PVC Strip Curtains Highly Beneficial for your Business


PVC Strip Curtains

We all know that PVC strip curtains are useful for businesses. Not only do they effectively block dust, pests, and other potential contaminants, but they can also help improve energy efficiency by locking in or removing heat as needed.

Whether it’s a cold store, body shop, factory, office, or commercial kitchen, PVC strip curtains can help improve your work environment.

What Kinds Of Businesses Are They Good For?

PVC strip curtains are amazing for many different businesses, although they have different focuses and main advantages depending on the type of business.

Grocery stores, for example, can make good use of strip curtains because of their impact on temperature and traffic flow. Employees are constantly moving products to and from the sales floor; by installing strip curtains, they can do this faster and more smoothly than ever before. Also, grocery stores use freezers to keep meat products at safe temperatures. Using strip curtain doors is a more cost-effective way to keep retail spaces at a comfortable temperature for customers and staff. You can also keep the room temperature freezer cold as needed.

Warehouses and factories can also get benefit from the Pvc curtains factory, as they often have enough space to maintain a comfortable temperature. Since they also often bring in third-party products or materials, installing strip curtains at key intersections or exits can save you electricity in terms of temperature and allow employees to get in and out of the building faster.

Any business that uses machinery or has a sterile environment will incorporate the ability to peel off door curtains to prevent insects or small dust particles from entering undesired spaces.

There are a few key factors you need to consider before you purchase PVC strip curtains for your business and they are:-

1) The dimension of your house – Determine the measurement of the opening or door and the place you desire to install the curtains so you comprehend how many Strip rolls you will need. Generally, one PVC Strip curtain roll is adequate to cowl a one hundred sq. ft. area.

2) Type – There are distinctive sorts of PVC Strip Curtains accessible in the market perfect for precise purposes. Polar grade strips are great desirable for rooms the place the bloodless temperature is to be maintained. Strip curtains made of antistatic substances are endorsed for areas with excessive traffic. Welding-grade PVC curtains shield welding areas from sparks and warm metallic projectiles, which ought to in any other case motivate extreme burns. And, in locations the place meals are saved or packed, you will want to deploy food-grade PVC strip curtains.

3) Climate – Depending on the local weather stipulations of the place, you want to make positive the PVC strips can face up to these conditions. Cold strips are made of a clearer cloth than these meant for hotter climates, as they want to furnish higher visibility in low-light conditions.

4) Transparency – Another thing to reflect on consideration is transparency. If you need whole transparency between two areas, then opting for clear PVC strips is your high-quality bet. It is additionally best for amenities the place there are prevalent actions of heavy machinery.

5) Experience & Reputation of the Seller – Choosing a skilled and reliable vendor who can reply to your questions about setup or renovation is additionally essential.

Get the Ball Rolling On Your PVC Strip Curtains Today?

Strip curtains can be a great solution if you’re having air conditioning issues, insect issues, or dirt issues from one work area to another. Make no mistake; striped door curtains are an excellent addition to almost any store. Mitzvah provides PVC curtains manufacturer and supplier in India.

PVC drapes are a great investment for any business looking to improve its operations. It can help you improve your work environment in a number of ways.

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PVC Strip Curtains

If you choose to save money whilst enhancing the output of your company, think about putting in PVC strip curtains. If you make these adjustments to a well-known entrance, you may store money, be capable to manipulate the temperature of your workspace, get extra work done, and make your place of business safer. Mitzvah manufacture PVC Strip Curtain is exactly what you are looking for.

PVC strip curtains are an awesome addition to warehouses or work environments. Not only can they divide workspaces into separate areas, but, they additionally act as a barrier toward dust, pests, noise, warmth, and the cold.

However, there are a few factors you must think about earlier than shopping for your PVC strip curtains. In this post, we’ll see what they are.


Before you purchase PVC curtains, you must assume the width of the strips.

  • For a place with excessive winds or publicity to the elements, you’ll choose thick, heavy strips that won’t blow around. These are locations like the outdoor of the building.
  • For a place with a lot of footfall, however, you’ll favor thinner, lighter curtains that are less difficult for humans to move. You won’t favor thick, heavy curtains slowing humans down.
  • You’ll additionally want to understand how lengthy you favor the strips to be. Ideally, the strips ought to simply contact the floor. Any longer and human beings may want to out over them, however any shorter and they won’t block out dirt or pests.


