3 Common Misconceptions about Air Curtains Price

Air Curtains Price

An air curtain, also known as an air cutter and air door, is a machine that blows a controlled airflow across an opening to the other side to create an airtight seal. This seal separates different environments while allowing for a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic and unobstructed views through openings. In this blog, we discuss misconceptions about air curtains price.

Consider the following factors when deciding on an air curtain:

  1. The height of the installation is measured from the discharge diffuser to the floor.
  2. The building’s location will determine the level of weather protection required.
  3. The pressure differential between the interior and exterior of a building.
  4. Electrical power supply availability and voltage level
  5. Business types, building styles, and interior design

The following are some common misconceptions regarding the air curtains price:

  1. There is no difference in cost between different sizes or lengths of air curtains.

There is a widespread misconception that all air curtains of the same size and length should have the same cost. This is not the case. On the other hand, the price is not so much determined by the external components as it is by the internal ones. In addition, there are two distinct varieties of air curtains: those that are heated electrically and those that are not. Additionally, the electrical one is the more expensive option.

  1. The price of the Air curtain will be significantly higher as the size is large

This is a completely false notion that has been passed down from generation to generation, as the cost of the air curtain depends entirely on its dimensions. It is not true that standard or domestic air curtains are the same sizes as commercial grade air curtains because commercial grade air curtains are larger. The construction of the self-supporting casing, which ought to be done using galvanized steel plate, is what establishes the price of the item. A filtering capability ought to be built into the inlet valve. Because of this, there is no longer a requirement for any additional maintenance or pre-filtering to be done. The use of double-inlet centrifugal fans, which are powered by an external motor and generate very little noise, drives up the cost of the product significantly. And perhaps most importantly, those air curtains with a rating of 5 stars help in reducing energy consumption, which results in them being comparably more expensive than air curtains with lower ratings.


  1. Even the most expensive air curtain is going to be perfect for all of your applications.

In India, there is a widespread misconception that the higher the cost of an item, the more beneficial it will be. The truth is that each curtain is made to order in accordance with the space, the customer’s requirements, and the intended purpose. In addition, the cost of installing commercial air curtains in a residential or community grocery store would be excessively excessive. Why would you spend that much money on an air curtain when you could get one that is significantly cheaper? 

There are 3 Common misconceptions about Air Curtains Price

  1. All Air Curtain works the same.

This is the most common feature that every air curtain possesses it is a device that uses a fan to force a curtain of air downward known as an air curtain. The forced air creates an invisible barrier that prevents warm or cool air from entering a doorway or building through an opening, thereby aiding in temperature regulation. Air curtains are also used to prevent insects, dust, pollen, and other contaminants from entering an interior space.

However, the original use of the Air curtain is primarily determined by the location and function of its use. And, in terms of function, air curtains are available in a variety of styles, each with its own set of capabilities.

  1. Velocity is the only parameter to measure the quality of the Air Curtain

Velocity refers to the speed of the motor and then the fan, but apart from this, the main characteristic of the Air Curtain is how much nominal Airflow it produces which is in m3/h. The low-pressure air curtain produces nominal airflow ranging from 1700-3200 m3/h and the High pressure (commercial purpose) air curtain produces the nominal airflow ranging from 1800-7200 m3/h. In order to achieve such airflow the amount of energy consumption is also important. More efficiency and less consumption are the other parameters to check the quality of the air curtains. Apart from the velocity, a good quality air curtain produces minimal noise. 

  1. The misconception is that air curtains are simple fans put on the door.

A fan is a powered machine that circulates air. A fan is a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades that act on the air and are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal. An impeller, rotor, or runner is a rotating assembly of blades and a hub.

Whereas an air curtain is a fan-powered device that creates an invisible air barrier over a doorway to effectively separate two environments while allowing people and vehicles to pass through.

