Air Curtain Benefits- Save Money & Protect Your Environment

Air Curtains Benefits

Mitzvah Air curtains manufacturers help you save money and protect your environment. The air curtain is a multifunctional product that can be used in different areas. It is a versatile machine capable of solving all kinds of problems we face every day.

Air curtains have many advantages, which is why they are widely used in many industries and different fields. Air curtains come in different sizes and can be installed in different ways to achieve the desired effect. Installing an air curtain system in your business is the best step to solve many of your problems.

There are many benefits of installing commercial air curtains in your work area.

5 Major Benefits of Air Curtains Include:

  1. Environmental separation: The air curtain forms an invisible barrier, preventing the flow of air to the other side. Outdoor environments often have a variety of unpleasant odors and pollutants. Unpleasant odors and exhaust gases are especially difficult to avoid in areas close to industrial sites, waste disposal sites, or sewage treatment plants. Air curtains help maintain a comfortable environment within a facility by preventing the entry of unwanted dust, outside odors, and pollutants.
  2. Temperature control: The temperature difference between the two areas will naturally generate air exchange between these two areas. Warm air exits the top of the doorway and is replaced by cooler, denser air entering from the bottom. Greater temperature differences just result in higher air leaks and energy losses. Air curtains prevent this exchange by protecting the conditioned environment in different areas and helping to control the temperature.
  3. Save money: We all know that changing the temperature costs a lot of money. For example, if we were to introduce hot air into a furnace, we would need burners and fuel. Likewise, to cool the air, we need an AHU (Air Handling Unit), a cooler, or a freezer. Whenever this conditioned air is wasted or lost, it results in an increase in our overall cost. By providing an effective barrier to conditioned air, air curtains provide an ideal solution that can save you money.
  4. Insect and Pest Control: Flying insects and pests can be a nuisance to anyone. The presence of these insects in an area can lead to food contamination, unhealthy conditions, and other related problems. The powerful airflow created by the air curtain prevents these harmful pests and other flying insects from entering the premises, thus maintaining hygienic conditions for everyone.
  5. Work in extreme conditions: The air curtain creates an invisible barrier that isolates different temperature zones without hindering the movement of people and products. Many industries use heaters or furnaces, while others use cold rooms and other cooling systems. Air curtains work in both cases, effectively sealing the area and preventing air exchange and energy loss.
  • Freezers / Chillers / Cold Storage: Air curtains are great for cold storage because they can significantly reduce energy loss by keeping cold air in and hot air out when doors are open and in use. Air curtains are known to reduce losses by up to 90%.
  • Hot furnaces: Air curtains manufacturers have proven beneficial for industries that use hot furnaces and industrial conveyors. They can be used to contain extreme heat and contain hot air inside industrial conveyors or furnaces. This results in savings of up to 40% of the total kiln fuel consumption.

Air Curtains Suitable for Various Types of Air Losses in a Building

air curtains

Air curtains or air doors are devices that help create an invisible blockage between the air outside your premises and the air inside your workplace without the need for bulky doors.

There are three prime mechanisms through which conditioned air contained inside is lost via an opening in a building;

  1. Natural Convection
  2. Natural Ventilation
  3. Mechanical Ventilation

Let’s discuss what they are and how to combat the issues with the help of air curtains.

Natural Convection

Cold air is denser than warm air, which allows cold air to settle down. Across an unimpeded boundary, a heated and cool area conditioned cool air will escape from the bottom of the opening. This process will naturally allow Hot Air to enter the conditioned space, from the top of the opening, which is known as natural convection.

This process happens due to the thermal properties present i.e. the tendency of hotter and hence, less dense air to rise and colder air to sink under the influence of gravity resulting in the transfer of heat into the surroundings.

Under these conditions, an air curtain can limit the exchange of air between the two zones by creating a barrier to impede airflow.

The turbulent flow of air curtain creates a secondary layer that makes Air Curtains work effectively and also affect the natural airflow pattern in thermal convection.

Natural Ventilation

An airtight building is never possible. There is invariably some openings and service, such as doors, windows, and cracks that prove to be the facilitator of cold air passing as well as hot air entering the building in order to replace it through the mechanism as very well explained in the previous process.