PVC strip curtains come in extraordinary substances and grades to go well with precise needs.

  • Freezer rooms want polar-grade strips due to the fact normal PVC strips would freeze and maybe break. Polar-grade strips are designed to face up to very low temperatures.
  • Areas with loads of human beings may want curtains made of antistatic materials, to stop fires triggered through friction with clothes.
  • Welding areas want a welding-grade PVC curtain. Welding-grade PVC is designed to block sparks and warm steel projectiles that should in any other case purpose extreme burns to unprotected skin. Welding PVC is additionally dark, to block out hazardous UV rays emitted throughout the welding process.
  • Food storage areas can also want food-grade PVC. This kind of PVC comes with extra compliance to all key EU policies referring to meal contact.


Something else to assume about is whether or not your PVC curtains need to be transparent.

  • Transparent curtains are handy to see through. This can be done properly if you have human beings using heavy equipment around. If anybody is using a forklift truck toward one aspect of the curtain, and any person else is using a lorry toward the different side, then the drivers will see every difference thru the curtains and will keep away from a collision.
  • Opaque curtains, on the different hand, are exact for privacy. If you want privateness between one-of-a-kind work areas, then opaque curtains are the way to go.


Another element to assume is the coloration of your PVC curtains.

  • PVC strip curtains come in a variety of exclusive colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, and grey.
  • You may prefer your curtains to fit the colors of your brand. Or you may prefer colors that are hi-visible for safety, like orange or yellow.


As we’ve considered in this post, PVC strip curtains are no longer one-size-fits-all due to the fact you can adapt them to the swimsuit your man or woman needs. By deciding on the size, color, and material, you can get the actual PVC curtains you need.

Mitzvah manufacturer and supplier of best quality PVC Strip Curtains at an affordable price. You can find PVC Curtains prices at the mitzvah website. For other information, you can call at +91 9211092110 or you can also fill inquiry form for PVC Strip Curtains booking and some other queries.


Everything You Should Know About PVC STRIP CURTAINS

PVC Strip Curtains

Mitzvah PVC Strip Curtains- Save Today, Survive Tomorrow

If you want to save money while improving the output of your company, consider installing PVC strip curtains. If you make these changes to a standard entrance, you might save money, be able to control the temperature of your workspace, get more work done, and make your workplace safer.

What is a PVC Strip Curtains?

Strip door curtains are translucent, flexible plastic strips that may be hung across any open doorway to serve as an extra barrier or door replacement. These plastic strip curtains provide several advantages. Strip door curtains are far more flexible than regular doors, allowing you to walk or drive through them without difficulty. Due to their transparency, they limit the danger of employee accidents and injuries. The strip door curtains are constructed from a plastic material that is flexible enough to be bent, but sturdy enough to survive for a long time and keep their overall form even when subjected to severe usage.

Verities of PVC Curtain at Mitzvah:

Mitzvah PVC curtains manufacturer and suppliers at an affordable price, they are available in a range of colours and patterns in our online store. They can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstance, and can be positioned in a variety of locations.

Anti-Static PVC Strip: The blue plastic strip curtain with a textured surface controls the temperature and humidity of the room. Curtains used as barriers in warehouses, pharmacies, and hotels, among other places, are easy to operate and clean. They enable workers to have some privacy and promote workplace safety. Additionally, a PVC strip curtain for air conditioning may be employed to maintain the area’s cooler temperature for longer.

Overlapping PVC Strip: This plastic door strip is ideal for cold temperatures. It is made of crack-resistant, flexible, high-quality PVC plastic. It contributes to the temperature and cooling of the surroundings. Its colour helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. They are more important for gate construction and storage.

The double-ribbed PVC strip: This strip is as clear as glass and increases visibility while being more durable. They are helpful in industrial workspaces because they provide a clear view while moving heavy machinery or gear to a new site. They help to reduce pollution and save energy. These school PVC strip curtains provide a visually appealing and dust-free atmosphere.

Anti-Insect PVC Strip: Yellow plastic door strips are appropriate for locales with substantial foot traffic. They mitigate air pollution and repel insects while attracting attention from a distance. Furthermore, the plastic curtains help with active noise cancellation. They have rounded edges that make installation easier and reduce the chance of damage. The colour helps to regulate the temperature of the space.