Difference between a fan and an air curtain:

  1.  A fan has less velocity than the air curtain.
  2. A fan consists of a less powerful motor which makes it slower than the air curtain, thus helping to create a barrier or the two environments.
  3. Fans won’t be able to stop pathogens from coming inside while an air curtain helps a lot.
  4. A fan helps to ease the heat wave whereas an air curtain works as both a normal and heated air curtain.
  5. The air velocity of a regular fan is between 2-3 m/s whereas the velocity of an air curtain is between 15-17 m/s.
  6.  It is not possible to cover a large doorway used in commercial places while air curtain comes in varied sizes.

Air Curtains – What is Worth Knowing for Installing Air Curtains?

Every one of us who has visited the mall has walked through the air curtains at least once. These devices are a must-have for any store, retail chain, or service establishment. With an air curtain, you can reduce airflow and, depending on the season, reduce heat or cooling losses from opening exterior doors.

How air curtains work and what solutions are on the market – here are some practical tips-

Due to the difference in air temperature between the two sides of the entrance door, when the door is opened, the heated or cooled air irreversibly escapes to the outside – this results in a large loss of energy that must be compensated by heating or cooling the room. Using a vestibule can solve this problem, but due to the small size of the rooms, this is not always possible – due to the limited space available for such venues. Air curtains are an alternative to corridors in accordance with good practice and applicable law. They generate strong airflows directed to doorways in parallel and tangential planes, preventing drafts and heat loss in winter, and warm air infiltration into cooled and air-conditioned rooms in summer.

Operating Principle of Air Curtains

Most of the air curtain on the market are compact devices that are installed directly above the outer door. Mitzvah Manufacturers offer compact air curtain in several versions, such as B. economical, standard, or elegant design. The air curtain consists of a supply air grille, an exhaust air grille, and a fan. An add-on to this device is an electric heater or water heater. The air curtain creates a strong airflow from the slotted outlet grille. The airflow flows diagonally across the slats and is drawn and heated by fans, usually located in the air curtain housing. This creates a strong planar airflow that creates an air barrier that prevents outside air from flowing in through the open door. Heated air curtains are used in small shops and commercial establishments because they do not require heating in the form of radiators that take up valuable space.

Air Curtains – What Does the Market Offer?

There are a variety of curtain solutions on the market that suit architectural needs. Air curtain can be classified according to the temperature of the supply air – warm air and cold air. Use warm curtains for passages and doorways that people use. In off-the-beaten-track places, such as B. driveway gates, we use cool curtains. Structurally, we distinguish between single-flow or double-flow curtains. For industrial applications, use curtains with horizontal air jets for car doors in industrial plants.

House air curtains are usually made of galvanized steel and powder coated. Air curtains are available in different lengths; standard lengths are 1500, 2000, and 2500 mm. The air curtain has a range of 2.5-4.2 m – depending on the model selected and the situation. The best choice of air curtains should create a dynamic airflow in the light throughout the entrance opening, which will effectively block cold or hot air from entering the interior of the building. In this case, the use of an air curtain system can reduce heat loss by up to 80%. Buy Air Curtains from Mitzvah for a better experience.

Air Curtains for Cafés and Restaurants

Most people feel uncomfortable sitting near the front door of a cafe or restaurant in winter. Customers experience gusts of cold air every time someone enters or leaves the facility. Properly installed heated rite of a passage air curtain can help solve this problem and greatly improve guest comfort.

The use of commercial air curtains in bloodless shops moreover eliminates the phenomenon of door freezing and eliminates the formation of mist – when humid air is combined with inside air. The set up of air curtain is really worth thinking about anywhere the door is open completely or very often. Air curtains are additionally used in eating places to separate smoking and non-smoking areas. Such units can additionally considerably limit heating or air conditioning costs, relying on the season, and supply remedies to humans residing in the building.

Mitzvah Air curtains manufacturers and suppliers at a very reasonable price and best quality air curtain which reduce your 50 % electricity bills and make your atmosphere dust free.

Get Better Air Curtains with Mitzvah in India

Air Curtains

Before purchasing air curtains, we should know about air curtain in detail, what is air curtain, how does air curtain works, where it is used, and their advantages of an air curtain. In this blog we talk about air curtains and give you all detail about air curtains, that’s why you don’t have any confusion before buying air curtains.