The prevailing wind conditions and directions can exacerbate this natural ventilation mechanism, relative to the openings.

In this type of situation, the use of an air curtain can reduce the ill effects of air loss as a natural consequence of wind-driven natural ventilation, through the doorways. Air Curtains have got the ability to work wonderfully well on Doorways and can reduce the losses sign can on conditioned Air and prevent the entrance of mosquitoes, flies, and dust.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation, also referred to as artificial ventilation, uses artificial fans, such as Ventilation systems, Exhaust Fans, Gravity Ventilators, and several more.

A region within a building, or the interior of a building, can be very well pressurized under three separate conditions:

  1. Pressurized positively, where the Air is moving out of the area in consideration
  2. Pressurized negatively, where the Air is moving in the area in consideration.
  3. Non- pressurized (with no pressure differential between zones).

All these variations in pressure difference across an opening between zones can be the natural consequence of a poorly balanced ventilation system, ineffective controls, or in a few cases a well- thought design decision.

Air curtain solutions have the ability to work in almost all of these scenarios (controlled conditions). The Flow of Air Curtains is hugely affected if there is a properly ventilated building. Nonetheless, they are most effective if the pressure differential across the air stream is minimum.

Are Air Curtains Effective?

No doubt they are!

Various studies and research conducted show that Air Curtains are effective in creating a barrier to keep the inside air well conditioned.

WHO Needs Air Curtains?

Look at the checklist below and see if you face similar problems:


  1. Does Dust affect you/your business?
  2. Do you have Air Conditioned premises?
  3. Do mosquitoes/Flies affect your comfort/product quality?
  4. Does closing the door affect your inflow of customers?
  5. Do you have a conveyorized hot oven?
  6. Do you want to reduce energy bills?
  7. Do you have a Cold Room/Freezer/Chiller?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then it is a must for you to have Air Curtains.

Air curtains are effective in isolating weather conditions and are now a necessity in a variety of commercial and residential sectors.

It protects the air inside, and wards off insects and dust, eliminating the need to buy products solely for the aforementioned purposes. In addition, as an easy-care product, it is cost-effective in the long term, while also meeting certain hygiene standards.

So in simple language, if you are a Business owner, Managing Director, Project manager, or Consultant of a Hotel, Restaurant, Pharma unit, Cold Room, food factory, warehousing unit, or anywhere else, when comfort and hygiene are critical to you and your business, you need an air curtain.

You can increase your business profitability and enhance your customer experience, by getting rid of mosquitoes, flies, and dust and can save conditioned air from losing.

In general, people put a lot of effort and energy into the planning and execution of the design and construction of the project and forget about the last spring in the cap, which becomes the leak of the building.

So if you are amongst them, don’t make the same mistake. Become wiser and consider Air curtains now!!

Air Curtains Manufacturers- What is the Mechanism behind Air Curtain?

air curtains manufacturers

Mitzvah air curtains manufacturers in those ways where air enters the Air Curtain (Air Door) through the fan housing before being accelerated by the fan. This fast-moving air gets into the plenum which ensures that the air is evenly distributed along the entire length of the discharge nozzle.

The airfoil design of the blower with vortex-shaped housing in combination with the nozzle ensures the uniformity of the air stream and minimum turbulence. The air which is discharged via the nozzle goes to the door as a jet stream and about 80% of the air volume gets to the side where the air curtain is installed or the suction side while 20% flows towards the opposite direction.

Or, in simpler words, we can say that the air curtains divide the internal and external environment.

It follows a complicated mechanism where the air enters the machine through an inlet grille attached inside the air curtain and is then compressed by a few internal centrifugal fans and forced out through an air outlet, which is directed towards the open doorway.

Heated air curtains have a coil electric, hot/chilled water, steam, indirect or direct gas, direct expansion, etc. to heat or cool the jet. Heating is used to save people from feeling a cold jet of air while crossing the doorway and also, to heat the volume of air coming in at the entrance.

These types of air curtains are generally used in cold climates and are placed inside.

Most Common Problems Experienced by People who are not Using Air Curtains

In cold rooms, warehouses, industrial, commercial buildings, and other such places, continuous movement is inevitable which means repeatedly opening and closing doors and sending an open invitation to a variety of issues and problems.

