Air Curtains Price: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Air curtains price

Air curtains price generally vary by manufacturer. Quality, type and usage are three key factors that affect the cost of an air curtain system. Mitzvah answers all frequently asked questions about air curtains so you can assess whether they are valuable to your business.

Frequently Asked Question about Air Curtains price are-

i. What is the Thickness of Sheet and Extrusion of Air Curtain

Some studies show that the thickness of a PVC air curtain doesn’t have much of an effect on the flow of air, and even if it did, the air barrier tends to fail often even if it did. Because of this, there is no effect on saving energy. So, the thinnest option, which is between 1 and 2 mm and fits in a pocket, could be chosen.

ii. What is the Tank Powder Coating Process for Air Curtain?

The nine-tank powder coating method is often used in large businesses, but a seven-tank powder coating system works just as well. On the 9-tank machine, there are two small steps that the 7-tank machine doesn’t have: pre-degreasing (1st step) and a water rinse (8th step). The water rinse doesn’t do much because it happens after the third and fifth stages as well.

iii. Will Aluminium shell of the Motor Effect on Air Curtains Price?

The metal case of a motor is usually made of cast iron, steel plate, or aluminium. The market always agrees that the aluminium shell motor achieves its goal of looking good. Due to its low mechanical strength, the aluminium cover on the motor frame size 315 is almost nonexistent. But the two materials don’t change anything else about how well the motor works.

iv. How does Copper Widing will work on Air Curtains Price?

There are many different ways to wind the coils of a motor. Here are some other options and what they would mean:
We can take

  • Aluminium:

    The weight of the motor has another effect as well. Aluminium is less conductive than copper, so to get the same amount of power, you need bigger lines and motors.

    Gold and silver:

    These wires have less resistance and are less likely to corrode than aluminium or copper wires. After repeated movement, aluminium wires are more likely to break due to flex fatigue. Also, silver cables are better at carrying electricity than copper ones. Gold and silver are also much more expensive than copper.


    It is the most common material for magnet wire because it conducts electricity well and is cheap. We use copper with a very thin enamel coating and tightly coil the wire to make the winding that will give the motor the electromagnetic field it needs to work. Copper is a good choice for motor windings because it conducts electricity well and is cheap. But because it is thick and heavy, it might not be the best choice for motors that are rarely lifted.

v. What is Virgin Plastic & Dynamic Balancing in terms of Air Curtains?

Post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), which is often used in air curtains, is expensive and breaks down quickly in the environment. Even though virgin plastic is easy to find and inexpensive, it breaks down slowly and takes decades to do so. So, if a company plans to buy air curtains for more than five years, it can use plastic that hasn’t been used before.

The dynamic balancing is best maintained in the magnetic air curtain because it maintains the door very efficiently without letting out any intrusion. Other air curtains maintain dynamic balancing through the thickness as well as the lower load of the air curtains.

vi. What is Precision in Machines

Modern, computerized machine tools must be able to make precise cuts and close tolerances with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. CNC machine tools, which are controlled by computers, can do this.

Electric heating has become more effective thanks to new ideas. Before, manufacturers of air curtains used inefficient electric heating coils in the airstream to stop the flow of air. Electric parts have been added to the two air inlets of the blower housing so that the blower can send continuous, smooth airflow to the air discharge nozzles. This makes the seal at the doorway open better.

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Mitzvah Air Curtains

Mitzvah is one of the oldest and leading air curtains manufacturers and suppliers in India, over the past three decades, we have worked on small, medium, and large scale projects and have supplied many hotels, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food processing plants, warehouses, factories, cold storages, supermarkets, offices, and shopping malls.

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We manufacture and supply a wide range of competitive air curtains with advanced features to meet all your needs, from small shop air curtains to industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial air curtains are on-demand nowadays.

Air Curtains Collection

On our Mitzvah website, you will get a wide variety of air curtains that can be purchased at a low and discounted price. The products are made of durable quality so that you can experience a better living. Here are some of the mitzvah’s air curtain ranges that may help you to select the most favorable one which lies on your budget and you can easily buy air curtains.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ARP Series


Price Range from- Rs. 17,700 – Rs. 43,100 +GST. The length of this product varies from 2 feet ~ to 6 feet. This is Stainless Steel 304 Chassis and the front body is made of aluminum and plastic. The main part is this is robust construction. This is a Silent & Remote Control Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ARS Series

Price ranges from- Rs. 22,900 – Rs. 48,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. Air Volume is 1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L), 2 Motor 3 Blowers assemble in ARS Series of air curtains, Power of this product is 200 Watts. This is a Silent & remote control air curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ASP Series

Price ranges from Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 45,300 + GST. The size of this product is 2 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. Air Volume is 1000 CFM (H), 725 CFM (L), 1 Motor 2 blowers assembled in ASP Series of air curtains and Power of this product is 120 Watts. This is a Silent Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ASS Series

Price range from Rs. 19,300 – Rs. 53,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 60 Hz. Air Volume is 1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L), 2 Motor 3 Blowers assemble in ASS Series of air curtains. The power of this product is 200 Watts. This is a Silent Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains RSL Series

Price range from Rs. 18,000 – Rs.62,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3 Feet. and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. The front body of RSL Series air curtains is Stainless Steel Grade 304 and this is High Gloss Powder Coated Chassis. This product is Robust Construction and a silent air curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains RSP Series

Price range from Rs. 13,200 – Rs. 44,000 + GST. The size of this product is 2 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. It is a Curved Look Sleek Model, White in color, this is 24X7 in Operations, RSP Series air curtain is Robust Construction and Front Body is made up of High Gloss Metal Finish, Powder Coated Chassis. This air curtain is a Silent Air Curtain.

There are many reasons to choose Mitzvah Air Curtains – we offer top performance, excellent airflow rates, excellent dust and insect resistance, and excellent dB ratings. A built-in disinfection and cleaning system means our advanced air curtains keep your space hygienic and virus-free, making them the best product on the market today.

Our commitment to our customers does not stop at sales. Our experienced after-sales support team is always available to answer your questions.

Over the past 22 years, Mitzvah has established itself in the air curtain market, serving big brands such as Jaguar, Dell, and HCL as well as smaller businesses such as cafes and restaurants. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery to multiple locations in India.

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