Here it is,

What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain also referred to as an air door is a mechanism that creates an air shield by blowing a controlled stream of air across the opening to the opposite side. This barrier separates different environments while permitting uninterrupted traffic flow and clear visibility through the opening. They help to contain heated or stimulated air in industrial or commercial configurations, resulting in significant energy savings and increased personal comfort. In addition, they prevent the infiltration of contaminants and insect pests. Mitzvah manufactures and distributes air curtain at an affordable price.

How does the Air Curtain work?

Air curtain perform their intended function because they generate sufficient air to establish a barrier that stretches the length of the entrance. Engineers designed this invisible airflow barrier to entirely surround the entrance and shield the inside from temperature-variable, pathogen-laden, and insect-carrying outside air. Even though this is not a physical barrier, it protects the doorway sufficiently.

  • When the air curtain is engaged, the air is sucked into the device via its intake.
  • The fan then accelerates the air as it enters the container of the fan.
  • This air goes into an inlet manifold, which distributes the air evenly along the length of the discharge port.
  • The propeller vanes on the nozzle make a flow of air that is mostly smooth and even.
  • The air expelled by the nozzle generates a downward-falling air current. 80 percent of the air returns to the intake side of the air curtain, while 20 percent travels in the other direction.

Where Air curtains are used?

Pretty much every single business can potentially benefit from an air curtain in some way. Heat transfer, obstinate insects, dust or pollen, and windy air are not limited to a specific business. Instead, these problems may affect every business in every industry. This means that air curtains could be used almost anywhere.

Air curtains provide customers with comfort while saving energy and keeping critters outside. Air curtain installation in commercial and industrial settings, including

  • Food Service (Quick Serve, Restaurants, Schools, and Cafeterias)
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Office and retail
  • Convenience and groceries
  • Manufacturing, transportation, and terminals
  • Indoor Grow Facilities and Processing Plants, and Food Processing Plants.

Advantages of Using an Air Curtain:

  • Huge energy savings: Air curtain systems minimise energy usage, operational costs, carbon footprint, and environmental impact. It uses the least amount of energy to keep a temperature difference inside or outside the building.
  • Climate Control: Air Curtain contribute to the creation of air temperature barriers between two locations. This section keeps the temperature inside more stable, which makes customers, visitors, and employees feel more at ease.
  • Pest Control: Flying insects such as bees and fruit flies may be a nuisance. They may contaminate food, ruin the wine, transfer disease, or provoke allergic reactions. Flying bugs hate air curtain and can’t get through them without getting confused and losing their balance.
  • Environmentally Safe: Air curtains provide the aforementioned benefits without harming the environment. To have an effect, the devices use just air, not chemicals or anything else that is hazardous to the environment.
  • Improve indoor air quality: An air curtain’s capacity to generate a non-obstructive air stream that keeps particles, dirt, and dust out enhances indoor air quality. It functions by recirculating indoor air over an open doorway, preventing the entry of outside air.
  • Stress-free system: Air curtain minimizes heat loss via workplace doorways. Less heat loss conserves energy. This might reduce the heating system’s demand and lengthen its lifespan.
  • Stop the foul odour: There are several unpredictable odours in the outdoor world. Your structure could be located near an industrial or urban area. By keeping out the outside air, an air curtain can stop bad smells from coming into a building.

Types of Air Curtain available:

There are several varieties of air curtains on the market presently. Some kinds of air curtains are those that are heated by electricity, those that use steam coils, and those that use gas.