People who do not invest in air curtains face common problems that might affect their daily operations;

  1. Ingress of flies and mosquitoes
  2. Heavy Electricity Bills
  3. Air Conditioners not performing as desired
  4. High Dust in the showroom
  5. Smell or smoke problem
  6. Continuous breakdown of Machines due to Dust & heating
  7. Heavy loss of fuel in case of conveyor hot ovens
  8. Worried about the opening and closing of Door
  9. Concerned about product Quality and hygiene
  10. Irritated customers because of flies and mosquitoes.

Mitzvah provides world-class air curtains manufacturers & suppliers in India. Mitzvah is the leading name in air curtains manufacturer and Supplier Company.  An air curtain controls the flood of air by keeping cold air out in winter and adapting air in during summer. With its strong engine or blower, it assists with halting the penetration of poisons and flying bugs. This is particularly significant in stores that have food or other consumables. It is appropriate for huge display areas, grocery stores; gem specialist display areas, shopping centers, and so on. It isolates various conditions while permitting a smooth, continuous progression of individuals, vehicles, and unhindered vision through the opening.

Mitzvah Air Curtains Control Climate and Energy Costs

air curtains

What are Air Curtains?

Before, actually getting into the species of how what, and where, it is quite crucial to understand what exactly are air curtains. Have you ever experienced air striking your head when you enter an airport or a mall? Ever wondered what that is? Well, it is surely something more than an ordinary door or any air vestibule.

In fact, it is an invisible barrier of air that prevents the inside air to mix with the outside air, thus preventing the loss of conditioned air and obstructing the entry of mosquitoes, flies, and dust, without any physical division.

Air curtains or air doors are devices that help create an unseen blockade between the air outside your premise and inside your workplace without the necessity of keeping a door which is a lot of hassle. Thus, an air curtain is one of those devices that provide a lot of utility. This energy-saving innovation is used in commercial and residential buildings to prevent insects, dust, and a wide range of other things from entering certain spaces. Furthermore, it ensures that the air in the building remains conditioned thereby, increasing the efficiency of the “air conditioners”, by not allowing the air to escape. Other than that, it allows the owners to utilize the space near the doors that would otherwise be blocked by bulky vestibules, etc. Air curtains generate a uniform stream of directed air, across an opening and create a barrier that inhibits the transfer of heat and particulate matter from one zone to the other. An appropriately designed system will create this barrier across the entire height and width of the opening.

Broadly, air curtains are of two types:

  1. Recirculating and
  2. Non-circulating air curtains.

The non-recirculating air curtain is more popular as it is more economical than the recirculating one.

Why do we need an Air Curtain?

Recirculating air curtains are a complex assembly of fans, poor grills, baffle filters, hepa filters, ducts, and plenum to create a uniform low. Thus, making installation difficult, time-consuming and costly.

In places such as airports, retail stores, and manufacturing units with a continuous movement of people, materials, or vehicles, a door wouldn’t be a viable option as it would be necessary to leave the door open leading to the air, pests, dust, and smell entering the conditioned environment. Air curtains provide an assurance of a well-sealed yet conditioned environment and offer a great level of comfort to the employees resulting in a happier workforce.

Moreover, in segments such as cold rooms, restaurants, hospitals, food, and dairy industries, it is vital to protect the air inside from being contaminated by the air outside. Even during the stormy season, air curtains ensure to keep debris and other outside substances away thus maintaining hygiene and a clean environment.

How does an air curtain work as a thermal barrier?

The door or shutter opens, if there is a thermal air temperature difference on both sides. The exchange of air starts, since the colder air is denser, it settles down and hot air rises up since it is lighter. Now the cold air tries to move out from the bottom of the door and hot air moves towards the colder side from the top of the door.

This continuous exchange of air leads to heavy energy loss. Thus when the Air Curtains start, it blows the air from top to bottom and creates an air wall along the width of the door, thus separating two different thermal conditions and acting like a barrier.

This leads to the saving of conditioned air and inhibits the entry of dust, mosquitoes, and flies.

Commercial air curtains are a great way to seal off an entryway to separate two different environments. For example, you might want to keep hot air out and air-conditioned air in. Or you might simply want to keep bugs and debris out of a work area. Air curtains, also known as air doors, create an air seal to prevent the environments from mixing.