 Manufacturing and supplying PVC Curtain

PVC strip curtains may be purchased online in India at a price that is both low and affordable. We are well-known in the business as both a producer and a supplier of PVC curtains, and we provide these products not only in India but also all over the globe. You may purchase the roll, then trim it to the length of the door, and then install it at the various locations. They are simple to set up, and you can get them from our online shop with a few clicks of your mouse.

Mitzvah ‘Factory

We’ve established a robust infrastructure factory in order to consistently provide high-quality PVC Curtains, PVC Strip Doors, PVC Strips, PVC Strip Mounting Hardware, and Commercial Air Curtains, among other products. This warehouse factory, which is equipped with state-of-the-art gear, forms the backbone of our organization. Our company’s infrastructure is dispersed throughout a vast territory and separated into specialized divisions to maintain a smooth workflow. The instruments and equipment used by our different divisions are managed by a team of professionals.

The following components comprise our infrastructure:

  • Quality assurance section
  • unit of research and development
  • Unit of manufacturing
  • unit for storage, packaging, and deployment.

Why Mitzvah:

  • Some of the things that put us ahead of the competition in our field are:
  • Outstanding logistic amenities
  • Consumers receive professional service.
  • A huge spectrum of distribution and marketing channels
  • Seamless customer satisfaction
  • A plethora of different sorts of industrial equipment

Taking Care of Transparent PVC Strip Curtains- Mitzvah


Transparent Strip Curtains
Transparent PVC Strip Curtain

Due to the wide variety, thick and long strips of transparent PVC strip curtains are becoming more and more popular. It allows visibility and light for safety and greatly reduces accidents. It reduces noise pollution in the work area. It keeps insects and dust out, creating a comfortable working environment. It maintains the proper temperature and acts as a barrier to the entry of small insects and flies. It helps maintain privacy while still allowing ventilation.

Mitzvah, a well-known brand for the reliable PVC curtains we use. The phthalate-free PVC strip curtain is reliable because it is manufactured without any harm or toxicity to the people working nearby and the environment. Taking a responsible step to ensure PVC strip curtains are made from non-phthalate plasticizers. Phthalates are an essential ingredient in making soft, flexible, vinyl-like strip curtains, but various studies over the years have found them to be harmful to people and the environment. Our PVC strip curtains are phthalate-free, keeping workers, consumers, employees, and the environment safe. This is also used in children’s toys, food contact articles, and medical devices, so it is safer to use non-phthalate plasticizers.

Mitzvah is a Noida-based PVC Strip Curtains dealer offering the highest quality PVC Curtains Manufacturer. PVC curtains are very effective in keeping pests and dust out of the premises.

Taking Care of Your PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are great for reducing your energy bills as a cost-effective way to isolate temperatures within your commercial premises. For example, when used on exterior doors, they can keep the hot air inside and the cool air outside. As you can see, PVC drapes are great at protecting you, your employees, and your business from many elements – are you taking steps to protect your PVC drapes? To make sure your PVC strip curtains are truly economical, you need them to last as long as possible, which is why here are Strip Curtains directs tips to make your plastic curtains more durable.

First, it’s about choosing the right bar for your needs so that it always works better, then it just depends on proper maintenance and upkeep.

Correct Material

Plastic strip curtains can be used for many special purposes, so you need to make sure you choose the right curtain for your needs. For example, if you have a walk-in freezer and stick a standard PVC strip to the door, you’ll quickly find that it’s less flexible at low temperatures and can even tear. Therefore, you should opt for polar quality strip curtains as they are designed to withstand cold temperatures, so are more flexible and less likely to tear or break in temperatures between -40ºC and +25. If you have a data center, you may want to check out our anti-static PVC strip curtains, as they help eliminate static, making it easier to control the temperature.

Consider Ribbed Strips

Ribbed PVC strips are ideal when you want the longest life possible from PVC strips, as the ribs are the first to be affected when the vehicle hits the curtain. Ribbed PVC strips are ideal when you want the longest life possible from PVC strips, as the ribs are the first to be affected when the vehicle hits the curtain. This keeps the flat part of the strip stable for longer. Ribs are also great for indoor walkways because they are naturally antistatic. Static electricity can sometimes build up on ordinary strip curtains, which can make it difficult for a person to get through. The ribbed design on our PVC strip curtains means they don’t stick too much, making it easier for your employees to get through.