  1. Ambient (Unheated) Air Curtains: Ambient air curtains are often used for pest and pollution monitoring, and they may be installed at any entrance. This kind of air curtain is often installed inside the door opening. Although indoor installations may aid with environmental management (by filtering out toxins, dirt, and allergens), ambient air curtains installed outside the door can help with pest extermination as well. These curtains are especially good for the environment because they use less energy to separate the air inside and outside.
  2. Electrically Heated Air Curtains: Electrically heated air curtains are used to keep chilly gusts at bay in locations that need extra warmth, such as open entrances. Heated air curtains are utilised in restaurants, hospitals, and retail businesses to optimise interior ambiance. When customers enter a facility from the chilly or windy outdoors, these curtains keep the frigid air outside and the warm, welcoming air inside. Because the heating feature may be switched off in the summer, this air curtain could be used all year.
  3. Steam/Hot Water Coil Air Curtains: These air curtains integrate into a building’s preexisting heating system. Almost all the commercial T buildings are heated with steam and hot water throughout the winter. Heat loss via open doors is a big issue in these places, so installing hot water or steam-based air curtain is an effective strategy to heat the threshold while keeping cold air out. In the summer, just switch off the heating component to utilise these air curtains.
  1. Indirect Gas-Fired Air Curtain: Indirect gas-powered air curtains are most often seen in warehouses, industrial complexes, distribution centers, and other big structures. Propane or gas is used to heat these structures. They lose heat attributed to frequent indoor and outdoor traffic. Keeping employees comfortable in these environments is critical for engagement and productivity. Indirect gas-powered air curtains contribute to this goal by providing a soothing atmosphere. Furthermore, many businesses and warehouses need consistent temperatures for sensitive items. Even when doors are opened and closed, air curtains may help to keep temperature variations to a minimum. In this scenario, indirect gas-fired units are especially beneficial since they provide protection from freezing temperatures and gusts of up to 30 miles per hour.

Leading Manufacturer and distributor of Air Curtain: Mitzvah

Mitzvah is the leading local manufacturer and supplier of Air Curtains, with a vast array of product applications in a number of industry segments. With the presence of PAN India, our support personnel is only a phone call away. We are the industry leader in offering air curtains, with over one hundred thousand satisfied customers. Our product is advantageous in several ways. Our Air curtain has been shown to be superior at a variety of duties, including preventing insects from entering a room and maintaining a constant temperature. They are easy to install and affordable. Additionally, they enhance workplace productivity and comfort.

Everything You Should Know About PVC STRIP CURTAINS

PVC Strip Curtains

Mitzvah PVC Strip Curtains- Save Today, Survive Tomorrow

If you want to save money while improving the output of your company, consider installing PVC strip curtains. If you make these changes to a standard entrance, you might save money, be able to control the temperature of your workspace, get more work done, and make your workplace safer.

What is a PVC Strip Curtains?

Strip door curtains are translucent, flexible plastic strips that may be hung across any open doorway to serve as an extra barrier or door replacement. These plastic strip curtains provide several advantages. Strip door curtains are far more flexible than regular doors, allowing you to walk or drive through them without difficulty. Due to their transparency, they limit the danger of employee accidents and injuries. The strip door curtains are constructed from a plastic material that is flexible enough to be bent, but sturdy enough to survive for a long time and keep their overall form even when subjected to severe usage.

Verities of PVC Curtain at Mitzvah:

Mitzvah PVC curtains manufacturer and suppliers at an affordable price, they are available in a range of colours and patterns in our online store. They can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstance, and can be positioned in a variety of locations.

Anti-Static PVC Strip: The blue plastic strip curtain with a textured surface controls the temperature and humidity of the room. Curtains used as barriers in warehouses, pharmacies, and hotels, among other places, are easy to operate and clean. They enable workers to have some privacy and promote workplace safety. Additionally, a PVC strip curtain for air conditioning may be employed to maintain the area’s cooler temperature for longer.

Overlapping PVC Strip: This plastic door strip is ideal for cold temperatures. It is made of crack-resistant, flexible, high-quality PVC plastic. It contributes to the temperature and cooling of the surroundings. Its colour helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. They are more important for gate construction and storage.

The double-ribbed PVC strip: This strip is as clear as glass and increases visibility while being more durable. They are helpful in industrial workspaces because they provide a clear view while moving heavy machinery or gear to a new site. They help to reduce pollution and save energy. These school PVC strip curtains provide a visually appealing and dust-free atmosphere.

Anti-Insect PVC Strip: Yellow plastic door strips are appropriate for locales with substantial foot traffic. They mitigate air pollution and repel insects while attracting attention from a distance. Furthermore, the plastic curtains help with active noise cancellation. They have rounded edges that make installation easier and reduce the chance of damage. The colour helps to regulate the temperature of the space.