Mitzvah represents high-quality air curtains and also they can evaluate, size, and order the right curtain for your application.

Air Curtain Prices with ZERO Budget Impact

mitzvah air curtains

Air curtains save space over a vestibule. Air curtains use less supplemental heat than vestibule heaters, which helps enhance employee comfort, and reduces liability by maintaining drier entryway floors during inclement weather. This helps keep traffic flow unhindered and improves sanitation by reducing insect entry as well as keeping out dust and odors. Mitzvah provides the best quality air curtains for better comfort.

There are some points which reflect zero budget impact on air curtain prices:

Protects product quality

air curtains are a barrier that keeps harmful things from getting to your valuable things and equipment. Less pollution means less wear and tear on expensive parts and equipment, which protects the quality of your products.

Saves Manpower

Air curtains protect against airborne dust, pollutants, gases, and bad odors. When there is less dust and pollution coming in from the outside, there is less need for cleaning and maintenance, which means there is less work for people to do. Some ways in which it could affect our stores, showrooms, etc. right away.

Drop in Factory Accidents

Glass doors that are closed or doors that are blocked pose a risk to both employees and people who might want to buy something. Air curtains are a safe alternative because they close off the area without blocking your view.

Open Doors Policy

An open door is always appealing to customers and is therefore recommended, but it also lets in dust, bugs, bad smells, and other pollutants. With an air curtain, you can get all the benefits of an open door without any of the drawbacks. You can also cut down on the amount of work needed to run a physical door every day.

Saving Power

Air Curtains make entrances much less wasteful of energy. When energy loss is cut down, temperature-control devices like air conditioners, heaters, and ovens don’t have to work as hard, so they use less power.

Reduced maintenance costs

The quality of the product is kept high when there is less dust and pollution, and the equipment works less hard when less conditioned air leaks out. This change in duty cycle makes air conditioners, chillers, blast freezers, and other devices that control temperature last longer.

Eliminating Odors

The constant flow of air from an air curtain creates a barrier that keeps odors from getting in. This helps keep the place clean and healthy, which brings in more customers and improves the overall image of your business.

Better business efficiency

Air curtains make things more comfortable for both people outside and people inside by keeping bugs away and stopping conditioned air from escaping. Employees works efficiently in a pleasant environment.

Mitzvah Commercial air curtains are industrial quality centrifugal air curtains that provide an unobtrusive and virtually invisible barrier to your door. They cater for height of up to  10 ft and a length of up to 2,100 mm. They are typically used for larger doors such as warehouses, butchers, shopping malls, hospitals, and more.

Mitzvah Air Curtains: Worried about CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)? No Problem!!!

Mitzvah Air Curtains

The protective barrier provided by Mitzvah Air Curtains keep harmful chemicals away from your valuable products and machinery. This reduction in pollution reduces the wear and tear of parts and other useful machinery and maintains the quality of your product.

If you are worried about Capital expenditure, No problem Mitzvah is here:

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains payback period

The payback period is the time it takes to recoup the cost of an investment. Simply put, it is the period of time it takes for an investment to reach its limit. Air curtains construction and energy saving feature, result in a very fast payback period of up to 6 months in air conditioning systems and as little as 4 months in hot oven applications. The quantity of payback varies based on the place and context of use.

i. Payback in a less busy area

The air curtains help to maintain the barrier that separates the outside and inside environments, therefore keeping the temperature stable. And, since there is less movement in areas like offices, shops, and personal spaces, the payback period is quite short and can be easily verified before and after 4 months.

ii. Payback at a place with moderate movements

Payback assumes the above-mentioned estimate, which shows that an air curtain saves on average Rs 7/minute, so a big store or major shop on average works 8–10 hours a day and 26 days a month (Sunday closed). The monthly savings will be roughly Rs 12,000, for a total savings of Rs 60,000 in 5 months.

iii. Payback in locations where there is constant movement

Wherever there is constant movement, the air curtains have to work hard and forever to maintain a consistent air temperature. As a consequence, with continued usage, it will use more power and, as a result, the investment can be restored in less than 6 months. Mechanical components may wear and deteriorate with prolonged use, resulting in increased costs.

