handy to see why air curtains can be a rewarding addition to comfort shops of all sizes. Leading producers such as Mitzvah grant a broad variety of air curtains appropriate for doorways of various widths, making it effortless to pick out a unit that aligns with your building’s profile and gives you the overall performance critical to free up these benefits.

At Mitzvah air curtains distributors; we are uniquely located to interact with your enterprise to discover the proper direction ahead for the usage of this progressive gear in your business. Years of ride permit us to verify your needs, consider appropriate air curtains, and make splendid guidelines for your subsequent steps. Learn extra about bringing this science to your commercial enterprise today.

How air curtains can prevent short range infections in diagnostics center

air curtains in diagnostic center

Air curtains in diagnostic centers are expected to reduce the risk of short-range infections. To quantitatively evaluate its performance, this pa examines an air curtain attached to a standard treatment table to avoid direct exposure of physicians to contaminants exhaled by patients.

Numerical studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of supply air speed and angle on outage performance. The simulation results show that the average mass fraction of pollutants exhaled from the treatment station is significantly reduced (70%-90%), indicating that the performance of the air curtain system is satisfactory.

It has been shown that an increase in the supply air velocity favors the formation of a complete air curtain, while too high a supply air velocity can be detrimental by entraining the exhaled airflow. In addition, the intake angle is also critical due to the coupling of the intake angle to the intake speed. It has been found that when the speed is less than 3 m/s, a larger angle (0°-40°) is better, and conversely, when the speed is greater than 3 m/s, a smaller angle (20°) is better. At an intake angle of 20°, the expiratory airflow is well suppressed, but at 40° it moves on the air curtain. This research can provide effective and intuitive guidance for the use of the air curtain system in the consulting station.

Air curtains are a very useful device; many health professionals recommend them. Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, nursing homes, laboratories, and other medical facilities around the world use air doors or air curtains for a variety of reasons.

Maintaining hygiene is critical in any industry, and even more so in the healthcare industry, where employees, patients, and visitors are all vulnerable to infection. Healthcare facilities require special attention in terms of sanitation and personal hygiene.

How does an air curtain help in maintaining hygiene?

The health center is a high-traffic area and there are different departments in the building such as

Installing air curtains can prevent air and contaminants from moving from one place to another. It helps prevent pollutants from entering the building. It reduces the entry of flying insects and makes the premises more hygienic. It also blocks smoke and unwanted noise.

There are more! Mitzvah air curtains are advanced equipment as they are equipped with disinfection and cleaning systems. Our air curtains are highly efficient and outperform conventional air curtains.

Deactivates Viruses & Kills Bacteria

With this feature, the mitzvah air curtain can function in two ways. It can function as both an air curtain and an air purifier. It allows our clients to sanitize the premises while purifying the air.

In addition to maintaining hygiene, installing an air curtain at the entrance can help you save energy when regulating the temperature. It keeps cold air in the facility even during long open doors and hot weather seasons; it prevents hot air from entering the house.

Therefore, installing air doors in healthcare facilities can improve safety, hygiene, and comfort, and can also help you save energy.

Mitzvah manufactures and supplies efficient, high-quality air curtains in India.

Types of Air Curtains:

  • Sizes from 2 feet up to 7 feet
  • Inbuilt Disinfection and Purification System
  • Single & Three phase

Why choose us?

  • Advanced Technology
  • Energy saving
  • High quality
  • 1-year service warranty
  • 3 year part warranty
  • AMC Available on demand
  • Expert Project manager for end-to-end process handling
  • After-sales support
  • Multi-color options
  • Value for money

Technical Specification:

  • 85% Insect & Dust rejection
  • Max. Air velocity at Nozzle: High 23 m/s, Low 16 m/s
  • Material: Aluminium/Stainless Steel/Copper
  • Sound/noise level 55 DB

Other places where Air Curtain can be used

  • Airports
  • Automobile Industry
  • Banks
  • Cold Storage
  • Engineering
  • Factories
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Hotels/Kitchens/Offices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail Stores
  • Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Textile Industry
  • Welding Bays

In India, awareness of air curtains is catching up in diagnostic centers, healthcare providers, research laboratories, and the pharmaceutical sector. The domestic air curtain market has huge potential. Currently, the air curtain market in Karnataka is around Rs 2 crore. A major player in the nation is the mitzvah air curtain.