 Manufacturing and supplying PVC Curtain

PVC strip curtains may be purchased online in India at a price that is both low and affordable. We are well-known in the business as both a producer and a supplier of PVC curtains, and we provide these products not only in India but also all over the globe. You may purchase the roll, then trim it to the length of the door, and then install it at the various locations. They are simple to set up, and you can get them from our online shop with a few clicks of your mouse.

Mitzvah ‘Factory

We’ve established a robust infrastructure factory in order to consistently provide high-quality PVC Curtains, PVC Strip Doors, PVC Strips, PVC Strip Mounting Hardware, and Commercial Air Curtains, among other products. This warehouse factory, which is equipped with state-of-the-art gear, forms the backbone of our organization. Our company’s infrastructure is dispersed throughout a vast territory and separated into specialized divisions to maintain a smooth workflow. The instruments and equipment used by our different divisions are managed by a team of professionals.

The following components comprise our infrastructure:

  • Quality assurance section
  • unit of research and development
  • Unit of manufacturing
  • unit for storage, packaging, and deployment.

Why Mitzvah:

  • Some of the things that put us ahead of the competition in our field are:
  • Outstanding logistic amenities
  • Consumers receive professional service.
  • A huge spectrum of distribution and marketing channels
  • Seamless customer satisfaction
  • A plethora of different sorts of industrial equipment

Buy Air Curtains to Save your money on Energy Bills at an Affordable Price

Air Curtains

No matter what building you have, whether it’s an office, school, restaurant, or retail store, it can be difficult to prevent heat loss when there is a lot of traffic. For any building with more doors open than closed, energy-efficient air curtains have the potential to significantly reduce energy costs, buy air curtains from Mitzvah to save your Money on Energy Bills at an affordable price.

Opening or opening doors allow heat (and energy) to escape from the building. Warm air rises and flows out of the open door, followed by cooler air, replacing it at the lower level. Of course, this happens in any room or building, but doors that open and close frequently or stay open all the time can speed up the process. As more and warmer air escapes, your heating system has to work harder to replace it, increasing your energy bills.


Are you looking for a clean, comfortable and hygienic environment for your workplace? Whether you work in food processing, mining, construction, hospitality, warehousing, or healthcare, air curtains protect your environment by creating an invisible barrier between two temperature-controlled areas. In this blog post, we’ll clear up the confusion and explain how air curtains work, why you use them, their benefits, and how a bar mitzvah can help you.

  • What are the advantages of air curtains?

Key benefits of installing commercial air curtains include energy savings, improved health and safety, insect control, and increased comfort.

  • Air curtains save your energy bills

Air curtains can save you money by helping to keep the temperature even between areas and prevent hot or cold air from “leaching”.


Air curtains can be used to prevent hot air from escaping during the cooler months. This makes it a popular choice in the hospitality industry, as customers can sit comfortably near the entrance without being bothered by cold, wind, or outside odors such as cigarette smoke. Air curtains can also make the workplace more comfortable for employees and customers. Thanks to reduced air exchange between the inside and the outside, the building maintains an even temperature even as employees and customers come and go.

  • Air curtain door against insects

Business owners can keep their doors open to ensure continuous traffic flow without worrying about flying insects entering a controlled and sanitized environment. Nobody likes to find a fly in their soup!


As mentioned earlier, air curtains provide excellent insect control and reduce other containment measures that could endanger your customers or employees. It also provides improved air quality and ventilation from outside air that may contain dust, exhaust, odors, pollution, or fumes.

Energy-efficient air curtains create airflow that circulates through doorways, creating a “barrier” between the air inside the building and the air outside. These air curtains often have heating elements that increase the air temperature to reduce uncomfortable cold drafts when people pass through open doors.

Air Curtains ensure that the energy used to heat a building is not wasted. This results in a reduction in energy usage, carbon footprint, and building operating costs. According to recent studies conducted in Finland, air curtains can reduce air leakage through doorways by up to 86%.