Effect of Air Curtains Price on CAPEX

Capital expenditures, or “CapEx,” is the sum of money spent by a company to purchase, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as land, buildings, plants, and equipment. The main goals are to protect the company’s assets and keep the cash flow positive. So, in this case, the air curtain does the things that are needed in a more efficient manner. Air curtain has been called a “cash cow” for any business because it brings in a lot of money over time for a small initial investment. With a payback period of only four to six months, it has no effect on costs but does lower BTL by lowering operational expenses and increasing margin.

i. Air Curtain in Itself is a cash cow with low investment and high returns.
ii. With a payback period of just 4-6 months, It has no effect on costing rather it lowers the BTL, by lowering the operational cost and hence increasing the margin.
iii. Thus money invested in CAPEX will give a reduction in operational cost.

By avoiding leakage of conditioned air and keeping the mosquitoes and flies away, mitzvah air curtains help increase the comfort level of both external customers and internal employees. A comfortable environment and satisfied employees result in increasing the overall business efficiency.

Air Curtains Price: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Air curtains price

Air curtains price generally vary by manufacturer. Quality, type and usage are three key factors that affect the cost of an air curtain system. Mitzvah answers all frequently asked questions about air curtains so you can assess whether they are valuable to your business.

Frequently Asked Question about Air Curtains price are-

i. What is the Thickness of Sheet and Extrusion of Air Curtain

Some studies show that the thickness of a PVC air curtain doesn’t have much of an effect on the flow of air, and even if it did, the air barrier tends to fail often even if it did. Because of this, there is no effect on saving energy. So, the thinnest option, which is between 1 and 2 mm and fits in a pocket, could be chosen.

ii. What is the Tank Powder Coating Process for Air Curtain?

The nine-tank powder coating method is often used in large businesses, but a seven-tank powder coating system works just as well. On the 9-tank machine, there are two small steps that the 7-tank machine doesn’t have: pre-degreasing (1st step) and a water rinse (8th step). The water rinse doesn’t do much because it happens after the third and fifth stages as well.

iii. Will Aluminium shell of the Motor Effect on Air Curtains Price?

The metal case of a motor is usually made of cast iron, steel plate, or aluminium. The market always agrees that the aluminium shell motor achieves its goal of looking good. Due to its low mechanical strength, the aluminium cover on the motor frame size 315 is almost nonexistent. But the two materials don’t change anything else about how well the motor works.

iv. How does Copper Widing will work on Air Curtains Price?

There are many different ways to wind the coils of a motor. Here are some other options and what they would mean:
We can take

  • Aluminium:

    The weight of the motor has another effect as well. Aluminium is less conductive than copper, so to get the same amount of power, you need bigger lines and motors.

    Gold and silver:

    These wires have less resistance and are less likely to corrode than aluminium or copper wires. After repeated movement, aluminium wires are more likely to break due to flex fatigue. Also, silver cables are better at carrying electricity than copper ones. Gold and silver are also much more expensive than copper.


    It is the most common material for magnet wire because it conducts electricity well and is cheap. We use copper with a very thin enamel coating and tightly coil the wire to make the winding that will give the motor the electromagnetic field it needs to work. Copper is a good choice for motor windings because it conducts electricity well and is cheap. But because it is thick and heavy, it might not be the best choice for motors that are rarely lifted.

v. What is Virgin Plastic & Dynamic Balancing in terms of Air Curtains?

Post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), which is often used in air curtains, is expensive and breaks down quickly in the environment. Even though virgin plastic is easy to find and inexpensive, it breaks down slowly and takes decades to do so. So, if a company plans to buy air curtains for more than five years, it can use plastic that hasn’t been used before.

The dynamic balancing is best maintained in the magnetic air curtain because it maintains the door very efficiently without letting out any intrusion. Other air curtains maintain dynamic balancing through the thickness as well as the lower load of the air curtains.

vi. What is Precision in Machines

Modern, computerized machine tools must be able to make precise cuts and close tolerances with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. CNC machine tools, which are controlled by computers, can do this.