Choose the Appropriate Size

Consider again the purpose of the curtain and choose the right size. For example, strip curtains made of large strips are not suitable for office doors because it is difficult for people to pass through. On the other hand, a doorway made of strip curtains is not suitable for a warehouse door because it has to withstand strong winds and heavy industrial traffic.

Keep the Strips Clean

If your strip curtains are hard to see through, you might mistake them for scratches, when in fact they might just be dirty. When you think about keeping your drapes away from all the clutter and dangers of your workspace, it’s no wonder they can get so dirty. If you think your strip curtains have scratches, try cleaning one before ordering a replacement!

Don’t Have the Time

Strip Curtains Direct offers a comprehensive maintenance package that includes regular site visits to inspect, clean, and replace curtains when necessary. All of our customers also benefit from our Bronze Maintenance Service, which provides you with the tools and encourages you to check it out yourself so that replacement strips can be ordered if necessary, ensuring your PVC strip curtains are always in top condition.

If your strip curtains are not properly maintained, they can easily become a health and safety hazard, which is why our customer service is so important to our customers. For more information on discount PVC curtains, visit our website www.mitzvah.in or call +91-9211092110

Mitzvah- The Leading Manufacturing & Supplier of PVC Strip Curtains

Mitzvah striped door curtains are perfect for keeping your room cool. They are also great for pest control in restaurants and cafes and commercial noise isolation. Mitzvah PVC curtains manufacturer in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

PVC Strip Curtains India

Mitzvah PVC curtains and industrial PVC slatted doors are the most economical solutions to manage the workplace environment. PVC air curtains protect employees and cargo from adverse environmental conditions such as UV rays, wind, dust, temperature, weather, noise, dust, smoke, odors, and insects.

Mitzvah PVC  curtains manufacturer for loading docks, warehouses, factories, offices, or refrigerated distribution facilities, industrial strip curtains promise to reduce your energy costs and create a safer work environment. Because they are flexible, they can be shaped and attached to walls, ceilings, doors, and a variety of mounting options.

Why do you need strip curtains?

PVC strip curtains offer an easy and inexpensive way to reduce heat loss or keep cool air in places where environmental control is important. The PVC plastic sheet greatly reduces the problem of insects and dirt.

The Curtains are used in:

  • Milling Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Cold Storages / Freezer Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Airports
  • Factories
  • Welding Bays
  • Printing & Publishing Units
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

  • Reduces cold or heated air loss.
  • Restricts movements of air pollutants such as (dust / dirt / smoke / fumes / draughts).
  • Allows light, or suppresses light.
  • Restricts noise and noisy machinery.
  • Increase employee comfort by keeping temperature & humidity under control.
  • Minimum maintenance, an occasional wash with plain water or liquid detergent.
  • Prevents birds, insects, flies, etc. from entering the working area.
  • Safe, effective, and versatile.

Let us take a look at some of the uses of the PVC strip curtain:

PVC strip curtains prevent and minimize air exchange. They act as thermal barriers and maintain temperature settings. This helps save energy and costs because you don’t have to constantly adjust the temperature to be hot or cold. Air conditioning air does not escape from the room/area through the PVC strip curtains. Even if you carry heavy loads or operate machinery such as a forklift, you can easily walk through the curtains. No need for someone to manually monitor and open/close doors in warehouses or factories. Depending on the level of privacy you want, you can choose from transparent, translucent, or opaque curtains.

Its other uses include:

PVC curtains prevent dust, oil fumes, pollutants, and noise from entering the compartment. This helps you maintain a clean workspace without installing doors. Cleaning these curtains is also easy. All you have to do is dip a soft cloth in a bucket of soapy water and wipe the streaks. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and grime. Unless you work in a heavily polluted environment, cleaning once a month is sufficient.

Long-term use of PVC strip curtains may cause discoloration. You can prevent this by using a special order cleaner. However, if you have curtains installed, be sure to ask the supplier/contractor about the cleaning process. You can create a comfortable and private work environment without spending too much money.

PVC Strip curtains by Mitzvah come in multiple colors for you to choose from. They are durable and budget-friendly while also being easy to use and maintain. Contact Mitzvah at +91 9211092110 for more information.