However, air curtains can only deliver on their energy-saving promises if they are properly designed, manufactured, and installed by experts in the field. As with most technologies aimed at reducing waste and increasing efficiency, air curtains must be sized and selected for the application or they will not achieve the desired thermal and energy savings. Therefore, to ensure that your investment is worthwhile, you should definitely use the services of a trusted provider. Buy Air Curtains from Mitzvah at a reasonable price which reduces your electricity bills.

Mitzvah is an innovator in air curtain technology and ventilation solutions. We air curtains manufacturers, design, build and install our technology in India. For more information on Mitzvah and know the range of energy-efficient air curtain solutions, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.



Twilight brought the curtain down, pin it with Stars: Stars like Mitzvah

Air Curtains

We are proud to say that we are a leading producer of air curtains and would like the opportunity to earn your business. We have a long history of success in this industry, and we’ve become the largest distributor of air curtains. You can get the best-automated air curtains supplier in India at your Mitzvah. A large selection of air curtain collections is readily available for shipment from our warehouse. Our clients know us for being on time and doing good work, and we work hard to keep that reputation.

Mitzvah has plenty of both zeal and determination, which enables it to be an effective but voracious provider of commodity solutions. The key focus areas of its competence are in the fields of international design, commodity trading, and knowledge.

Quality Assurance by Mitzvah

As a direct consequence of the firm’s dedication to producing flawless products, stringent quality checks are performed on every piece of clean air equipment, regardless of whether it was manufactured by the company or obtained from another source. Testing happens at a number of stages, beginning with the stage of initial purchase and continuing all the way to the stage of final delivery of the finished product. Our supervisors in charge of quality control keep a close eye on the tests while they’re being conducted.

Mitzvah’s Motto

The reduction of carbon footprints, regulation of environmental toxins, and prevention of energy waste will result in the creation of workplaces that are clean and pleasant for employees. Our company has a knack for manufacturing the most efficient air curtains for every application imaginable.

Unites to search for the solution of dust insect and air contamination: PVC strip curtain is the solution by Mitzvah

PVC Strip Curtains 

PVC Strip Curtains are the optimal remedy for the following issues:

Do you need a way to maintain the room’s temperature?

Are you weary of insects, pests, air pollutants, or bacteria entering your residence?

Dust, noise, heat, and/or humidity are invading your property.

Do you want to make the shops dust-free?

Do you desire to preserve kitchen cleanliness?

Tired of having to open doors whenever a vehicle or someone passes?

Do you need a dedicated welding and melting space?

With the use of the PVC Strip Curtain, Mitzvah will be able to remove all of the aforementioned. With the assistance of the PVC Strip Curtain, Mitzvah will quickly solve each and every one of the issues that have been outlined above.

PVC strip curtains, often known as strip curtains or strip doors, are an efficient means of protecting a structure from carcinogens and infestations. Additionally, they are good at preventing heat or cold loss in climate-controlled spaces. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, PVC curtains are used as dividers that provide access from both ends. They are far less costly and simpler to install, primarily in busy commercial spaces.

The Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains


PVC is a robust material and is used to make PVC curtains, which are versatile, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. PVC curtains can withstand violent forces and scrapes, making them break-resistant.

Simple and easy installation

Typically, PVC curtains are hung using hooks. The team or contractor can do the task with ease. Seek expert assistance for air curtains with bolt-on hardware or fittings. The installation will not impede productivity since it is fast.

Transparent in nature

Employees can see what’s on the other side of strip curtains, lowering the likelihood of mishaps and collisions. In addition, because strip curtains allow in light, the staff may enjoy natural sunlight while working.

No need to remember to close them.

Strip curtains eliminate the need to remember to close the door behind you since the curtains close themselves. So, strip curtains stop the loss of heat or cold that happens when a normal door is left open.

Provide adequate insulation.

PVC curtains are often used in food production and general industrial enterprises. This is because they are excellent heat insulators. They might make the coolers and heaters use less energy, which would lower the cost of energy.

Noise dampener

Another benefit of strip curtains is their ability to reduce noise. This means that well-placed strip curtains in your warehouse or factory may divide noisy areas and promote employee health. You do not want other personnel in the area to be distracted by the noise.