Electric heating has become more effective thanks to new ideas. Before, manufacturers of air curtains used inefficient electric heating coils in the airstream to stop the flow of air. Electric parts have been added to the two air inlets of the blower housing so that the blower can send continuous, smooth airflow to the air discharge nozzles. This makes the seal at the doorway open better.

Mitzvah: 3 Myths about Air Curtain Price


air curtains price

Air Curtains are dependent on four major factors.

1. Material

If you are working on a project, you may choose from a wide variety of materials. The cost of materials will vary depending on the quality of the product, and this will be a factor in determining the price. It’s possible that the cheaper ones are of worse quality, while the more expensive ones may be relied upon to last longer. To save money, some people opt for lower-quality materials. Using low-quality materials may seem to be a good idea at present, but this might lead to a variety of problems in the future.

There can be a number of problems regarding the quality of material, like:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetic Look
  • Cost of the complete goods
  • Reputations

2. Human Workforce

When selling completed items, labor costs are a crucial component of the story. According to economic theory, labor costs, which are a component of the marginal cost of production, are a determining factor in pricing levels, and an increase in labor costs may lead to an increase in consumer prices. The extent to which changes in workforce compensation costs and consumer and final goods prices influence future price raises remains to be seen. The cost of a product or service increases with the size of the labor force.

3. Use of Machine

Innovation is the central element of corporate change and the driving force behind the use of existing technology, processes, and products, the kind of change that may have a significant influence on competitiveness. The following are some advantages of using a machine:

  • Machines are more efficient when they produce more with less energy and in less time.
  • When employees use machines, they may be more dedicated to their job.
  • As a machine, improvements in product quality and quantity lead to a very fast and large rate of production.
  • The costs of production and labor pay have been decreased.
  • Training enables people to develop their technical skills; Higher compensation improves the quality of life for competent operators.

4. Method

Costing and production methods are essential components for every business to assess and sustain profitability. To stay competitive in an ever-changing business climate and minimize costs that are passed on to consumers, organizations must be aware of all activities that create costs, lower the costs of operations, accelerate the speed to market, and so reduce the costs of production techniques. All of this would allow nimble organizations to introduce new goods, allowing them to remain ahead of the competitive curve, especially in new product development. Consequently, the procedures used to manufacture air curtains price have an effect on the final product. The greater the price, the more durable, sturdy, and hidden the techniques used to make high-quality items.

  • Since Man, Machine and Method are subjective and are responsible for Quality

Human labor, the use of machines, and the processes or methods themselves are all factors that are connected to one another and are subject to change. However, when everything is put together in the right way, it results in a trustworthy and high-quality product. When it comes to quality control, the smallest mistake might end up being fatal.

The term quality assurance (QA) is used in the manufacturing industry as well as the service industry to describe the systematic efforts made to ensure that the goods provided to customers meet contractual and other agreed-upon performance, design, dependability, and maintainability standards. QA is a word that is used in both industries. The major objective of quality control and assurance is the elimination of mistakes and shortfalls in product design and production.

  • But Material is the main constituent where Prices make an Impact

The quality of the materials used is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a product. Consumers have long believed that price and quality are strongly correlated and that as the price of a product increases, so will it is quality. Superior quality requires more attention to detail, which naturally takes more time and costs more money. Occasionally, a low-cost product does not include high-quality materials, but this is uncommon. And this marketing strategy is not sustainable. As a consequence, the choice of material remains the top priority for any company concerned with pricing. When a product is of good quality, it is more stable and endures for a longer period of time.

Mitzvah is a leading air curtain manufacturer and supplier company in India. The aim of this company is to make a hygienic and healthy atmosphere. This is an ISO Certified company, which provides the best quality air curtains at an affordable price. The best feature of Mitzvah air curtains is silent air curtains. Air Curtains Machine Reduces electricity bill by 50%.

Why You Should Not Worry About Air Curtain Prices- A Detailed Guidebook


air curtains

As a business owner, you may have to deal with problems like ensuring customers are comfortable, saving energy, and keeping dust and pests out. The best way to solve these problems is to put an air curtain in the workplace. Air curtains are placed over the entrance door to make a strong air barrier that keeps clean air in and dirt and debris out. By stopping heat from escaping through open doors, an air curtain that is built well and works well can save your business a lot of money.