Mitul Jain, managing director of Mitzvah Air Curtains, told that the use of air curtain systems in India is increasing and the concept of clean rooms cannot be ignored.

Mitzvah Air Curtain- Highly Energy Efficient Models

Mitzvah Air Curtains

The Mitzvah air curtain is a highly energy-efficient model. The air curtains are manufacturer and supplier world number-1 Company in India. The Best Part of Mitzvah air curtains is they manufacture silent air curtains.

Air curtains are a magnificent preference for any commercial enterprise that’s looking to maintain its premises protected from contaminants and pollution or to keep ultimate temperatures inner its facility.

How Precisely Do You Gain from an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a modern-day gadget that, when established on a door, varieties an invisible non-stop air curtain, stopping the break out of conditioned air and the entry of hot, humid, and polluted outdoor air. Not solely will it minimize your electrical energy bills, but, it will additionally assist hold cleanliness and hygiene at the favored level.

Mitzvah air curtains are reachable in one-of-a-kind fashions (horizontal and vertical) and at 5 exceptional speeds. They are appropriate for 2.5′ door openings. Wide, with speeds from thirteen m/s to 25 m/s and beyond. These speeds are divided into 5 exclusive fashions for our privileged customers.

Mitzvah Air Curtain – What to Know

Every one of us who has visited the mall has walked thru the air curtain at least once. These units are a must-have for any store, retail chain, or provider establishment. With an air curtain, you can limit airflow and, relying on the season, limit warmth or cooling losses from opening exterior doors. How air curtains work and what options are on the market – right here are some realistic tips.

Due to the distinction in air temperature between the two facets of the entrance door, when the door is opened, the heated or cooled air irreversibly escapes to the backyard – these effects in a giant loss of electricity that should be compensated via heating or cooling the room. Using a vestibule can clear up this. This problem, however, due to the small dimension of the rooms, is no longer continually feasible – due to the restricted area reachable for such venues.

Air curtains are a choice of corridors in accordance with the right exercise and relevant law. They generate sturdy airflows directed to doorways in parallel and tangential planes, stopping drafts and warmth loss in winter, and heat air infiltration into cooled and air-conditioned rooms in summer.

Operating Principle of Air Curtains

Most of the air curtains on the market are compact units that are hooked up at once above the outer door. Manufacturers provide compact air curtains in various versions, such as B. economical, standard, or based design. The air curtain consists of a furnished air grille, an exhaust air grille, and a fan. An add-on to this machine is an electric-powered heater or water heater. The air curtain creates a robust airflow from the slotted outlet grille. Air flows diagonally throughout the slats and is pumped and heated through fans, generally placed internally in the air curtain. This creates a sturdy planar airflow that creates an air barrier that prevents backyard air from flowing in thru the open door. Heated air curtains are used in small retail outlets and industrial businesses due to the fact they no longer require heating in the shape of radiators that take up treasured space.

Mitzvah Air Curtain – What Does the Market Offer?

There is a range of curtain options on the market for those swimsuit architectural needs. Air curtains can be categorized in accordance with the temperature of the granted air – heat air and bloodless air. Use heat curtains for passages and doorways that humans use. In off-the-beaten-track places, such as B. driveway gates, we use cool curtains. Structurally, we distinguish between single-flow or double-flow curtains. For industrial applications, use curtains with horizontal airflow (e.g. for vehicle doorways in industrial plants).

House air curtains are generally made of galvanized steel, powder coated. The air curtains are on hand in distinct lengths; widespread lengths are 1500, 2000, and 2500 mm. The air curtain has a variety of 2.5-4.2 m – relying on the mannequin chosen and the situation. The exceptional preference of air curtains needs to create a dynamic airflow in the mild all through the entrance opening, which will efficiently block bloodless or warm air from getting into the indoors of the building. In this case, the use of an air curtain can limit warmth loss by up to 80% and limit your electrical energy bill.

Using air curtains in bloodless storage additionally eliminates door icing and prevents fog formation when moist air mixes with indoor air. Whether the door is open often or often, it is well worth thinking about putting in an air curtain system. The restaurant additionally makes use of air curtains to separate smoking and non-smoking areas. Such devices can moreover highly limit heating or air conditioning costs, rely on the season, and supply remedies to human beings living in the building.