PVC curtain types

  1. PVC Strip Curtain in Transparent Blue.

Ideal for apertures with a total width and height of roughly 120 square feet. These strip curtains are installed in high-traffic areas and at door heights of up to 13 feet. They are to be installed in air-exposed door openings. It helps keep rooms at the right temperature, makes sure employees are comfortable, and keeps dust, birds, and diseases from spreading.

Implementation Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Production Facilities
  • Dairy Industry Warehouses
  • Healthcare Establishments
  1. Ripped PVC Strip Curtain.

For increased robustness, ribbed PVC strip curtains include trapezoidal ribs along the length of the strip. There are two kinds of ribbed PVC strips: single ribbed and double ribbed. These ribbed PVC curtains are used on doors with heavy foot traffic. Ribbed PVC strips protect the strips from the high impact caused by moving trolleys and equipment, keeping the strips clean and unmarred. Also, they keep the strips from tearing and make PVC strip curtains last longer.

Areas of  Commercial Air Curtains Application

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Production Facilities
  • Packaging Industries
  • The Agricultural Tool Manufacturing industry
  1. PVC Strip Curtain with Insect-Repellent Coating

The Anti-insect strip curtain is designed to strip curtain doors and partitions in contact with insects. It repels insects and keeps them out of areas such as schools, hospitals, health centers, factories, industrial workshops, commercial businesses, and public buildings.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends anti-repellent for preventing mosquito-borne illnesses, including dengue fever and malaria.

Suitable for places like:

  • Agricultural Product Processing:
  • Zones for Food Processing
  • Dairy Industry
  • Restaurants, cafes, and hotels
  1. PVC Strip Curtain for Freezing Areas

Softer, more flexible, and more transparent PVC with a smooth surface that resists cracking and breaking at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. It complies with federal and international standards on interactions with livestock, avian, and dairy products. Strong and practical, the translucent Arctic grade plastic strip is created exclusively for cold businesses, refrigerated vehicles, and freezer rooms. It can tolerate temperatures between -40°C and +25°C.


  • Unloading/Loading Stations
  • Hotels
  • Meat processing plants in the seafood industry
  • Hatcheries
  • Farming of mushrooms
  • Floriculture
  • Horticulture

With over 100,000 satisfied customers, we are the industry leader when it comes to providing PVC Strip Curtains. Our product is effective in a wide variety of respects. Our PVC strip curtains have been shown to be the best at a variety of things, like preventing insects from entering the room and maintaining a consistent temperature. They are easy to set up and don’t cost much money. They also make the workplace more productive and comfortable.

Do you plan on buying an Air Curtain? Buy it from Mitzvah leading manufacturer and supplier of air curtains

Mitzvah Air Curtains

Mitzvah is one of the oldest and leading air curtains manufacturers and suppliers in India, over the past three decades, we have worked on small, medium, and large scale projects and have supplied many hotels, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food processing plants, warehouses, factories, cold storages, supermarkets, offices, and shopping malls.

Mitzvah air curtains are manufactured in an ISO-certified factory in India and undergo strict quality control. To ensure our products stand out and stay ahead of our competitors, we have a dedicated Research & Development team that constantly responds to changing trends and technological demands.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of competitive air curtains with advanced features to meet all your needs, from small shop air curtains to industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial air curtains are on-demand nowadays.

Air Curtains Collection

On our Mitzvah website, you will get a wide variety of air curtains that can be purchased at a low and discounted price. The products are made of durable quality so that you can experience a better living. Here are some of the mitzvah’s air curtain ranges that may help you to select the most favorable one which lies on your budget and you can easily buy air curtains.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ARP Series


Price Range from- Rs. 17,700 – Rs. 43,100 +GST. The length of this product varies from 2 feet ~ to 6 feet. This is Stainless Steel 304 Chassis and the front body is made of aluminum and plastic. The main part is this is robust construction. This is a Silent & Remote Control Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ARS Series