1. First to greet at the door

Almost every business owner is aware that open doors indicate to customers that a company is open for business. An open door is a friendly gesture that improves customer traffic substantially. Installing air curtains increases the flow of customers into your establishment while regulating the temperature inside. The air curtain greets the customer by directing a high volume of air pressure towards them, which also assists in removing dirt particles from the outside. Upon entering the facility, the temperature balance is the first and foremost thing they experience.

2. It saves Rs 7 per minute in expenses

An open door welcomes consumers, but it also draws frigid air. Traditional restaurant heating systems may be inefficient, particularly in big establishments with open doors. Air curtains provide an invisible barrier that keeps external air from entering and regulates the outflow of internal air, thus keeping the temperature within the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler. This reduces the wear and tear on your heating or cooling system and saves you money on heating expenses. By limiting heat loss and operating in concert with current heating systems, an air curtain may optimize energy savings.

As a result, it saves Rs 7 per minute, as compared to the traditional heater, and also helps the heater last longer and work less.

3. Keeps Dust Away

While providing a refreshing breeze, the air curtain also creates an air barrier or air seal, preventing the majority of pollution from the outside and increasing the air quality standards inside the building, thereby providing a clean, pollutant-free environment and significantly reducing air infiltration through doorways.

4. Maintains Hygiene

Air curtains provide a pleasant and hygienic environment in a workplace by reducing flying insects and other airborne contaminants such as pollen, dust, and car exhaust. This is because they are designed to provide an effective barrier by recirculating facility air in a smooth flow across an open doorway, making it more difficult for outside air to penetrate the air curtain.

5. Easy to clean

Air curtains are simple to install, and they are also simple to clean and maintain since they demand no tedious work. An improved cover is meant to be easy to clean since it does not need disassembly of its pieces, ensuring a sanitary lifestyle at all times.

6. Toxins are bygone

An air curtain is meant to capture even the smallest airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, to keep the air clean and healthy. This minimizes your likelihood of getting harmful diseases, enabling you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Some people only care about the price of the air curtain and choose a less performing air curtain or an unsuitable one, and most seem to think that God knows what the benefit of installing a huge air curtain on a small door will be. Nothing is far from the truth.

Well, Mitzvah wants you to understand all the necessities of buy air curtains prices.

7 Little Changes that will Affect Air Curtain Price


air curtain price

Air curtains or air doors are devices that help create an invisible blockage between the air outside your premises and the air inside your workplace without the need for bulky doors. Therefore, the mitzvah air curtains price is one of the devices that offer many benefits.

The main aim of this blog is to compare the measured effectiveness of an air curtain device and its price. Mitzvah describes some little changes that will affect air curtain price, Mitzvah brings some changes in Air curtains, which will definitely affect air curtains price and services.

There are some changes that will affect air curtain prices-

1) Thickness of Sheet and Extrusion

A decrease in the Thickness cannot be visually seen but will lead to increased vibrations in the machine over time.

2) 7 Tank Powder Coating Process

Not to do 7 Tank Powder Coating instead do a chemical wash, this shortcut will not be able to give a 500 Hours of Salt spray test.

There is a 7step procedure for the powder coating process-
Step 1: Degreasing the metal surface

The initial step of the powder coating tank process is to clean the metal surface of the air curtain of oil, grease, and debris. We often use both alkaline and acidic degreasers for the degreasing phase of the tank process. Alkaline degreasers consist of both alkalis and surfactants. It is often used in hot environments. On the other hand, an acidic degreaser is a solvent-based liquid. Their pH value is acidic. They are more expensive than alkaline degreasers and more effective at removing rust and grease in cold temperatures.

Step 2-Rinsing

The second tank in the tank process is cleaned with water after degreasing. The metal surface of an air curtain is washed with water to eliminate the degreasing effect. It restricts the use of chemicals in future procedures. Before moving on to the next stage, check that it has been well rinsed.

Step 3: Derusting of metal surfaces

After the surface of the metal has been cleaned with water, it is moved to the tank where it will be rust-free. The object is put into the third tank of the Powder Coating Tank Process, which is full of chemical solutions that remove rust. We use acidic chemicals to de-rust and pickle all surfaces to get rid of things like rust, scale, and oxide layers.

Step 4: Rinsing again

Rinse with water once again in the fourth tank of the powder coating process. The fourth tank of water wash eliminates the de-rusting chemicals and influences the metal surface. Because de-rusting chemicals are acidic in nature, this prevents them from further propagating in the process.

Step 5: Surface Activation

The subsequent step of the Powder Coating Tank Process is Surface Activation. This is entirely optional. Surface activation agents activate the metal during phosphate coating, resulting in a fine crystalline structure. As an outcome, corrosion resistance and adhesion properties will be upgraded.

Step 6: Phosphate of metal surfaces

In the Powder Coating Tank Process, the Phosphate Phase is the most crucial step. In general, the tank process is known as the phosphorizing process. We produce zinc phosphate solution for metal phosphate. The Zinc Phosphate Solution makes the coating on the surface of sheet metal uniform and smooth. Phosphorating gives the best outcomes in the process.

Step 7: Passivation

Passivation produces a chrome coating on the Zinc Phosphate surface. It increases the metal’s resistance to corrosion. It seals the pores on the surface of the sheet metal to provide superior corrosion resistance to phosphate coating.

3) Aluminium shell of the Motor

Using Metal shells in Motors, which can reduce the cost but will not be able to dissipate heat faster is the reason all car engines are built in aluminum.

  • The metal casing of the motor is mostly composed of cast iron, steel plate, and aluminum. The market continuously acknowledges the aluminum shell motor pursuit of motor & aesthetic attractiveness.
  • Since aluminum has a lower density, the machine weighs less as a whole. Aluminum moves heat better than iron, which helps the engine get rid of heat. Aluminum has low strength, is easy to work with and make, and cuts down on the cost of processing.
  • The advantages of using aluminum as a motor casing are that it is light, good at getting rid of heat, has good thermal conductivity, is easy to die-cast, has good plasticity, can stretch more than iron, makes less noise, and keeps the movement stable.

4) Copper Winding

Instead of expensive Copper use cheaper copper wire or Aluminum wire which will drastically reduce the cost.

Since it is reasonably inexpensive and has low electrical resistance (it is a good conductor), copper is the cheapest material with high conductivity. There are cheaper metals (aluminum or iron) and metals with greater conductivity (silver), but copper is in the “sweet spot” it is the cheapest high-conductivity material, since excessive resistance may cause the motor to overheat and even catch fire. Copper wire is the ideal material for motor windings. Gold and silver, two other great conductors, would be prohibitively expensive. Aluminum is likely the only alternate material available. Tiny conductor sizes are more difficult to wind and terminate, and less trustworthy. It fractures rapidly at small conductor sizes, especially when exposed to vibration.

From the above findings, it is evidently clear that copper is the best suitable metal to be used in motor winding. It is widely used in all types of motors and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to its alternatives.

5) 2 Rs. Rubber Seal Bearings

Either using bushes or zz bearings from Chinese manufacturers will reduce the cost.

There is a sealed version of many metallic rolling bearings. The metallic form of ball bearings usually requires seals to prevent dirt from entering the ball’s running surfaces. They may combine with the lubricant and render the bearing inoperable.

On the market, there are two types of ball bearings: open bearings and closed bearings. The 2 Rs. ball bearing is an everlasting, sealed bearing.

Consequently, the price of air curtains with a closed 2Rs. ball bearing will be somewhat more than that of a regular one. The question to consider, however, is whether you would forfeit the quality of the whole air curtain for such a cheap price, given that the motor uses ball bearings.

6) Virgin Plastic & Dynamic Balancing Blowers

You will find blowers in different colors which are added to camouflage mixing, and not doing the dynamic balancing which will induce vibrations and change the center of gravity and axis of motion and hence increase noise levels from bearings.

7) Precision in Machines

If the alignments and precision are not taken care of in fabrication and assembling and are not done with the right tools, it will ultimately give a lower cost but a short life.

Precision machining is the process of removing excess raw material from a workpiece while preserving the finish within close tolerances. Simply said, it entails reducing large quantities of material to smaller, more exact pieces that may meet highly stringent criteria. Cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining are all components of this process, which is often performed with the use of computer numerical control (CNC) machinery.