Price ranges from- Rs. 22,900 – Rs. 48,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. Air Volume is 1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L), 2 Motor 3 Blowers assemble in ARS Series of air curtains, Power of this product is 200 Watts. This is a Silent & remote control air curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ASP Series

Price ranges from Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 45,300 + GST. The size of this product is 2 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. Air Volume is 1000 CFM (H), 725 CFM (L), 1 Motor 2 blowers assembled in ASP Series of air curtains and Power of this product is 120 Watts. This is a Silent Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains ASS Series

Price range from Rs. 19,300 – Rs. 53,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 60 Hz. Air Volume is 1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L), 2 Motor 3 Blowers assemble in ASS Series of air curtains. The power of this product is 200 Watts. This is a Silent Air Curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains RSL Series

Price range from Rs. 18,000 – Rs.62,900 + GST. The size of this product is 3 Feet. and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. The front body of RSL Series air curtains is Stainless Steel Grade 304 and this is High Gloss Powder Coated Chassis. This product is Robust Construction and a silent air curtain.

  • Mitzvah Air Curtains RSP Series

Price range from Rs. 13,200 – Rs. 44,000 + GST. The size of this product is 2 Feet and 220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz. It is a Curved Look Sleek Model, White in color, this is 24X7 in Operations, RSP Series air curtain is Robust Construction and Front Body is made up of High Gloss Metal Finish, Powder Coated Chassis. This air curtain is a Silent Air Curtain.

There are many reasons to choose Mitzvah Air Curtains – we offer top performance, excellent airflow rates, excellent dust and insect resistance, and excellent dB ratings. A built-in disinfection and cleaning system means our advanced air curtains keep your space hygienic and virus-free, making them the best product on the market today.

Our commitment to our customers does not stop at sales. Our experienced after-sales support team is always available to answer your questions.

Over the past 22 years, Mitzvah has established itself in the air curtain market, serving big brands such as Jaguar, Dell, and HCL as well as smaller businesses such as cafes and restaurants. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery to multiple locations in India.

The best part of Mitzvah air curtains is all are silent air curtains, they don’t make noise. Get your free consultation, recce & quote today!

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Get Best Air Curtains at an Affordable Price for your Restaurant


Air Curtains

As restaurateurs, we understand that your customers are your number one priority! That’s why we want to help ensure your customers feel comfortable and have the best experience when dining with you. Installing commercial air curtains in your restaurant can create a comfortable environment, keep dust and pests out, save money and provide your customers with a better overall experience. Air curtains are placed on the doors to create a strong air seal that keeps conditioned air in the building while keeping dust and debris out!

Advantages of Commercial Air Curtain System:

  1. Increase customer convenience

During the colder months, the air curtain disrupts the natural convection effect of warm air flowing out of an open door and is replaced by incoming cold air. Even on hot summer days, air curtains can be used to keep cool air in when the door opens and closes. This means your customers can sit comfortably anywhere in the restaurant, even right outside!

  1. Reduce energy costs

Air curtains create an invisible door that prevents outside air from entering and restrict inside air from flowing out, protecting the interior temperature of a restaurant, bar, or walk-in cooler. This protects your heating and cooling system as well as your wallet!

  1. Promote a clean environment

Air curtains promote healthy and hygienic environments in restaurants by limiting flying insects and other pollutants such as pollen, dust, and traffic fumes. This is because they are designed to create an effective seal by steadily circulating facility air over an open door, making it harder for outside air to penetrate the air curtain.

  1. Reduce the load on the existing HVAC system

When your HVAC system is working to maintain the set temperature but the flow is constant, it can affect your equipment. Adding an air curtain can extend the life and functionality of your current heating system because you won’t overload your equipment!

  1. Reduce employee turnover

In the hospitality industry, it is important to ensure that your employees are motivated and happy. You want to take care of your employees so they can take care of your customers in the best possible way! Installing an air curtain is sure to control the temperature and keep the service entrance, kitchen, and rear areas clean and smoke-free.

  1. Promote Traffic Flow

Opening the door is a welcoming gesture that can greatly improve customer traffic. Installing air curtains can promote faster traffic flow into your restaurant while keeping indoor temperatures in check.

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